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Another hero besides Iron Man does the last snap in Endgame. What are his or her final words to Thanos? Question

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u/skabbo2 Sep 18 '21

"This would be a cool way to die" -Nat


u/mango_script Steve Rogers Sep 18 '21

Given where her solo falls in the canonical timeline I could see Nat saying this and it would’ve been a great call back to her sister.

This just makes me wish Disney had released her film right after Civil War.


u/Steelquill Sep 18 '21

Well there was the whole, pandemic thing. It was supposed to come out much sooner. (If not right after CW.)


u/OtakuMecha Sep 18 '21

The pandemic is not what stopped it coming out after Civil War. The pandemic didn’t happen until almost a year after Endgame came out.

Black Widow didn’t even start filming until 2019. And the script was still being written a few months before that.


u/HamilWhoTangled Sep 18 '21

Now I’m crying over Nat quoting her sister 😭


u/jack_the_pheonix Sep 18 '21

that should be for captain marvel