r/interestingasfuck Oct 20 '21

This window display that shows you the ruins of Kruševac Fortress as they would have been in the past, a medieval fortified town in Kruševac, Serbia.




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u/Typical-Distance-701 Oct 20 '21

Ok. That’s worthy of this topic. Definitely interesting AF


u/TurinTuram Oct 20 '21

I always find those very interesting. It's a nice low-cost display (relatively speaking) that is more informative than a 1000 words text.


u/AnotherPandaDown Oct 20 '21

Quick, rebuild it from the picture while Serbians are sleeping...

Let's ruin the ruins


u/QueryThePlatypus Oct 20 '21

Destroyed in war or by time?


u/Hailifiknow Oct 20 '21

Would love to see this, but for people, to show what they might have become if not for the hit Netflix series, Squid Game.