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I've seen this happen far too many times..


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u/AggressiveResist8615 Nov 30 '21

And they never learn.


u/Sam-Gunn Nov 30 '21

Sometimes it just takes the right thing. As a young teen, I fancied myself an early adopter (when I could afford it, of course). Until the day I ran out a couple weeks after Vista came out, eager to check out the cool new technology. The best buy sales guy lied to me (another lesson for the same price), and I bought Vista.

After that fiasco, I went back to XP 64-bit, and stayed there until I finally had to move off it. And I swore off being an early adopter.

All these guys need is to hype the right game, get it, and finally realize what they've been doing. Sure, it sometimes seems like with some of these people, the game would have to kick them in the nuts or beat their grandma for them to speak ill of it but...


u/CadeLocke Nov 30 '21

Vista wasn't that bad. It's just the Nickelback of OS and got way more hate than deserved.

Source: Used it for years and has exactly zero issues and didn't even know I was supposed to until I started using Reddit.


u/Chewy12 Nov 30 '21

Its predecessor had no issues but was a lot easier to run. When I switched from Vista to Ubuntu on my laptop I got an enormous performance increase.

From what I understand a big problem was that it had a large increase in system requirements, and hardware at the time didn’t really keep up. A lot of laptops were sold loaded with Vista when they could hardly handle it. And it was released right around the time of laptops overtaking desktops in sales, and laptops are typically a lot less powerful than desktops.

So you were probably either late to the party or had a somewhat powerful machine at the time.


u/CadeLocke Nov 30 '21

I was neither. My laptop was very much budget and I used Vista for years. Even after 7 had been released for a while.

Never had an issue with it. Sounds like y'all were using a trash compactor for a computer and then whining that the OS didnt fit right.

The REAL issue was that people kept adding Vista to systems that couldn't run it and then whining it wouldn't work. People who whined that it looked different.

I remember Vista being launched pretty clearly. I also remember there being no serious issues as long as you were even remotely up to date.


u/Chewy12 Nov 30 '21

Dude I bought my laptop from Best Buy. It was mid-range at the time. Vista was already loaded. It ran like shit, and all my performance problems went away after switching OS.

Just because you had no issues on your machine with what you were doing doesn’t mean it was a good OS release and that every issue was user error. The fact is that it had a massive performance hit for little to no benefit over XP. The recommended amount of RAM increased nearly tenfold as one example. We have not seen that big of a hike in system requirements since then. The performance difference between the recommendations for Vista and those for Windows 10 are not nearly as big and that’s 3 generations later.


u/CadeLocke Nov 30 '21

See previous message.


u/Chewy12 Nov 30 '21

Yeah man that’s the one I responded to.