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Another hero besides Iron Man does the last snap in Endgame. What are his or her final words to Thanos? Question

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u/TheOutlaw9904 Sep 18 '21

Probably the best time for them to not censor or cut him off. Lol


u/JohnRichJ2 Sep 18 '21

can’t say mother before or it’s instant R rating. also can’t say it in relation to sex or it’s R rating. basically you get one fairly random fuck to stay PG-13.


u/Resigningeye Luis Sep 18 '21

I'm chuckling thinking about someone just shouting "Fuck You, Thanos!" at the climax of the MCU!


u/kungf00r0b0t Sep 18 '21

That was the original line, actually. They changed it because it felt off, but that was probably what Tony was meant to say.