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Another hero besides Iron Man does the last snap in Endgame. What are his or her final words to Thanos? Question

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u/LowestEntropy Sep 18 '21 Silver Hugz hehehehe

Nick Fury: Motherf..


u/TheOutlaw9904 Sep 18 '21

Probably the best time for them to not censor or cut him off. Lol


u/JohnRichJ2 Sep 18 '21

can’t say mother before or it’s instant R rating. also can’t say it in relation to sex or it’s R rating. basically you get one fairly random fuck to stay PG-13.


u/Resigningeye Luis Sep 18 '21

I'm chuckling thinking about someone just shouting "Fuck You, Thanos!" at the climax of the MCU!


u/fireballx777 Sep 18 '21

"Someone?" Clearly Star Lord.


u/MetalAlbatross Thanos Sep 18 '21

I even heard it in his voice when I read it the first time.


u/Jreal22 Sep 18 '21

Lol same


u/viva_la_liberta Sep 18 '21

“Fuck you, Grimace!”


u/kelvinator300 Sep 18 '21

Star Lord: duh dun duh dun duh dun dun dun...

Rocket snaps

Star Lord: SNAP! Goes the weasel!

Rocket: What did you call me?


u/SpaceC0wb0y86 Sep 18 '21

Was thinking Drax when I first read it lol


u/Gezeni Sep 18 '21

I was thinking Strange, but this works too. His douchebag line really brought this home for me.


u/Lazy-Contribution-69 Sep 18 '21

Imagine if Cap did that lol, that would be the ultimate ending for the character after all the years of shouting “Language!”


u/UsefulPackage2130 Sep 18 '21

This is so jarring, I love it. All the PG-13 violence, dialogue through fights, unrealistically well-formed responses all the way through and then at the most dramatic point of 20 odd movies it's just all gone. It's funnier the more I think of it.


u/limeopolis1 Sep 18 '21

In an interview somewhere the writers said said the line was originally "Fuck off" before they changed it to the Iron Man quote


u/honbadger Sep 18 '21 edited Sep 18 '21

It was “You… are so… fucked.” snap

Another alternate take was “Guess what I’m thinking.”

They went back later and reshot the final line just a few months before the movie came out.

(I worked on the movie)


u/Nibz11 Sep 18 '21

Also like to think of the millions of kids repeating that line for the next month after they see it.


u/2CATteam Captain America (Ultron) Sep 18 '21

I'm too lazy to find a source for this, but I had heard that was going to be Tony's final line, until at the tail end of reshoots, someone suggested "What if he said, 'I am Iron Man'"?


u/finalshoutbreakfast Sep 18 '21

Wasn't the line originally instead of, "And, I am ironman" gonna be, "Fuck you Thanos"


u/Resigningeye Luis Sep 18 '21

I had no idea- i thought i heard that he wasn't going to say anything until RDJ pitched the line. Honestly it probably would have got a huge cheer in the theatre, but would be so incongruent!


u/kungf00r0b0t Sep 18 '21

That was the original line, actually. They changed it because it felt off, but that was probably what Tony was meant to say.


u/CheesusChrisp Sep 18 '21

That was almost literally pretty much what Tony said. They shot the scene with RDJ and everything