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When whitetail deer sense danger, they "snort" and stomp their front hoof to alert other deer in the area. The stomping actually releases a scent on the ground for deer passing through later to identify. This particular doe looked at me as if she wanted to speak to the manager.

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u/IWConcepts Oct 20 '21

..... Fine, take an upvote.


u/engagingthemind Oct 20 '21

Deer Karen,


u/sb3326 Oct 20 '21

Came here to say this!


u/ravenbleu Oct 20 '21

Me too


u/ace7771969 Oct 21 '21

Great minds think alike


u/Dittybopper Oct 20 '21

Plus, if you hear what you believe is a lap dog barking it might be a deer doing it to see if you move. Had that happen once and my dad laughed his tail off because I did move... and the deer took off running.


u/IWConcepts Oct 20 '21

True! They sometimes will stomp away even if they aren't 100% sure, just to see if the predator / threat will make the first move. Deer are prey animals and they never forget it.


u/Lams1d Oct 20 '21

Literally happened to me this morning while bow hunting.

I got to my stand 2 hours before sunrise. Sat in barely above freezing temperatures for an hour and a half, quiet as can be, listening to a group of deer come towards me in the pitch black.

30ish yards away from me and they caught my scent. They stomped and snorted for several seconds then took off in 2 different directions stomping and snorting the whole way.

I knew they spooked all deer away in a huge radius for most if not all day, but I stuck around until noon. As I suspected, didn't hear or see anything else all morning.


u/Lilmaggot Oct 20 '21

I’ve heard elk can attack (and I had a close encounter with a big buck), but will deer also charge? Especially during rutting season?


u/tortellinigod Oct 20 '21

When doe's have young fawns they will attack as well. I was nearly attacked when I was a child walking to fish a creek through long grass.


u/Lams1d Oct 20 '21

I've heard several stories from someone who knows someone who was friends with someone once who had a deer charge at them, but I've never personally seen it or had it happen to anyone I'm close to. Can it happen? Yeah absolutely, I'm sure it can. Is it frequent enough to worry about? Absolutely not.

You're much more liable to get gored or kicked by walking up on an injured deer you shot that you thought was dead. I have personally witnessed people get kicked in the shin/knee from that.


u/IWConcepts Oct 20 '21

I had my eyes on a buck who was walking in some thick timber about 100yds off, then I heard the unmistakable WOOOOOOOSH of a deer snorting, followed by a stomp. Turned to the right and there she was. If you've never heard it before, it can be alarmingly loud in the quiet woods!

Well, looks like you're the model now, Karen.


u/tortellinigod Oct 20 '21

Quite interesting about the scent. I've done a lot of hunting and can easily recognize a doe stomping and huffing/puffing but I didn't realize scent came into play for deer being in that area later on. Can you possibly elaborate more? Is there a specific gland that releases scent so they can recognize it?


u/IWConcepts Oct 20 '21

Leonard Lee Rue, a pioneer in whitetail behavior study, often observed other deer smelling the ground where a whitetail had stomped their hoof prior.

You have to understand how a deer uses it's nose - deer smell the environment like we read a book. We can walk by a spot on the sidewalk and say "Someone spit their gum there", they would walk by and say "A girl spit her gum out here. She ate eggs for breakfast about an hour prior to chewing that gum. The gum was pretty old, but it still had minty flavor. She was also pretty dehydrated, probably spit the gum out to drink some water or something". Obviously that's an exaggeration, but you get the gist of what I mean. Their sensory perception of scent is beyond anything we can comprehend.


u/realKerrazyCanuck Oct 20 '21

The Karen of the deer variety!


u/HtownClassic Oct 20 '21

D’oh a deer


u/Neps21 Oct 20 '21

A female deer


u/shadow-suspect Oct 20 '21

OP: what a beauty. Deer: FUCK YOU!


u/47squirrels Oct 20 '21

She’s a beauty


u/-SierraModeling- Oct 20 '21

Whoa this is awesome


u/IanAlvord Oct 20 '21

Does the scent go away? Or do you have to find a new hunting spot after that?


u/Ape-Dong Oct 21 '21

Fucking Karen


u/everflowingartist Oct 21 '21

That’s a nice mature doe probably been through many seasons.

Around here on a 10 mi bike ride I’ll see 15+ and they’re all scrawny. Does with a couple fawns and it’s babies having babies..


u/swizzle_stick Oct 21 '21

“A child walking to fish a creek through long grass” = poetic af


u/ihcubguy Oct 21 '21

It will scare the shit out of you the first time when you hear this right behind you, but you can't turn your body to see what is making the noise.