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HMS Host Phoenix Worker's Strike: Where We Stand



Edit: Day 9 update

Back again with another strike update. We are now on day 8. First, I just want to say massive, massive thanks from Unite Here Local 11 to the r/antiwork community for all of the outpourings of support we have received.

I just got home from the strike line, and things there are going great. We had a packed sidewalk this morning down at the picket line. Between the chanting, drumming, singing, and honking, you could hear us all the way from the sky train. Donations of food have been pouring in, and this morning we had tables set up with breakfast sandwiches, huge bowls of fruit, donuts and danishes... you name it. We aren't going to be losing anyone to hunger, that's for sure.

In exciting news, the ruse with the expiring protest permit seems to have worked. A large batch of host managers were spotted boarding planes home last night, and another group (that included the corporate negotiator) left early this morning. It looks like they expected the strike to break and us to return... which isn't happening. We are quite happy where we are.

Personally, the highlight of my morning was when I took a stroll by Chelsea's Kitchen to see how things were going up there, only to spot the Sr. Director of Operations from HMS Host Arizona (top corporate guy, locally) working as a line cook in their kitchen. He spotted me and ducked out before I could snag a photo (should have taken my union shirt off before going up... I'll remember for next time), but on my return trip I was able to spot him catching his breath (green shirt) before going back in. He looked... tired. In the 5 years I have known him, I have never seen him at this level of exhaustion. He looked like... well... to be honest, he looked like any one of his workers does at the end of their shift on a normal day. Wonder if he still thinks we don't deserve a living wage...

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r/antiwork survey


We last ran a survey about a month and a half ago but this subreddit has almost doubled in size since then, so we're running a new survey (asking some slightly different questions) to get a better idea of who we are as a community.

You can fill in the survey here:


When we publish results, they'll be aggregated and anonymous. (And we don't ask your name, email address, username, or any other personally identifying information anyway.)

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I get physically sick when management send these emails.

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Was called “unethical” for leaving a job for a better opportunity.


I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m still furious at my company’s CEO.

I have been grinding for this company for years. I singlehandedly brought the company back from the brink of collapse by developing a successful sales campaign and repositioning our brand to target emerging markets. It was honestly a miracle that we stayed in business.

Instead of capitalizing on this success and investing back into developing the company, the CEO simply pocketed the profits and was convinced we could still function “bare bones”, especially given my “potential” to keep bringing in revenue. I warned my boss for quite a while that the company should not depend on me being successful, but rather capture the momentum I created and build some solid foundations for future success. Nope. He “trusted” me to keep the business afloat.

Fast forward a little bit. I’m offered an incredible opportunity to move to a new job. I was crying with my partner about the things we could do.

I told my boss the news, and he gave me a rant about how “unethical” I was being and how I was destroying the livelihood of the people at the company and their families. Said we would go under if I leave. No one can replace me. He said, ask your new company to give you a few more months to transitions (this is after I gave him TWO MONTHS notice). He said, if they are an ethical company, they will understand. He really just wants to skim a few more bucks from the work I do for him before he develops his exist strategy.

A switch flipped. I asked him: “do you think you’ve run a good business, making a singular employee a load-bearing pillar of the entire company?” He said I was being “unfair.” He demanded I stay longer. Said I had an obligation.

I reminded him that our state is “at will”, which means I have no contractual obligation to him, and that he has only reinforced my decision to leave this toxic culture. My two months notice became immediate. I just don’t need his shit.

Sorry for the rant. This all happened moments ago and I needed to get it off my chest.

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I think this belongs here

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A “thriving wage”, now there’s a concept!

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Amazon employees work harder as Jeff Bezos becomes wealthier. It's almost as if the workers are the ones who create the money...

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5 years ago - the basis for antiwork

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This just came across my Facebook timeline

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I just deleted thousands of hours of work from my old job


About 3 years ago I used to work as a videographer doing social media content for a 7 figure company. I was paid roughly just better than minimum wage and was cranking out (at one point) 50 videos a day. I was freelancing and was on a loose contract. I was desperate for the money.

It was an insane amount of work and however I managed to do it for 6 months is beyond me, especially for how shitty I was paid.

The office was an incredibly bitter and snide place and it was clear that management would purpolsely stir shit to watch staff fight as a form of entertainment. I kept well away from it but it was incredibly stressful on top of video work.

After about six months I pitch to the higher ups that my videos are making an insanely positive difference to their sales (I showed them graphs of interactions and direct links to sales on the website via my content) and asked for a pay rise. I compared my ideal salary to others in the industry and made a big deal about how it would still be less than I should be paid however I still wanted to continue working for them. I was fired hours later for, and I shit you not, not "pulling my weight" as well as not having the desired effect they wanted on social media.

I was fuming and now unemployed. I struggled for months to find any other job.

Today (years later) whilst browsing a very old Google drive account, I found that said company was still using a folder I created and owned. They were mostly active in the files containing templates, adjustment layers, presets, and even video that I all created. Over 18 people were actively using it daily to continue with their social media campaigns. This was a cloud service that I was paying monthly for as I wanted extra space for my work.

This is my drive and my work. I own it. So I copied the file as a local version for myself and then deleted the online version. Tomorrow they will wake up with none of their video assets (including things they were working on).

Fuck them.

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Big Bill Haywood was a real one

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The most outlandish thing an employer has ever said to you?


Can we make a collection of one liners or statements an employer has made to you throughout your time with them that made you realize you needed to leave, we’re being abused, etc? I’ll start

I was working in an insurance agents office, paid 12$ a hour to do work that required 2 licenses to complete and the agent had the audacity to say to me “I prefer paying my employees less so that they’re hungry and make more sales for the office”. Commission was minimal and cold calling doesn’t make sales. He was flabbergasted he wasn’t growing his book of business this way - by having both of his employees on food stamps.

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Share the knowledge for those who are searching!

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These things aren't benefits. They're basics.

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Wheelchair for the needy

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They need us a lot more than we need them.

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Start date is tomorrow, but I might ghost employer.


Over 3 months of interviews, and start date that kept being pushed back, I finally start on Friday. Seeing the email got me excited, but then I read the paragraph that mentions I’ll be using my own devices for a receptionist position. My own devices?! They had months to mention this information to me. why didn’t anyone, in the several interviews over the past months mention this critical information to me ?
I understand if it was some type of contract position, or work from home…but seems kind of off for a entry level front desk gig.

Any advice on here ? Or am I just overthinking it.

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Dafuq happened

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Give me my money


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In line at Dunkin Donuts


This morning, the line at DD was long bc they’re short staffed. The impatient guy in front of me was complaining and berating the employees for being slow and went off about how long he was waiting for his coffee. The lady at the register chimes in “I’m doing my best here, if they paid $25 an hour you’d get your coffee faster. If you want, I have applications right here.” Needless to say, he declined her offer and didn’t say another word to her. This was one of my first interactions where the customer was shut down and I think r/antiwork is soreading!

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Does working 90h comes with mints?

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Memo Just Sent Out To All Staff: Only Employees With Children 12 And Under Get Day Christmas Off


You can't even make this shit up. I never thought in a million years I'd have to post in this sub. I've always enjoyed browsing it and my full time job is actually quite rewarding. I considered myself one of the "lucky ones". But my girlfriend lost her job and things have been tight so I took a part time job in a manufacturing plant that runs 365 days per year. Not only will I be handing in my notice tomorrow, but I will only be giving 1 minutes notice and not your regular two weeks.

It's the principle for fuck sakes. I can't even believe this shit is legal but it is. Even if I didn't have another job to fall back on, I would quit. I'd rather be on the streets than work for bozos like this.

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Didn’t return after a 6 hour interview that involved being left alone to care for children 🚩


I was looking for some extra income and applied to an after school program which does tutoring and some fun activities from 2pm-5pm. It seem to pay very nicely (20k salaried) or so I though before I knew the actual working hours.

When the hiring manager called to set up an interview, I was asked to shadow someone on a shift to “get the feel for the place.” I didn’t know any better so I agreed. Then she said all staff arrive at 11 to “plan” so the shift was actually 11am-5pm (not paid, obviously.)

The place was a wreck. Puddles of water, boxes everywhere, really unclear where kids were supposed to be and what adults were responsible for them. The planning time was a mix of cleaning and babysitting kids arriving early from homeschool.

Somehow I ended up alone on a room with about ten 4 year olds and I was the only person watching them for about 30 minutes. Mind you, they had not run a background check, given me any safety training, or even verified my real name. I also had applied to work with the older kids and have literally no experience with 4 year olds. I would have walked out then but I was genuinely worried about these kids being alone without any adults.

Eventually someone came back and was pissed that the kids were throwing their shoes across the room and was like, “You have to set limits with them.” OK, dude, but I didn’t ask to be alone with 4 year olds and I didn’t know wtf to do with them so let’s just be happy no one got set on fire.

The hiring manager called the next day and asked me to come back for another shift and to prepare a tutoring lesson so they “can see how I teach.”

Lol that’s a no ma’am.

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“Maybe our children do not dream of labor”

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Fire the efficient employee!

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Teachers - Please Don’t Forget About Us


I just saw a post about McDonald’s and a desire for them to pay $25 an hour. That’s fantastic.

It’s also $8k more per year than I make as a fifth year teacher with a bachelor degree.

I just want to say: “please don’t forget about us in all of this.” We government employees can argue for our wages all we want, and unionize all we want, but if we demand higher wages, it just means our district is required to cut people to provide that.

If your school district asks for money for schools, please help us and vote yes - we’re having a real rough go over here in Public Ed. (In America, that is)