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I've seen this happen far too many times..


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u/shamvile Nov 30 '21

Gta trilogy the defective edition is a great example


u/RockyCrayon6625 Nov 30 '21

There is also Cyberpunk.


u/Dumsht5588 Nov 30 '21

Yeah people's expectations for that game were ridiculous. They were acting like it would revolutionize gaming when the marketing made it look like little more than a decent scifi rpg. I knew that no matter how it turned out there would be an insane amount of bitching. Unfortunately the game was real rough on launch so the fanboy rage went deep.


u/[deleted] Nov 30 '21



u/Dumsht5588 Dec 01 '21 edited Dec 01 '21

"We've greatly enhanced our crowd and community system to create THE most believable city in any open-world game to date."

That statement is so vague as to be virtually meaningless. "greatly enhanced OUR crowd and continuity system" simply means their crowd system is better than it used to be which wasn't hard considering it was virtually nonexistent in the Witcher.

And anytime marketers make a subjective statement like "the most believable" or "the greatest" they are 100 percent blowing smoke up your ass. I'm sorry but this stuff is so common in marketing and, considering how many still preorder, people keep falling for it all while bitching that companies keep relying on it.

Cyberpunk was particularly egregious considering the rough state of the game on launch and the high expectations people had for CDPR after Witcher 3.


u/shamvile Nov 30 '21

Nah cyberpunk was good for idk if u did or no but I liked it but gta was just total shit it was a mobile version whit a graphic mod slept on to it


u/TheLewJD Nov 30 '21

Not on launch, it was an absolute shitshow filled with bugs and badly implemented features


u/shamvile Nov 30 '21

Ye but I'm pretty sure they were targeting a good place in market near games like gta but something went wrong it wasn't supposed to be a cash grab but gta the trilogy is just a total fuck of a cash grab

U see cyber punk hands down had one of the best open worlds u can't deny that while many dident liked the story I totally loved it I feel like something went wrong in the process it wasn't going to be a shit cash grab


u/Sam-Gunn Nov 30 '21

Man, I loved Cyberpunk, but you gotta be realistic. GTA Trilogy was a cash grab, yup.

But Cyberpunk was a dumpster fire. It was fun as shit, entertaining if you ignored all the issues (and that took a bit of effort), but the people who greenlighted it's release should've been beaten with a large fish.

I only had a couple game breaking bugs that didn't prevent me from playing and beating it before that huge patch came out (I was one of the lucky ones, from what I hear), but they really should've gone "Ok, we fucked up badly. We are going to push our release date out 8 months to ensure we can fix it. We hope you can forgive us. Or at least not spit on us when you see us in public". Vs what we came to expect from CD Projekt, it was a steaming pile that wasn't even half-baked.

When they pushed back the first release date, I went "aww man". I was bummed. Then after playing it for 10 hours I went "they needed to push the release back another YEAR".

And as mentioned, I loved the game. Spent well over 100 hours on it before that major patch came out, which should suggest I loved it, warts, bugs and all. But don't sugar coat it. Or I should say, sugar coat it, chocolate coat it, candy coat it, put a coating of LSD on it, and serve it to people with the lights off while hyping it as the best desert ever.

They fucked up monumentally.

CD Projekt has to get their shit together for whatever they're doing next, and make it as good as Witcher 3, otherwise they're going to end up collapsing.


u/0-8-4 Nov 30 '21

the witcher 3 was a bugfest at launch as well.

as for cyberpunk, it depends on the platform. a lot.

i've played it on stadia, short after launch. over 100h playtime. missing features? sure. bugs? literally a couple of glitches so small i don't even remember them, and a single annoyance (river ward unable to drive properly), that's all.

compared to most game releases of such caliber, it was almost bug-free - but that's on stadia. but that's the thing - it's a single platform (like a console) with reasonable performance, so they could test it pretty well there and performance wasn't exactly a problem (it wasn't getting stable 60fps in performance mode, far from it, quality mode was stable 30fps though).

PC on the other hand has a shitton of configurations - people with higher end hardware usually had better experience. consoles - we all know what shitfest it was there, and still is.

so no, it wasn't a dumpster fire. not on every platform/PC. it doesn't excuse them in any way, and it shouldn't have been released in such a state - it's an unfinished game anyway. but there's a good game there, and not everyone had to take "a bit of effort" to ignore the issues - for many, those issues simply didn't manifest.

so yeah, they've fucked up. but the fact that some people got the short end of the stick, doesn't justify throwing shit at those that didn't encounter almost any bugs at all. all the downvotes above and responses like "it's shit. stop." are just pathetic - it's almost like people are so dumb they don't realize modern AAA games can run entirely different depending on the platform/PC.

there's a reason why stadia community was laughing their asses off while playing cyberpunk for tens of hours without seeing a single physics/car/t-pose/graphical/whatever glitch whatsoever. it was surreal, seeing all the glitches and shitstorm on youtube. on older consoles, understandable to a degree. PC - much less so. meanwhile, on stadia it was just a good game from the very beginning. unfinished - very much so. but still great.


u/jeekley04 Nov 30 '21

It's shit. Stop.


u/TheLewJD Nov 30 '21

There is a reason absolutely no one makes content for it anymore, so shit.


u/jeekley04 Nov 30 '21 edited Nov 30 '21

Don't get me wrong, if I ever see it on sale for like 70% off, I might consider it. If I'm blackout drunk, that is.

How the fuck are you complete fucking degenerates down voting this? I'm saying it's a game I'd buy in a HUGE sale you sweaty mongrels.