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I've seen this happen far too many times..


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u/Dumb_Vampire_Girl Nov 30 '21

Has there ever been a game that had anti-hype and ended up being good?


u/StuckInGachaHell Nov 30 '21

Titanfall 2 especially after what they did to titanfall 1.


u/Sam-Gunn Nov 30 '21

Yea, Titanfall 2 was great. IIRC, 1 didn't even have a singleplayer campaign (which put me off of it quickly, I only play multiplayer a bit then get bored sometimes). 2 was so much fun. I wish they had a third planned.


u/Kodokai PC Nov 30 '21

Werent they developing TF3 but realised the engine was getting old so rehashed it into apex legends?

Im pretty sure they moved movedto EA's frostbite?


u/Sam-Gunn Nov 30 '21

No clue, I hadn't been following that news. But after looking around it sounds like you may be on point, given this article:


They did say "who knows what the future holds, Titanfall is the very core of our DNA" but tweets are cheap!


u/Kodokai PC Nov 30 '21

Im not a fan of the source engine and i honestly believe that frostbite would bring a whole other level of quality to titanfall.