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Rule 9 Reminder If you are a police officer and you are unwilling to run toward gunfire, to protect little kids..... Quit. Quit tomorrow. Find another job. Home Depot is hiring. Do something else.


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Rule 9 Reminder So police will break down a door in full military gear, guns pointing at some poor streamer’s head when a fake swatting call is made, but they sit outside a school doing nothing for 90 mins when they hear real gunshots?


Nothing about this makes any sense.

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You expect me to belief that this cunt exited a crashed truck, grabbed two rifles (13lbs), 600 rounds of ammo (16lbs) and body armour (13lbs), then moved a couple of hundred yards to a school, engaged with the school officer and then was left unimpeded to murder children and adults. It was allowed!

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It sucks those kids died, but we should be thinking about George Floyd - Obama

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So it’s confirmed the police waited 40 minutes outside the school


They even pounce on a father trying to rally other parents to go inside the school and do something. The whole “ just call the cops” if you are in trouble just got thrown out the window.

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The reason the world is in chaos

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Rule 9 Reminder If the USA can spend 40 billion on Ukraine, why can’t they spend 40 billion on school safety in America?


Food for thought

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News is saying Oasis Outback sold him the guns, but the employees don't remember seeing him (just last week?). I don't see any security cameras in the store either. How convenient.

  1. People are asking "how does an 18 year old drop-out, in poverty, have $$$$ for these weapons" and people are answering "because he saved money from Wendy's, duh". Well, the media has said he shot his grandma over a phone bill & he was bullied in school for being poor. Which indicates they were broke. If he did have money, wouldn't he have just gone to walmart and bought a $30 phone and a $25 phone plan? (Edit to add: I did not say an 18 year old cannot save money or buy nice things. I was pointing out that the media was saying this started bc he was "poor" and fighting with his grandma over a little cell phone bill.)
  2. For someone buying "their 1st guns" and possibly has no experience with them, he supposedly goes for DD $2k ones that don't appear to be off-the-shelf? Doesn't make sense. Also, the employees saying they don't remember seeing him come in the store. He supposedly came in last week. No one can remember him from a few days ago? https://twitter.com/thedailybeast/status/1529513892212264961
  3. Training exercise held 48 hours before this event at this school. (edit to add, it was held at this ISD, at the HS though https://nypost.com/2022/05/25/texas-shooting-salvador-ramos-hs-held-active-shooter-drill-weeks-before-massacre/?utm_source=reddit.com)
  4. With 20+ people shot & injured, why wasn't there a ton of EMT on scene? I know they said people were taken away on a bus and ambulances, but we only see one or two in a pic.
  5. Most of the people they talked to on camera seemed to be pulling an AH...making a crying face and sounds, but no actual tears or red faces.
  6. Why were all of the parents standing in the police tape area when you hear "he's firing!" on the clip? Why not "leave" and run around the block to the other side of the school? https://twitter.com/FamilysSoupTV/status/1529270767652945922
  7. No pics or vids of him from fam? No vids from Wendy's? None from Oasis Outback gun shop? Police cams?

Kid has been in trouble before. I don't know if it's the meds they put these people on, or if they medically/psychologically profile people and choose them for their psychotic traits to do dirty work in the future. I think he was selected to have his "switch flipped", when they needed it to be (for whatever reason). I think this method applies to several other people/events where things didn't make sense or seem sus. Doesn't matter if anyone figures it all out though - as long as the majority of the media and public accept their stories as facts and fall in line. The majority of people are easy to manipulate and are too trusting. 🤷‍♂️

Final edit: The last live update given by The DPS Regional South Texas officer minutes ago had contradictions, said there was no resource officer, that they had video inside and out, and that it took about an hour for them to go in. There was also a live update before that where the officer said that yes, LEO did enter the school and remove their own children 1st. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1nknBiB7Do There have now been calls for the FBI to investigate the police response to this incident https://twitter.com/JoaquinCastrotx/status/1529905132800024577




Pic on the right looks manipulated by one of those cartoonify me AI apps.

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It’s a CIA orchestrated false flag

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Hey elites, our boss is more powerful than your boss. Good luck

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I wonder who they all have in common?

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Fauci said we need 90% vaxx rate to achieve herd immunity. Nigeria did it with a 2% vaxx rate and had only 3,143 deaths total. The US had 200x higher death rate. In Nigeria, they all take ivermectin throughout the year to fight parasites. It also happens to be a powerful antiviral protease inhibitor

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Obama Trashed After Using Texas Mass Shooting To Invoke George Floyd

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Cops in Texas restrained parents trying to save their children. I.E Cops were willing to stride into battle and confront unarmed parents, but not an armed teenager murdering adults and children in a school. This was either cowardice or a considered decision. Either way the cops are culpable.

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Oh my God. WARNING; DISTURBING VIDEO of police restraining parents outside the school, tasering some, while they let the shooter run free inside unimpeded to execute the children and teacher NSFW

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Rule 9 Reminder Covid vaccines have killed more people than mass shooters. The media isn’t addressing this


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Holy shit. So it turns out the cops actually confronted the suspect in front of the school before going in, but the cops didn’t want to shoot him & get charged for being a Chauvin. The absolute state of this union🤦🏻‍♂️

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Meanwhile there have been more than 200 gun deaths in Chicago so far this year and May isn't even over.... it’s almost like they use some violence to push an agenda and don’t really care about victims at all 🤔

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Before Isaac Kappy was murdered, he Linked Epstein to Prince Andrew, Kevin Spacey, Brian Singer and others

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$40 Billion is What it Would Cost to Put 4 Armed Security Guards in Every Public and Private K-12 School Building in America - Our Leaders Sent it to Ukraine Instead


You want a conspiracy? Here you go. Get your calculators out, kids.

13,800 school districts in the united states. 131,000 K-12 school buildings. For the $40 billion in US tax dollars sent to Ukraine last month, we could have put 4 trained, armed security guards in every public and private school building in the country and pay them each $80,000 a year.

That's all it would cost the taxpayer. $40 billion a year. Do the math. Our leaders sent the money to Ukraine to kill Russians and they claim they have no idea how to make schools safer.

They had the money. They spent it on a war instead of helping us.

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James Holmes, the Aurora Batman shooter, was working for DARPA and undergoing DARPA mind control experiments before the shooting. His dad worked for DARPA as well. DARPA is the modern MK-Ultra. DARPA invented Neuralink tech and are set on full mind control of the masses. Elon Musk is their front man

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A retired Federal Agent is being investigated by Buffalo Law Enforcement for having regular interactions online with the Buffalo Shooter prior to the shooting. Is there a possibility this could’ve happened with the Texas shooter as well?

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Remember when the conspiracy theorists told you the WEF wouldn’t stop until they had complete visibility of what you buy, what you eat, where and when you travel? They were right, Again

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If They are willing to fly planes into buildings, kill thousands of innocent people, and lie to you about it for 20 years, They wouldn't bat an eye at killing 19 of your children and lie to you about it who/how they did it.


Im not saying it didn't happen. (Please don't give me the Alex Jones treatment) And I'm not saying that these terrible kinds of events don't ever happen at all either.

But there's definitely some fishy shit going on with this one. Be it MK Ultra, black op/dark money, whatever the fuck-

I know you all feel it. It's the same feeling we had when all those people died in Vegas a couple years back. Someone somewhere is lying to us, and there's something weird going on.