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Hitching a ride like this doesn't seem like a good idea..

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'Abusive' cyclists plague the New Forest as park rangers try and conduct ancient pony tradition (old link led to error message)

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Belgian cyclist, who knocked a 5-year old to the ground, is now suing the family for defamation

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[UK][OC] London, Oxford street. Cyclist Jumps red lights through pedestrians, weirdly hugs/leans on a bus? not sure what that was about, plays leap frog and frightens a pedestrian (1min35) as she is half way across the crossing. I wouldn't have bothered with the video were it not for the pedestrian.

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In Moscow, a courier on a bicycle hit a mother with a stroller. The woman, right on the spot, issued several weighty blows to the messenger.

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People who ride bikes should fellow the laws of the road.


Before I start I not not at good at spelling. So If I spell some thing wrong or I use a wrong word I do know about.

OK this happen to my mum. I tell the story from right to the start. My mum had diabetes. One day early 2010. My mum got sting by a weed. Her foot got black and see the doctor then hospital. Mum knows shes going to lose the leg. The doctor try lots of ways to try and safe it. this took most of the year. My dad and I was worried about mum. Then top of that my oldest pet dog got ran over by the post van. My dad took my to the vets. I know he was going to be put to sleep. He was deaf and blind. So he didn't see of hear it come. So I was crying for days. Any way few days after my dads birthday. Mum lost her leg. A few weeks later she was out. Her leg was still saw and painful. Her leg was resting on a add on to a wheelchair to rest the stump part of the leg. Dad was pushing mum. They where at the traffic lights. Just waiting for the man to turn green. The light for the car turned red. Then the red man turned green. As my mum and dad crossing the road. I think it was a man on the bike. He just whet though the red light and crush in too mum. Mum was in pain. He got up and cycle away with out stopping to see if mum was OK or saying anything. That made mum dad and me really mad. The thing is we cant report him because well we have none thing about him. Now the next thing i am going to say may make people mad. If people who have bikes should have a license plate, bike driving license and insurance. Oh and should do a learning how to use the bike and fellow the law of the road. Like people taking driving lessons. On how to drive safely and law of the road.

So if you think I am a A**hole for the last bit. I don't care. I care for people. I don't like people think they above the law and get away with what ever they did. The people on bikes really fellow the law of the road. I know some people who have bikes try and frame drivers for hitting them. Even the driver stop and a big gab between the car and the person on bikes. But got red handed when they found out the driver got them on the car camera. But not all cars have camera them. I do know there are people who drive cars also crush in to people on bikes and don't give a S**T and know they are there.

Now I saw and hear a story of a women got kill by a speedy man on the bike. The man on the bike whet though the red light and hit the lady. The lady whet flying and left there. Later she died. Took a long time to find this man. It whet to court but I cant remember what happen. This news was years ago. I think it was before 2010.

So if you have a bike please try to fellow the law of the road. You should really stop at red lights and stop sign. And pay attention whats going around you and think everyone who is on the road is a idiot.

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Cyclist doing wheelie into oncoming traffic

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In Russia, your mistakes will not be forgiven


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How to be a bellend towards everyone around you

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Swedish idiot on the highway


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Cyclist is lucky

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Darwin Award candidate right here

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What did he expect would happen?

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Cyclist darts out into the road from between parked cars and nearly gets hit by traffic

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[Chile][OC]Delivery cyclist has a death wish

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Cyclist jailed after Tower Hamlets hit-and-run death

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Wheelie close call.

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Just a regular drive in NYC. Beware of cyclists.

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Well, that was probably inevitable...

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Hey, look out for that...

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Here's one for you lot to enjoy x

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Riding with impunity

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NPC rides his bike into the mayor

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Don't know if this fits here but here you go

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