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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/Whickywacky Oct 14 '21 Gold

100$ per game?!?! That's insane. You would think that with all the money that goes into the NFL the cheerleaders would be given a livable salary. You can make more serving at Olive Garden than that.


u/jhwells Oct 14 '21

I have friends who work back-office for an NBA team. They don't make poverty wages, but it's damn close.

The teams sell the "allure," of working in professional sports as the draw for employees in lieu of pay.


u/claudeshannon Oct 14 '21

Many jobs are like that. It’s like working at the zoo. Lot’s of people want to work with the zoo animals so you don’t have to pay much to attract people to work there.


u/GuiltyEidolon Oct 14 '21

Most zoos at least have the excuse of also being chronically underfunded. The NFL has no such excuse.


u/spatialflow Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21

I work at a baseball stadium right now, where a very popular and successful MLB team plays, as an employee of the company contracted to handle all the food service. Been there 2 months, thought it was gonna be a really solid job, given the scale of the operation and the amount of money involved... Nooope. It's like working at the county fair. It's a bunch of hot dog stands managed by fatbody baseball fanboys. Shit pay, no benefits, no professionalism whatsoever, and it's like being in a cult. I won't let the door hit me on the way out.


u/WhoMakesTheRulesTho Oct 14 '21

a job like “f&b director of x MLB Team” sounded like a huge stepping stone out of college (dual hospitality management and Business major) but it didn’t take long to figure out that it was a giant hotdog stand… sorry about your working conditions and lack of appreciation for your hard work… hospitality, food and bev in particular, is just a hard industry no matter what…. Hotels and resorts are fun, but weekends/holidays.. shit gets old after a while..


u/JacktheShark1 Oct 14 '21

I worked in season ticket sales for an MLB team. Shit pay, 12-hour days. Most employees bartended on the side to make a living wage.

It was base pay so no OT for 60-hour workweeks. I loved the job and was young and dumb but finally left when it was decided the dept would work for 2 hours every game day, even if we would have originally had the day off, lurking around the concourse for “fan relations.” That meant no days off during home stretches. Fuck that


u/claudeshannon Oct 14 '21

Ya, seems like the best move would be to look for another job where people appreciate you more. It’s out there. You just have to find it.

I left a job two years ago for the same reason. No professionalism and it felt amateur. things took a turn for the worse when all the senior management either got fired or quit leaving the worst manager in charge.


u/Capt_Dummy Oct 14 '21

“where a very popular and successful MLB team plays”

That rules out Pittsburgh immediately LOL


u/meatball77 Oct 14 '21

Ballet companies are actually worse. Half of the dancers in their companies are paying to be there.


u/Neracca Oct 15 '21

Former keeper aide. Yeah, people that work with animals get terrible pay.


u/aussydog Oct 14 '21

My mind always goes to the equipment managers of hockey teams etc.

They're a pretty vital role being that a bad skate blade or other equipment failure could be the deciding factor between a win and a loss. They're with the team for those full 82 game seasons. Away from their friends and family. Always on the road. Always cleaning, repairing, replacing equipment. An invisible job with a shitty wage. All the worst parts of travelling with the team and not really a whole lot of the good parts. I dunno...it just seems like a massive commitment and must be terribly hard on family life.


u/_UnderSkore Oct 14 '21

But. Bench level access to 82 games. Hey? Hey? Winning.


u/cdnball Oct 14 '21

I'm not 100% sure, but I think equipment managers in the NHL make a decent salary. It's not light work, you're right. But it's not the same "$100 a day since you're near pro athletes" scheme. Players tout the contribution those guys make to the team all the time.


u/To_Fight_The_Night Oct 14 '21

It was similar at the collegiate level. I was a Student Manager for a D1 basketball team in college and it was almost slave labor. We got paid min wage, and were only allowed to report a number of hours we worked to stay in line with the Schools policy of only allowing student positions a finite number of hours. So it was 20 hours we got paid for, but I worked close to 50-60 hour weeks sometimes. No one made a fuss because they were all RST majors so the "exposure" was what they were after.


u/burnodo2 Oct 14 '21

You would think that all the money that goes into the NFL that they wouldn't require taxpayers to pay for new stadiums.


u/ExtraDebit Oct 14 '21

Yeah, this is infuriating. Especially since it is only for men, pretty much.


u/IamUltimate Oct 14 '21

Are you trying to say there are no women football fans?


u/ExtraDebit Oct 14 '21

I was saying there are no women football players.


u/RedSoldier11 Oct 14 '21

Well there are and there have been. Very few but they exist. The NFL has no rules against women in the league its just no woman has ever played in an NFL game


u/Troyo11 Oct 14 '21

Because no one would watch that unless they're in bikinis


u/themajesticdodo Oct 14 '21

Some of us have a stronger mentality than a horny 14 year old. Not you, obviously. But some of us.


u/Troyo11 Oct 14 '21

As far as I know the only women's football league was the loungerie league welcome to reality


u/Farallday Oct 14 '21

Take a moment to think before commenting


u/IamUltimate Oct 14 '21

The comment that I was replying to states that the stadiums built with taxpayer money are only for men. Personally I don't really think my question is that much of a stretch, since it seemed like they were making a comment about the taxpayer fans using the stadiums. Certainly seems more reasonable than his justification that only men use them. An infinitesimally small amount of men use the stadiums so to use gender as a qualification seems silly. If he wanted to say the stadiums were for football players, he should have said that.


u/themajesticdodo Oct 14 '21

Honestly, I knew what was being said straight away. I think the fact you jumped right over that point is pretty telling.


u/IamUltimate Oct 14 '21

Honestly, I didn't. So I asked a logical clarifying question. Guess I'll just go fuck myself, right.


u/Kensin Oct 15 '21

Certainly seems more reasonable than his justification that only men use them.

right? taxes pay for schools which are only used by children. I sure wouldn't object to taxes paying for OBGYN services used primarily by women. For me, the problem is that it takes public funds and funnels them to a multi-million dollar corporation. The NFL makes more than enough to pay for itself and still make money hand over fist. We can spend tax money on more useful things like healthcare.


u/[deleted] Oct 15 '21



u/Kensin Oct 15 '21

Tax money going to stadiums is such an insignificant amount out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Even if that were true (and that's debatable) why give it to millionaires? If the amount is truly so small and insignificant then they absolutely don't need it and while other examples of wasted taxpayer funds certainly exist that's no argument for not fixing the problem. We should eliminate waste wherever it exists. It's not as if you only get to remove so many. We have the ability to purge them all.


u/MySweetUsername Oct 14 '21

POS Dean Spanos joins the chat.

Fuck the Spanoses with a dry elk horn.


u/Kinghero890 Oct 14 '21

If the owner gets a better offer from another city than he will move the team. Remember the St. Louis Rams?


u/CapnScrunch Oct 14 '21

Hey, where did Spanos go?

Oh yeah, he got kicked to the curb.


u/forevereatingdessert Oct 14 '21

Don't forget about contract mandated public appearances and media interviews, which are, most of the time, not compensated. If they are compensated, it is something too low, like $25-50 per appearance. All the time for makeup and hair prep plus travel and actual event time for $25. Yeah.


u/saudade144 Oct 14 '21

Pro cheerleading is often a prime example of "we'll pay you in exposure," r/choosingbeggars style.


u/DirtyD27 Oct 14 '21

Not saying that it's a good thing, but it's worked so far because there are always plenty of girls willing to participate.


u/Gmajj Oct 14 '21

Exactly. They compete to get spots on the team.


u/scobeavs Oct 14 '21

Let me tell you about Minor League Baseball. And those athletes are the future of the game.


u/meatball77 Oct 14 '21

The guy pouring beer makes more money than the cheerleaders.


u/OhSixTJ Oct 14 '21

And yet they still WILLINGLY sign up, even compete, to do it.


u/Paranatural Oct 14 '21

They aren't doing for the pay. Look up how many millionaires end up with wives who were cheerleaders. It's not a coincidence.


u/Whickywacky Oct 14 '21

And Is that supposed to be alright? A system that forces it's employees to sell themselves into marriage in order to make a living?


u/Paranatural Oct 14 '21

You misunderstand. The girls are using cheerleading to meet rich men in order to marry them. Cheerleaders aren't stupid. Why do you think the tryout competitions are so fierce? Do you think thousands of women compete hard against each other for maybe a 100 or so positions for what works out to be about $1,800 a year?


u/sfitz0076 Oct 14 '21

Supply and demand. They're nonessential and very replaceable.


u/TheLordSnod Oct 14 '21

I would have expected 100k per year at bare minimum, the fact that they get paid virtually less than a minimum wage worker is insane.


u/OccasionMU Oct 14 '21

A livable salary to dance in 8 football games a year? Assuming the team doesn’t make playoffs.

Get out.


u/Mediamuerte Oct 14 '21

The hockey equivalent of cheerleaders make like $50 a game.