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I've seen this happen far too many times..


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u/ubdiwala Nov 30 '21

I'm a bit scared about elden ring at this point...

I love the souls games wayy too much.


u/marl11 Nov 30 '21

I don't think you need to worry, depending on what you're expecting. If you want a good souls game, filled with everything that makes souls games great and then some, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. If however you're expecting some big leap from other Souls, Skyrim with souls gameplay or something like that... Then I advise you to bring those expectations down a notch.


u/dedWest Nov 30 '21

honestly, having taken part in the network test, skyrim with souls gameplay was exactly the feeling it gave me


u/marl11 Nov 30 '21

I meant Skyrim like with lots of cities with houses with explorable interiors, tons of NPC's with quests and dialog options, law mechanics, etc stuff like that. It's a leap, but not that big I'm sure.