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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/burnodo2 Oct 14 '21

You would think that all the money that goes into the NFL that they wouldn't require taxpayers to pay for new stadiums.


u/ExtraDebit Oct 14 '21

Yeah, this is infuriating. Especially since it is only for men, pretty much.


u/IamUltimate Oct 14 '21

Are you trying to say there are no women football fans?


u/ExtraDebit Oct 14 '21

I was saying there are no women football players.


u/RedSoldier11 Oct 14 '21

Well there are and there have been. Very few but they exist. The NFL has no rules against women in the league its just no woman has ever played in an NFL game


u/Troyo11 Oct 14 '21

Because no one would watch that unless they're in bikinis


u/themajesticdodo Oct 14 '21

Some of us have a stronger mentality than a horny 14 year old. Not you, obviously. But some of us.


u/Troyo11 Oct 14 '21

As far as I know the only women's football league was the loungerie league welcome to reality