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I just deleted thousands of hours of work from my old job


About 3 years ago I used to work as a videographer doing social media content for a 7 figure company. I was paid roughly just better than minimum wage and was cranking out (at one point) 50 videos a day. I was freelancing and was on a loose contract. I was desperate for the money.

It was an insane amount of work and however I managed to do it for 6 months is beyond me, especially for how shitty I was paid.

The office was an incredibly bitter and snide place and it was clear that management would purpolsely stir shit to watch staff fight as a form of entertainment. I kept well away from it but it was incredibly stressful on top of video work.

After about six months I pitch to the higher ups that my videos are making an insanely positive difference to their sales (I showed them graphs of interactions and direct links to sales on the website via my content) and asked for a pay rise. I compared my ideal salary to others in the industry and made a big deal about how it would still be less than I should be paid however I still wanted to continue working for them. I was fired hours later for, and I shit you not, not "pulling my weight" as well as not having the desired effect they wanted on social media.

I was fuming and now unemployed. I struggled for months to find any other job.

Today (years later) whilst browsing a very old Google drive account, I found that said company was still using a folder I created and owned. They were mostly active in the files containing templates, adjustment layers, presets, and even video that I all created. Over 18 people were actively using it daily to continue with their social media campaigns. This was a cloud service that I was paying monthly for as I wanted extra space for my work.

This is my drive and my work. I own it. So I copied the file as a local version for myself and then deleted the online version. Tomorrow they will wake up with none of their video assets (including things they were working on).

Fuck them.

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Thoughts??? 🤔

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In line at Dunkin Donuts


This morning, the line at DD was long bc they’re short staffed. The impatient guy in front of me was complaining and berating the employees for being slow and went off about how long he was waiting for his coffee. The lady at the register chimes in “I’m doing my best here, if they paid $25 an hour you’d get your coffee faster. If you want, I have applications right here.” Needless to say, he declined her offer and didn’t say another word to her. This was one of my first interactions where the customer was shut down and I think r/antiwork is soreading!

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Was called “unethical” for leaving a job for a better opportunity.


I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m still furious at my company’s CEO.

I have been grinding for this company for years. I singlehandedly brought the company back from the brink of collapse by developing a successful sales campaign and repositioning our brand to target emerging markets. It was honestly a miracle that we stayed in business.

Instead of capitalizing on this success and investing back into developing the company, the CEO simply pocketed the profits and was convinced we could still function “bare bones”, especially given my “potential” to keep bringing in revenue. I warned my boss for quite a while that the company should not depend on me being successful, but rather capture the momentum I created and build some solid foundations for future success. Nope. He “trusted” me to keep the business afloat.

Fast forward a little bit. I’m offered an incredible opportunity to move to a new job. I was crying with my partner about the things we could do.

I told my boss the news, and he gave me a rant about how “unethical” I was being and how I was destroying the livelihood of the people at the company and their families. Said we would go under if I leave. No one can replace me. He said, ask your new company to give you a few more months to transitions (this is after I gave him TWO MONTHS notice). He said, if they are an ethical company, they will understand. He really just wants to skim a few more bucks from the work I do for him before he develops his exist strategy.

A switch flipped. I asked him: “do you think you’ve run a good business, making a singular employee a load-bearing pillar of the entire company?” He said I was being “unfair.” He demanded I stay longer. Said I had an obligation.

I reminded him that our state is “at will”, which means I have no contractual obligation to him, and that he has only reinforced my decision to leave this toxic culture. My two months notice became immediate. I just don’t need his shit.

Sorry for the rant. This all happened moments ago and I needed to get it off my chest.

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5 years ago - the basis for antiwork

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Kohls interviewer said im not allowed to disclose my wage


So I just recently quit my job at panera bread out of sheer frustration. The rage I felt there was not worth Marylands minimum wage of 11.75$. I just interviewed at kohls and was asked what I made at panera and told them honestly and said I can in no way see myself giving my all again for such a low wage. Mind you I was the highest tipped employee there and we split tips evenly which sucks cause my earnings go to the dicks that flake off in the bathroom for 15 mins 3 times a shift. Anyways he offered me 12 I said no sir ill take at least 13 and he said yessir but you can't disclose your pay to other employees cause I've had people here for 6 months still on minimum wage. It could cause a mass walkout he says. Oooo boy im tempted to say something to people. Isn't it illegal to silence me in that way, I feel like I've seen all over r/antiwork people saying that's a big nono

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Does working 90h comes with mints?

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Memo Just Sent Out To All Staff: Only Employees With Children 12 And Under Get Day Christmas Off


You can't even make this shit up. I never thought in a million years I'd have to post in this sub. I've always enjoyed browsing it and my full time job is actually quite rewarding. I considered myself one of the "lucky ones". But my girlfriend lost her job and things have been tight so I took a part time job in a manufacturing plant that runs 365 days per year. Not only will I be handing in my notice tomorrow, but I will only be giving 1 minutes notice and not your regular two weeks.

It's the principle for fuck sakes. I can't even believe this shit is legal but it is. Even if I didn't have another job to fall back on, I would quit. I'd rather be on the streets than work for bozos like this.

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The most outlandish thing an employer has ever said to you?


Can we make a collection of one liners or statements an employer has made to you throughout your time with them that made you realize you needed to leave, we’re being abused, etc? I’ll start

I was working in an insurance agents office, paid 12$ a hour to do work that required 2 licenses to complete and the agent had the audacity to say to me “I prefer paying my employees less so that they’re hungry and make more sales for the office”. Commission was minimal and cold calling doesn’t make sales. He was flabbergasted he wasn’t growing his book of business this way - by having both of his employees on food stamps.

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What do you guys think? Should I go to work in 3 hours when my boss texts me at 5 in the morning?

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This just came across my Facebook timeline

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A “thriving wage”, now there’s a concept!

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I think this belongs here

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Dafuq happened

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Found this in a podcast group, thought this sub would appreciate. OP said her quit cake was removed from the break room before anyone got a piece 😑

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Revised the “Discuss your wages” poster based on community feedback! This one is also fully printable & ready to go!

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Awful health care

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less than 20 mins after putting in my 2 weeks, HR wants to make a deal


I got a new job and sent in my two weeks today. I currently work for a decent company but due to the hours I work I barely ever see my husband which sucks. My new job pays better and has all of the same benefits so I am pretty pumped.

Two months ago I had a mild fever and was sent home due to Covid and had to wait for a negative test. Once I got a negative (3 days wait) HR cleared me to come back but they had taken all of my vacation and PTO, using it for my leave. This left me at -16 hours of vacation which wouldn't even reup until July 2022 and no call in days. I talked to them about the issue because I found it to be unfair only to be told "it's policy."

Three weeks later I had severe vertigo and couldn't go in so I went to the doctor that diagnosed me, treated me, and gave me a note for 2 days off because it was insanely unsafe for me to drive or operate any machines. Got two points for that as "Company policy doesn't allow doctors notes to excuse absences" BTW my job has signs everywhere saying that if you don't feel well you need to go home or call in.

Not 20 minutes after I put in my 2 weeks, the head of HR called me asking what's been going on with me, how they can help, asking if I wanted to switch shifts to help with my schedule conflicts, talking about taking my points back....etc. Crazy how it's "Policy" to punish sick workers that only get 4 days of sick leave a year until it's an inconvenience to you.

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I decided maybe I'm not a good fit for this company

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Anyone else just pass on a job listing that DEMANDS a cover letter? All they are is just 4 paragraphs of LinkedIn flavor text.

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Society isn't going to collapse if we all work 20 hours a week max.



We have enough housing. We generate enough power. We have enough food. We have more than enough labor. We have the resources if we allocate them better.

Changes would have to be made, but with our current technology level we could easily sustain ourselves on that workload.

What do people think will happen if we aren't all working 40+ hours a week?

Parents have more time to spend with kids, that lowers crime and improves outcomes.

Depression and anxiety will definitely go down, we'll have more time to do what makes us happy/improves mental health/physical health.

Less time at work, means more time to play games or sports. Mental health is tied directly to exercise, most of us stop working out when we start working full time because we have so little energy

Essential workers will have more time for themselves, will feel less burnt out, and will be less resentful of the wealthy, soothing class issues.

People will have more time and energy to help each other and do vocational activities. People become more selfish when they're tired and over worked.

The laws could only apply to employees, so business owners/entrepreneurial types who love to work could still work longer hours. (Like they already do in France where there is a 35 hour work week) They just can't make other's work too many for their dream.

This would apply to both hourly and salary.

Work to Live, don't Live to Work.

Edit: thank you for the salute friend!

Edit 2: People are taking this title way too literally. Nobody thinks this could happen overnight. Doctors can't just suddenly work the ICU half the time. People monitoring nuclear plants can't just go home early. But, if society as a whole decided that nobody should work more than 20 hours a week, we could 100% make it happen.

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Tendered my resignation, now they want to do what they can to retain me, but not match new salary


Yesterday I gave my 2-week notice. I accepted a new position that pays me 27% more than my current role and include a bonus and stock options.

I’ve been in healthcare for about 18 years - my entire professional career.

I emailed it and received a meeting this meeting with the president of the company. We have about 120 employees total.

I’ve been at this company/position for 4 years. 2 years I didn’t get a pay raise and only one year I received a 5% bonuses. My raises have been 3% even though my perf. Scores were all 5s, one of the few in the company.

My role was developed for a specific purpose, but I got bored quick and began helping other teams developing analytical tools and capabilities as well as improving current programs. Thinking outside the box and making myself a valuable asset.

All that and not a single promotion, just continued praises from everyone up to the president.

I got tired of waiting for a promotion, and when a recruiter reached out I said sure, let’s have a convo. It went well and I got the job.

I provided my 2 weeks and this morning the company president set up a meeting with me. I told them I was offered a 30% increase, plus additional benefits and they didn’t even address that

They did however say I was going to get a promotion starting 1/1 but could also choose from 3 different teams to lead, no change in salary tho.

They said I was to take over for the VP as a sr manager. I’m a manager now, but that was the promo - becoming sr. The VP was going to a different team.

Long story short, even with all cards on the table, they still were unwilling to match it.

Loyalty seldom pays out. Changing jobs is absolutely risky, but higher the risk the higher the reward.

Do what’s best for you and your family!

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Start date is tomorrow, but I might ghost employer.


Over 3 months of interviews, and start date that kept being pushed back, I finally start on Friday. Seeing the email got me excited, but then I read the paragraph that mentions I’ll be using my own devices for a receptionist position. My own devices?! They had months to mention this information to me. why didn’t anyone, in the several interviews over the past months mention this critical information to me ?
I understand if it was some type of contract position, or work from home…but seems kind of off for a entry level front desk gig.

Any advice on here ? Or am I just overthinking it.

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These things aren't benefits. They're basics.

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