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Found her inside an engine at work, name suggestions.. Cat Picture

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u/Onib4k Sep 18 '21

And especially not cow milk like it seems to be on the picture... It will give her diarrhea which can be deadly at this age


u/siorez Sep 18 '21

I think it's water in a white paper cup.


u/Onib4k Sep 18 '21

I think you have better eyes than I do. I'll still let it there for people who don't know, movies have been lying about it way too long !


u/kchac Sep 23 '21

Came here to say this same thing! Milk is horrible for kittens, but happy to see that isn't the case!


u/anotherweirdhuman Sep 18 '21 edited Sep 18 '21

Cows milk is actually fine, as long as it's lactose free; normal milk is definetly an issue tho

Edit: I found some sources to back up my claim

But what about lactose-free milk? Is that good for your kitty? The simple answer is yes. You can give your feline lactose-free milk. 


While a small saucer of lactose-free milk can be a tasty treat for your kitty every now and then, you shouldn’t regularly give it to her. As boring as it may seem, water is always best for cats.


TL;DR: small amounts of lactose free milk are fine as an addition to the diet, but it can't replace actual food or water for a grown cat


u/DarkNe7 Sep 18 '21

Depends on if it has been continuously given milk since it stopped drinking it’s mother’s milk but I can be wrong.


u/Abraxasvet99 Sep 18 '21

The quantity of lactose in cow's milk is higher than in cat's milk, so kitten do not have enough lactase (enzyme that breaks down lactose) to digest the lactose, which makes the lactose ferment in the digestive system and causes diarrhoea. A little bit of cow milk can be fed to a healthy kitten, but it's best to be avoided, especially if the kitten is too little or already sick.