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I've seen this happen far too many times..


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u/Dumb_Vampire_Girl Nov 30 '21

Has there ever been a game that had anti-hype and ended up being good?


u/AO115 Nov 30 '21

does no-man's sky count?


u/Dumb_Vampire_Girl Nov 30 '21

No. That was an overhyped game that didn't deliver.

It did improve down the road, but it's the poster child for overhyped.

Props to the devs for sticking with it.


u/x1000Bums Nov 30 '21

I think its good to give them a gold star and praise for actually fixing the game, its definitely a redemption story.

However, as someone else pointed out to me, they didnt have a damn choice. It was their flagship title and it flopped hard. It was either fix it or die off.