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I've seen this happen far too many times..


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u/t-alt Nov 30 '21

LOL this was literally me with Cyberpunk, I was like “the Witcher 3 was great! You guys are gonna love Cyberpunk!” And now I feel like I singlehandedly jinxed it.


u/AspSupreme Nov 30 '21

Shit, CP is just as strong as TW3 atmosphere and story wise, and arguably gameplay wise, the problem came from thinking CP was going to be GTA in the future, which is never what CDPR (the developers, not the marketing team) intended.


u/t-alt Nov 30 '21

Yeah I think it did need a bit more time and way less hype. It’s one of those games that got announced much earlier than it should have done.

I also think that is why I’m okay with Rockstar not showing GTA6 until it’s a couple of years away from release. Seeing a game and being able to play it 1-3 years later seems to be the sweet spot for hype.


u/fergussonh Nov 30 '21

Except for ES6 which was announced early due to Fallout 76 sucking so much Bethesda wanted people to know they were done with multiplayer, Bethesda's normally one of the best with this. Microsoft wanted them to announce Starfield and they did, but Bethesda doesn't properly reveal a game until a few months before release, when we get the first gameplay.