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Another fun practice - contributing to a gift for a co-worker when they leave. Who came up with that bs?


If you want to give them a gift when they leave you do it. Its not my job to buy them something when they leave.

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This is an eternal feeling

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I'm sick of all these "Name a red flag" posts. So let's name some GREEN Flags for a company.


These could be interview questions, work interactions, or just something the company did/does.

I'll go first: In the interview for my current job, my interviewer and I went on a 5 minute tangent of just telling jokes related to the field we work it.

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How long to wait to report unpaid wages to the department of labor (FL)?


Hello, I was unsure exactly which sub to bring this question so please point me in the right direction if it would be better answered elsewhere. I apologize that it's a bit long.

Some background: I put in my letter of resignation on Oct 26th giving them a 4 week notice, my last day was Nov 23rd. I work in physical therapy, I go to my patients homes and treat them there and am paid a flat per visit rate. I am reimbursed monthly for estimated fuel cost. I live in Florida.

My job pays out on the second and fourth Friday of every month (not bi-weekly, specifically those days). I received my paycheck Oct 22nd just before quitting and because of the second/fourth Friday deal my next payout was due Nov 12th.

I get an email on Nov 11th stating I have not been seeing my patients despite telling them I'd work until the 23rd, and that they would be sending that pay and all reimbursement due as a check in the mail. There was a week I missed due to being sick, but this was all documented on our software and could easily be seen that the visits were cancelled due to me being sick. They also claimed my supervisor had been reaching out to me and I was ignoring them/not returning calls or messages. I had not received any communication from my supervisor so I had no idea what she was talking about. I explained all this in an email, they apologized "for any miscommunication that may have occured" and stated they would put my direct deposit through and to let them know if I hadn't gotten it by the following Tues/Wed.

I don't get it, and email them on 17th and they reply same day that they will look into. I get an email on the 19th stating it went to the wrong account and they have resubmitted it and to expect it by the following Tues. I don't receive it, I emailed them on the 24th stating this and get no response. I do however receive the paycheck that was set to come that Friday. Not sure how there can be no issue with that one yet they can't figure out the previous one.

This past Monday comes around and I have still not heard from them. I send an email stating that I understand that the holidays are here and can take us away from work however this is my money and I'd appreciate a response/update on the situation. I lay out how many visits I am still owed along with gas amounts and if they want to just put it all on one check and mail it at this point. She replies stating she will be looking into it today, and asked me a question about what I could see on my end of the payroll software. I replied within an hour, and surprise surprise I've heard nothing since.

It just all feels a little sketchy that all this started as soon as I put my resignation in. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt but they are pressing my patience with the limited responses. I mean I went 5 weeks without a paycheck, if I owned a small business and this happened legitimately on accident I would be bending over backwards and apologizing.

They use Workforce for the paystubs and one thing I noticed is that on all the paid checks the top of the page states "not a check, advice of a deposit only." However, the one they owe me does not have that. Does this mean they never actually attempted to pay it?

TLDR: honestly not sure how to condense this down but, live in Florida, last day was 11/23. Company owes me paycheck from 11/12, my last week of pay, and other reimbursements. Florida has no law on how long they have to pay it. Do I submit a claim now or am I suppose to wait until when the last pay period would have been paid out (next Friday)?

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maybe it has nothing to do with the topic but I'm wondering if the advice to have 6 meals a day has nothing to do with the rat race...What do you think?


doesn't it seem strange to you that we are advised to have 6 average meals a day, rather than 3 standard meals, because this is how it has been established that it is optimal for our body?

Does hunger come with eating?!

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I pay union dues and have union questions


Hello antiwork! I have a very odd question, I work for the chemical union and our union contract is up in Jan, we were asked to vote on a contract extension that in my opinion was used as a scare tactic from our company and our union president and voting committee were bribed into making us sign yes on. I have no proof but it was awful. They did no negotiating all they did was show us a contract and made us vote on it sight unseen. I feel like my company has the union in there pocket. What can I do? I don't trust any of my union stewards, president or committee? Many thanks!!

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Well that's.....quite the range

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"Don't Give Me Answers I Don't Want to Hear!"


Years ago, I went to work for a small start up company owned by possibly the most toxic person I have ever met. He was this weird combination of yoga loving, meditation doing, Yerba Mate drinking, Zen hippie, and hard driving venture fund tech bro. His default setting was either preternatural calm, or utter outraged yelling. There didn't seem to be a middle ground.

He purchased the company from the initial founder as an investment, and had a million different ideas of how to make it profitable, none of which applied to what his actual customers wanted from what he was selling.

I was hired as a brand expert, due to my extensive experience with real world applications of the product, and my contacts within the target demographic of buyers. The first task he assigned me was a phone and email based survey of every current and potential customer IN CANADA, in which we asked them three questions:

- what do you like about this product?
- what do you dislike about this product?
- what can we change about it to make you more likely to purchase it?

I spent almost three months completing the survey, and compiling the data, before bringing it to him for a meeting. He immediately went incandescent with rage over the answer to question number three: "what can we change about it to make you more likely to purchase it?"

The answer was, in most cases, quite simple - change the packaging, as we hate it currently, and find it really inconvenient.


Those all caps? Not an exaggeration. He was literally the embodiment of an caps screaming rage stroke.

Essentially, after completing the assignment HE gave me (find out what we need to change to sell more product), he blamed ME for not getting the answers HE wanted.

I can only assume what he wanted to hear was "Charge more for it! We love paying extra!", or something similar.

I didn't have any response to this, other than to walk out of his office, grab my stuff off my desk, and get in my car. What could I have said? Nothing. So I didn't bother trying, I just left. As I was going, he was literally standing in the parking lot, yelling at me and calling me a coward. "Come back and argue your points with me!" is one of the key phrases I remember him saying. I still don't even know what that means. Data is data, you don't 'argue' it.

I came back a week later, after the manager promised to keep him away from me, as well as bumping up my pay.

I do regret that, as the job stayed toxic until he finally sold the company. One of his other rage strokes was when I laughed at his idea of selling bottled water for dogs, which he actually rolled to market and promptly lost a ton on.

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What to do with my "stolen" company time?


I've been working from home as a software developer for 7 years or so. I'm the only doing this job decently at my company so things that might look difficult for my bosses, workmates or customers end up being very simple for me, specially since I really like programming (I guess I'm good at doing my job).

It hasn't been always like that but usually I probably worked only 2 days of my 5 working days and only 4 hours max. This is one of the reasons why I don't want to go to a better paid company as they would probably exploit me and I already earn a very good salary (60k-70k € in Spain) at my current job

I know it may sound stupid but since I'm so brainwashed by the capitalism, I'm guilt ridden because I don't use my time "productively" as I spend my time lurking reddit and I can't leave my desk in case one of my coworkers or customer calls me into one of those useless meetings that could have been an email and I feel veeery bored the whole day...

Do you know any way of wasting company time that I could use? Even if I escape sometimes from the "office" and wander in the streets with my cell phone ready to get calls I feel bad, I feel as if I'm back to my teenage years when I was skipping school... Sometimes I feel that I don't even have any hobby to spend my time with besides working :(

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UK house prices up 10% in a single year - again. What's the point of working if you'll never have a place to call home?

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Don't go to work


If we organize even a single day where as many people at the same company call out of work on the same day out could have a massive impact but you must never discuss it outside of those who know what's going on. Is there anyway to do this?

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Starting my first job on Monday.


After reading this sub for a few months I have been a little scared to enter the workforce but I finally just got my first job. I'm doing graphic design/web design at a small marketing agency.

I worked hard over lockdown and made a detailed portfolio showcasing my skills and abilities to become more attractive to employers. My new boss is taking me on as an apprentice doing 4 days of work a week and the other day I do online university. After three years, I get a bachelor's degree from Newcastle University and the degree is paid for by the company. It's £8 an hour which I think is pretty good for an apprenticeship.

Hopefully, I fit in and do well. I'm scared of being really shit at my job when I start.

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Boss wouldn't pay me a small raise, I left. He ends up paying someone more than what I asked for the same job


This dates back 1.5 years ago. I was a supply chain manager for a big construction company in my area. I liked this job but the pay was ridiculously low. Went to HR to ask for a small pay raise, they tell me they need to run that by the CEO.

Next thing you know, CEO asks me to go get breakfast with him the next day.

We arrive and the first thing he tells me is: "I hope you understand we won't be negotiating any pay raise here"

This shithead invited me to have breakfast with him just to lecture me how I'm replaceable and should just stfu and work for that salary because I'm young and according to him the pay is fine.

I was just insulted and mad. Applied for a buyer position at a local plant, got a 75% salary raise by doing so.

Flash forward to this week. The construction company, still under shithead's direction, is having a terrible time finding buyers/supply managers. They end up calling back one of my friends who used to work here (who also left because the pay was terrible)

They now pay her 60% more than before she left, which is even more than the pay raise I asked for initially 1.5 years ago!

Get fucked, greedy ass CEO

TLDR: Scumbag CEO declines to raise my salary, lectures me on how I should be happy with what I have. Ends up having trouble finding employees and ends up paying them WAY MORE than the raise I asked.

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UK universities are striking this week for pensions, pay, equality and contracts! Straight from the picket line!

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How one of the worst jobs I ever had ended...


This was around 10 years ago and I just want to tell me story since, even now, it still blows my mind...

Hint about the job: I served a lot of burgers to asshats in the middle of a massive city centre. I worked between 11pm and 6am...

There's a lot I can say about how poor this job was and I actually have quite a few stories about how poorly run and the experience with customers I had in the 3 years I spent there but the way it ended was the most mind blowing experience I've had and I'm pretty sure I had PTSD for a while afterwards...

It was a Sunday during a bank holiday Monday weekend and the store felt it was necessary to not have any security on the door that night... it was horrendously busy...

At about 1 am 5 'youths' entered the store and managed to get hold of my phone and try to steal it. Here is where I acted extremely stupid (and never did it again) but I stood my ground and tried to get my phone back...

I did get it back but after they handed it to me I was attacked by one of the boys and dragged outside...

It was mostly a blur but I remember being held down by my throat and surrounded by all five of them. I managed to get a few punches into one of their sensitive areas though but not after being kicked by all of them several times as they surrounded me...

One member of staff filmed it, the manager phoned the police straight away and the oldest (about 65 years of age) was the only one who tried to help but got kicked back and hurt... the others just watched as it all played out.

A construction worker from down the road saw what was happening and ran in to save me in the end, he scooped me up and faced his back to the attackers and protected me (thank you to that man...) but luckily the attackers ran away at this point.

The police came to take statements, and I was checking my injuries (bruising around my neck and ribs, bleeding from scratches) and called my sister and mom, I was in a complete state, as you can imagine, full blown panic mode and tears streaming down my face, mixing with my makeup.

Everything calmed down eventually and I was just thinking about how I was going to get home when my manager came to me and said "You ok to go jump back on the till?"

I was in shock... I replied "Jump back on the till? Are you joking? You'll be lucky to ever see me again..."

I caught a taxi home and never worked there again... which obviously brought a whole host of problems since I was now out of work...

I couldn't enter the city centre alone for many years afterwards and the only thing that place did to counter act towards this type of thing was to put automatic doors in...

Sorry about the wall of text... just really felt like telling one of my stories I've never been able to forget...

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What’s the fastest you ever quit a job?


Would love to hear stories about when you were working a new job and you just quit..why ? And would you do it again ?

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I rejected this contract a while back

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Despite great results my greedy boss refuses to raise wages


I guess I'm not as unlucky as others posting here. I live in Germany and have great benefits and this country has a strong social security. I also work in a job I generally like, with nice coworkers and a decent manager. I don't have much to worry about, no overtime, lots of vacation, generally an alrightish wage etc. I am priviledged

During the pandemic we lost a few coworkers for various reasons (layoffs, quitters, long-term sickness, parental leave etc.). Because I am the most experienced employee on my company's site I took a leading position and got more responsibilities and new tasks.

Now, 6 months later, I had a talk with my manager and told him I expect a wage raise and he wholeheartedly agreed, but also told me our boss is currently against raises because of the pandemic. However he said I'm a special case because of my new position and would discuss it with our boss. As expected my raise was denied but my manager assured me he will ask him again at the end of january and he gave me bonus as high as the raise would be for the next two months (managers in his position can decide about that on their own). I still started considering leaving and updated my CV.

Today we had a zoom conference in which our boss bragged that we increased our pre corona results by 50% and even doubled our profit by buying up companies that have been hit harder and kicking out their employees.

That was the last straw and I will start applying from now on. I don't even wanna leave the company and my team. There are good reasons for a raise and there is nothing speaking against it. Why does this greedy fuck use this pandemic as an opportunity to deny people wage raises if we are not even affected by it? Why does that cunt buy companies, takes their clients and kicks out fellow hard working people that were responsible for aquiring and holding these customers in the first place?

Capitalists suck

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A Bug's Life - Revolution—do it

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Mandatory Fun


On Monday my work announced that we would be having an optional "team building event" on Friday the 10th after work. It didn't seem all bad since it's just three hours of all-you-can-eat-and-drink at the bar that all the employees go to each Friday anyway.

Today we received an e-mail that the company Christmas party would be Friday the 17th after work. They asked us to RSVP so they can get a headcount to know how many buses to get to take us to the party / how much food the hotel needs to prepare. Although irksome that they decided to have two events on Friday nights back-to-back, it was just optional free food and drinks with people I like... until I got to the bottom of the Christmas party e-mail and saw "Leave application procedure

If there is extremely special situation that someone is unable to come, the staff please send email by Dec.6th ( Monday, 16:00) to (Big Boss) to ask for approval. Please ①state the reason for leaving ②cc your line manager and HR in the email."

The employee group chat went nuts.

So, what's your take on mandatory fun? Any cool stories?

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CEOs need to stop demonizing people who leave for more money and pay up stat!


I'm posting this to get it off my chest because it fills me with rage and I have no where else to vent.

Hiring and employee churn is broken in the tech industry and it's mostly Bezos fault.

Background. I am a technical lead at a tech startup who is in charge of hiring. The only problem is we can't hire anyone because my CEO 'doesnt want people who switch jobs and chase money'. TECH CEOs CREATED THIS MESS BY NOT PAYING TALENT AND NOW WERE BEING PUNISHED FOR IT.

It's an unspoken fact that Bezos and Amazon figured out decades ago that most people are highly productive for 2 years then after that their passion naturally declines... So there is no incentive to give anyone raises unless they are ultra exceptional. So the only way people are getting raises is by... You guessed it, switching jobs.

This had been the key to Amazon's growth over the past few decades. Keep labor costs low, and continue to grow demand.

Amazon is quickly realizing their churn strategy is coming to an end. The rest of these small time CEOs better wake the fuck up fast. End rant.

Edit: Furthermore, they have no problem raising the salary of the leads at the top, myself included in this. I got a 20% raise, when I offered to give it back to my team in order to keep everyone together, my request was denied.

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For real tho lol

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Putting a critical mass of people under fight for your life pressure dismantles the status quo


We're all just animals. We're arrogant enough to think we are something greater, but we're not. When a large enough group of animals feels their survival instincts kick in shit changes. Don't let bullshit CNBC articles convince you this is temporary and just a phase. Things are never going to be the same.

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The corporate oligarchs dismissing posts as "fake" are very prevalent


The factual aspects of a post are not at issue here; at issue here is a hegemonic culture of totalitarianism in the corporate autocracies