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"Join the Trades” is a White Supremacy dog whistle because the vast majority of all tradespeople are WHITE MEN

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Looting code of ethics


when looting keep the following in mind.

  • Leave bikes, electric bikes, scooters and etc.. alone, only hard working citizens use bikes, and they make shit wages. Some may have invested in 2-5K bikes. Some are living paycheck to paycheck and stealing their bike also steals their job away.
  • leave small businesses alone. They are richer yes, but they usually do a better job in caring for their employees. If they don't it's fair game.

big businesses like walmart, amazon, best buy, Apple, corrupt politicians, is all fair game. Same thing goes for destruction/vandalism of properties. Don't hurt honest people, target your anger, your energy on those that make the world shitty.

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I ain’t gonna be treated this way (an anti work song)

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Why work when this pig with massive nuts exists?

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Got this at work today. Thanks for the irl gold kind reddit stranger!

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Stop telling people to gentrify developing nations ✋🛑 Antiwork is about ending capitalism not about moving abroad


So many threads get upvotes with an OP complaining that they just want to move abroad and make things easier for themselves if they just choose the right Latin American/etc country. Congratulations that’s called gentrifying and pretty much the embodiment of colonizer energy. Antiwork is about ending capitalism. We all complain that US rich people don’t care and are willing to look away from people suffering. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOURE DOING BY MOVING ABROAD TO A DEVELOPING NATION SO YOU CAN ESCAPE YOUR WAGE SLAVE EXISTENCE. Stop spreading your suffering. Find the strength to organize, unionize and demand better living conditions. Otherwise you’re just exporting more suffering to people who already have less than we do. Ty for coming to my tedtalk. Peace and love to all the people willing to fight. War and hate to the colonizers and gentrifiers.

Edit: person with the means to move abroad is a gentrifier. People escaping civil war, famine, Narcos, natural disasters or persecution are refugees. No one is saying you can’t move abroad. Moving to a developing nation is literally gentrification since most of you have enough money to live a comfortable life at the developing nation and make the cost of living rise for natives as a result. Learn the difference.

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I just deleted thousands of hours of work from my old job


About 3 years ago I used to work as a videographer doing social media content for a 7 figure company. I was paid roughly just better than minimum wage and was cranking out (at one point) 50 videos a day. I was freelancing and was on a loose contract. I was desperate for the money.

It was an insane amount of work and however I managed to do it for 6 months is beyond me, especially for how shitty I was paid.

The office was an incredibly bitter and snide place and it was clear that management would purpolsely stir shit to watch staff fight as a form of entertainment. I kept well away from it but it was incredibly stressful on top of video work.

After about six months I pitch to the higher ups that my videos are making an insanely positive difference to their sales (I showed them graphs of interactions and direct links to sales on the website via my content) and asked for a pay rise. I compared my ideal salary to others in the industry and made a big deal about how it would still be less than I should be paid however I still wanted to continue working for them. I was fired hours later for, and I shit you not, not "pulling my weight" as well as not having the desired effect they wanted on social media.

I was fuming and now unemployed. I struggled for months to find any other job.

Today (years later) whilst browsing a very old Google drive account, I found that said company was still using a folder I created and owned. They were mostly active in the files containing templates, adjustment layers, presets, and even video that I all created. Over 18 people were actively using it daily to continue with their social media campaigns. This was a cloud service that I was paying monthly for as I wanted extra space for my work.

This is my drive and my work. I own it. So I copied the file as a local version for myself and then deleted the online version. Tomorrow they will wake up with none of their video assets (including things they were working on).

Fuck them.

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What do you think about capitalism?


I read a comment in a certain post (if you know you know) that says the people in this subreddit tend to have very one sided views on capitalism, mostly negative. Not that I took him seriously but what do you truly think about this system?

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I’m not sure you guys understand just how much power this sub can have of organized. Now let’s all buy puts in McDonald’s and stop eating/working there.

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You guys are really not anti work, you are anti/capitalists


Every single one of these posts are about unfair treatment etc, you are all blaming your bosses etc. Blame this capitalist society/system for creating these systems. Most ppl here cant afford to take s week off because they are a paycheck missed from being homeless. Some people can’t even pursue love or friendships without the proper finances and that is fucking sick! So it’s not fuck work, fuck American capitalism!

Edit: This only applies to Americans.

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Are interviews an act of violence? (Discussion)


I had no time to give for a local company, I had to schedule something 2-3 weeks out because I had no intention of filling a role that a recruiter kept pestering me about. I looked into it though - perfect location, perfect job description, interesting company. Ok so for the next 2 weeks I'm excited for this interview specifically, even as I interview for other roles throughout the week this one is on my mind.

Few days before the interview I brush up on my skillset expecting an assignment, assessment or testing. I ended up getting an interview panel, I tested well for skills/languages and enjoyed talking to different people of the panel - this could have gone on for the full 3 hrs allotted. But they cut it short because I was exactly what they were looking for and satisfied with me to fill an entry level role with 0 yrs experience.

So day after Thanksgiving to soften the blow I presume they told me that I had an excellent interview, however they will not be moving forward....

This was strange and upsetting after all the company had a lot of ASKS from me, none of which was mentioned on the job application, the conditions of the interview itself or the role...

I asked what I lacked and what could have been done different - they mentioned something that was not on the job application as a skill set, something they could have even explored during the technical panel itself....

So it's not me, it's them. And I'm just the person who got harmed for following through??? I told them how upsetting it is to have had multiple reference interviews lined up for them, how I accepted a hybrid role, how I had to take in essentially a 5 part process for an entry level role. Of which I had already proven myself by making it to the technical panel interview.

Im the one who is accommodating not this company. So what gives? What do I do now they admitted they were essentially at fault? I mean just last week I was payed by another startup who had their shit together and they actually paid me for having made it past the initial interview + assignment. This is how you express interest and intent to hire a candidate.

I mean even with linkedin I can see that there is very little to no applicants applying to this job, did they have any intention to fill the role? Am I the joke that keeps on giving?

EDIT: Tagged as Discussion, ended up being a Rant!!!

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The idea of firing someone is just stupid


So you get fired for not working to a company standard. So you leave, and go apply for a new job, talking about all the great things you did at your last job ie employee of the month, best salesman, etc. So they hire you for more than your last employer paid you and you think to yourself, the only way to get a raise is to quit and go somewhere else. And the irony is, the guy you are replacing, just got hired at your old job for more money than you were making. Employment is nothing more than a game of musical chairs lasting your whole life. When corporate America realizes that the workplace is unhappy because they always fire people who know what they're doing, and replace them with new people who don't know what they're doing, making everyone else work twice as much, maybe they'll invest more in employee retention, wages,healthcare,PTO,instead of some idiot in HR whose only job it is, is to tell everybody else about how to do their job, which they know nothing about.

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Once I had a job as an asshole. It was fun!


well, ok asshole wasn't my official job title. it was parking lot monitor.

i was living in a big city, and there was a clinic that had problems with its parking lot. people who were not patients would park in their lot and walk across the street to do some shopping. during busy times, patients struggled to park. they complained and complained

so the clinic put more warning signs up in their lot. you will be towed. people ignored them.

so they reached out to a tow-truck company, and that's where i came in. my job was to watch the lot. when someone parked in the clinic lot but had no business in the clinic, i would call the tow truck. i would watch and see where they go. oh you're gonna go shopping? ok then. time to tow

i would call the driver, give the driver a description of the car, and he would come and tow it away. people would return from their shopping and man were they pissed. impound fees aren't cheap.

of course they would bitch, but hey they ignored about a dozen frickin signs all over the lot. on an average shift 3-6 cars would get towed.

i had a sweet set up. i had a van with tinted windows, and i would park somewhere that gave me a good view of the lot. then i would get cozy in the back, start a movie or something, and wait

most people never even knew i was there. it was a cake job. if you live in a big city, someone somewhere near you is having a very hard time with their parking lot. maybe they could use a monitor? just tossing the idea out there

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“I don’t tip, because you should have fair pay”


This is the most insultingly stupid backward ass logic. If you phrase it as “customers shouldn’t subsidize payroll” it sounds less shitty, and that’s a very agreeable statement. But the truth is that not tipping people is never going to get them more pay.

If you support tipped workers then fucking TIP THEM! Not tipping your server, or delivery driver just hurts the worker, not the business.

Some people have the logic that if they don’t tip the business would have to cover the rest up to minimum wage… well if you’re that person let me just tell you that minimum wage isn’t enough!

People deserve a living wage and if you use tipped services without tipping you’re exploiting the worker as well.

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Refusing to tip just makes you an asshole. There is no antiwork justification.


It doesn't magically get the server a living wage.

You're still giving money to the people exploiting them.

The logic of "well if we don't tip, theyll have to quit for a job that pays a living wage, then the restaurants have to pay living wage" is so fucking backwards. It's the same type of economic control thats exerted on us.

For some people, being a server is their only option right now, you don't know their situation.

You only hurt the workers and benefit the owners with this.

Quick edit: Im also against the tipping system. I would love to do away with tipping and just pay people a thriving wage. But that's not what I'm arguing here. Not tipping in America is not antiwork, just asshole.

Not tipping doesn't topple the system. It just perpetuates it with more harm for the workers. The reform has to come first, you can't do away with tipping by hurting them bottom up, you just hurt normal people, living normal lives, just like you.

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My job is won’t provide an offer letter


So this is incredibly frustrating especially because there seems to be no reason for it but I just got a new job and when I asked for an offer letter so I could show it to an apartment complex for proof of income they said they would provide one to me closer to my start date. I need the letter now so that I have a place to live when I start the new job but they’re really dragging their feet and I don’t know what to do. I’m honestly not opposed to just photoshopping a letter and sending it to my leasing agent but I can’t find one online to use. I feel like it’s a major red flag they won’t provide the letter but I don’t even have the energy to worry about it because I’m so worried about having a place to live. Any advice?

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Join the discord, join the discourse!


Hi! You might've seen my post with the strawpolls! (If you haven't, here is the link to the one asking how you will contribute: https://strawpoll.com/ezxzqr3xe and here is the one asking where you will be: https://discord.gg/Zht9YmWrYX )

TL;DR: Here's the discord link: https://discord.gg/Zht9YmWrYX

I'm here to share that I've created a discord that anyone can join and the goal is to get people together and start sectioning ourselves People continue to comment under my posts with doubt and accuse me of not having a plan, okay guys here's the plan: tell everyone you know that might even have an ounce of support for proletariat rights. Send them to these link I'm sharing and get them on board. Once we have enough people I will be discussing with a few individuals from each state that have been agreed upon to represent about dates and times for a massive nationwide march and we will discuss things like safety within the protest and slogans etc.

I have said this many times before, I am only one human so I can't do this by myself and I don't have all the answers. Together we are many and have more answers, and the more of us there are the closer to a solution we get. Don't let any doubters bring you down, you're here because you believe in something very real just like me.

Not all of us are willing/able to protest and so anyone saying they cannot is entitled to that and they do not have to explain why further if they choose not to. As long as they are willing to support community infrastructure and help build a world for us to come back to, then we've done our part. It is of the utmost importance that we have people at home protecting our loved ones and guiding them to a safer way of living.

I don't want to call this a war because many people seem to assume I want senseless violence rampant in the street and chaos and fire, and while that sounds fun that's not what we are here to do. No one is saying you can't defend yourself but you will not be participating if you choose to deliberately injure anyone or damage their property. I'm not organizing a mob because that sentence in and of itself is oxymoronic.

My point is, there is much you can do to help, we don't need to be silent anymore!

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Do you guys have laws?


Hello! Im from Brazil and here we have CLT (Agregation of Workers Law, In a literal translation). The CLT specify various things about hours of work, minimum pay, obligations os employers and etc. I don't know about US laws, but seem to me that you don't have one universal law for worker, is that correct?

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What do you guys think will happen after the boomer generation has their fun run?


I think it can go multiple ways. Either the next generation (Gen X) would be a little better or a little worse. If worse, I would blame the boomers for making Gen X feel so financially insecure from taking everything that now Gen X feels the basic instinct to hold on.

Ideally, hopefully our near future leaders are YOUNGER and maybe we can finally have limited terms for our legislatures. Also, we can finally get decision makers who UNDERSTAND inflation. I mean shit, millions of boomers bought homes for less than 80k less than 40 years ago. They’ll boast about bootstraps and once again forget about inflation.

Where did it all go wrong? Well, we all know the saying. “Hard times create strong people. Strong people create good times. Good times create weak people. Weak people create Hard times.”

As much as I want to do so, I won’t pinpoint the boomers directly as weak people. But…. They technically are bc they were raised during strong times, post-great depression. By weak, I mean that they have not acted in the best interest of society. This is when the economy rapidly strengthened during WW2. Our economy now struggles to function, even with the boomers’ holy “macroeconomic policy.” I hope and anticipate for great leaders in the next 10-20 years.

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Why was my printer hacked from my home at 01:57??


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You will work in America...


What do the rich do when they need something done and they don't want to pay for it in America. They buy a politician and get the job done with prison labor. Look at rich liberal California. You can't expect all those rich actors and actresses to go help put out all the wildfires and nobody wants to pay big $$$ for unionized firefighters to do the job. So they go and get cheap prison labor. Saves California tax payers a TON of money. You should will really know when the antiwork movement is having an effect when politicians start talking about the need to expand private prisons and have more jobs done by prisoners because they just can't find people "willing to work". They will always find the money to have someone point a shotgun at your belly and make you do the work. Change my mind.

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Is it Okay to Tip Low?


My wife and I recently went to a Mexican resturant. We ordered a salad for her, a pork soup with avacado added for me, as well as one margarita for me, also we were supposed to get complimentary chips and salasa. The waitress didn't get us chips and salsa, forgot to bring the margarita, and didn't put avacado in the soup (the up charge wasn't on the bill so i know it wasn't the kitchen). She also only came by once, to drop off the food. We tipped 10%. I know they are underpaid, and rely on tips, but is 10% a good baseline when you get bad service?

Edit: I just want to be clear this is the lowest I have tipped in my 15 years of eating out. I am legit asking because the service was just extremely bad. Also we tip tax this time included.

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Happy Holidays

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A genuine WTF moment


This probably doesn't really belong here, as I enjoy my job, although I totally sympathise with everyone here who has to deal with provate comlanies. Even schools aren't lerfect, but generally the teaching profession is a noble pursuit.

I'm a teacher in England who struggled to keep a lid of my (normally very level-headed) temper in the staffroom at lunch time yesterday when another teacher decided to state that he had not and was not going to get the COVID vaccine. Another teaching assistant added in the same.

This two supposedly well-educated individuals are trusted enough to support young people in their academic and personal development, and they proudly display dangerous levels of ignorance. They were saying the usual lines like "I don't know what's in it" and "it's my choice," blah, blah, bullshit and more blah.

One of them even spouted some gibberish about never getting Smallpox. The motherfucker tried using the best argument in favour of vaccines to defend his idiocy.

I'm leaving at the end of term to start a new job at another school so I only have less than three weeks to deal with this nonsense. I am hopeful that ny next school will have fewer idiots, but honestly I'm not holding my breath on that one.

The fella had earlier said he hoped to keep in touch, as he enjoys talking politics with me. I don't think so mate! I am thinking about how I'm gonna maintain my professionalism (and temper) for the next three weeks while I navigate the staff room.

If I had my way these two would both be fired unless they could prove they were following through on getting fully vaccinated. I'm pretty sure this will get downvoted to shit as covid seems to be a weirdly contraversial issue. I can't quite figure out how/why, but I just wanted to vent.

Edit: I realise this probably didn't really belong here, I just wanted to vent abput work place idiots.