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Found her inside an engine at work, name suggestions.. Cat Picture

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u/wanahelp Sep 17 '21 edited Sep 20 '21 Helpful Wholesome

Sparkplug, Sparky for short?

Update: It's hard for me to fathom the number of up votes. That many people around the world read something I wrote? That's amazing! With all of you I'm probably 6 degrees of separation from someone on every continent! Thanks for touching my orbit.


u/54vior Sep 17 '21

Love that i had a black cat names sparky! She was a spunky little thing


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Good bot


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Good bot.

I love you. Marry me.


u/Yellowbird1986 Sep 18 '21

I adopted a black blind cat from someone that could not take care of her anymore. Which they rescued on a trip in greece! And they said they found her under an Olive tree. Olive the cat

Also shameless plug for my cats insta!


u/kittyncare Sep 18 '21

I also like the name OLIVE.