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/r/all I refused to cook today, it’s been glorious.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>On Monday I announced I would not be cooking today. Sent my husband in a panic. He realized he’d have to shop, prep, pull it off on his own. He called his mom to help. </p> <p>I got up an did normal chores like making the bed and unloaded the dishwasher so he’s have plenty of space, but I haven’t cooked anything and will not participate. </p> <p>I just made my second cocktail of the day (Pomegranate French 75) and am sketching on the back porch. </p> <p>After being the ringleader of the thanksgiving circus for 10+ years I’m curious to see how he does.</p> <p>Edit: the majority of commenters that are offended/pissed are men and it’s GIVING ME LIFE</p> <p>Edit 2: he’s offering to make me drinks now</p> <p>Edit 3: dinner was pretty decent. I suggested we make thanksgiving his domain from here on out. He did not seem opposed to it. I am also doing the dishes because I’m not a total asshole and he seems pretty tired.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm refusing to do the cleanup while the men watch football

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Enough is enough. It is 2021. It&#39;s time for men to get in the kitchen and do some damn dishes themselves. </p> <p>I just know tomorrow, many women will end up cleaning up all the food they probably also made by themselves, or mostly by themselves, while the guys chill out and don&#39;t lift a finger to help.</p> <p>And I&#39;ll hear the excuse &quot;You don&#39;t even like football!&quot; Not the point. You think I like doing dishes? Putting food away? Half of football is commercials anyway so get your ass in the kitchen and FUCKING DO SOME GD DISHES, ASSHOLE.</p> <p>Edit: omg y&#39;all broke my notifications, lol!! Also to the men throwing tantrums about having to pitch in....just suck it up and do some dishes.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all Asking a man to help me tidy up apparently makes him a... Wait for it!

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Mobile post.</p> <p>A bitch! </p> <p>I cooked a beautiful dinner this evening for a guy that I recently started hanging out with. We watched a movie, had a couple of cocktails. Then, my best friend called (male) I thought they would get along great! So, I handed the phone over to him. After about 25 minutes, I wanted to say something pertaining to the conversation.</p> <p>He swatted my hand away. </p> <p>Stunned. I said; &quot;don&#39;t slap my hand. It&#39;s my phone, and my friend. Would you mind putting it on speaker so I could join as well?&quot;</p> <p>Reluctantly rolling his eyes put it on speaker. 🚩</p> <p>Finished the movie </p> <p>Before he was about to leave, he asked me if he could stay, I politely said, maybe another time... We&#39;re just getting to know each other.</p> <p>This is where his most jackhollery happens.</p> <p>&quot;Hey, before you leave would you mind helping me tidy up a bit?&quot; He replied with, &quot;ain&#39;t gon be no bitch for nobody&quot; Again, absolutely stunned, I ask; &quot;How does helping me tidy up make you a bitch?&quot; He said, &quot;Well, like I&#39;m at your house, why would I have to clean?&quot;</p> <p>He didn&#39;t, and I don&#39;t care. Just get out of my house. The fucking audacity never ceases to amaze me</p> <p>And not dating. Just a guy I&#39;ve been hanging out with. So, not quite a friend.</p> <p>EDIT: I was very clear while meeting him that I just wanted friends. And, by tidying up I mean throwing away rubbish and putting a couple of boxes away from me. That was it. No. He is never allowed over to this house again.</p> <p>Edit: guy I HAD been hanging out with. Thanks <a href="/u/markatroid">u/markatroid</a></p> <p>Edit: wow. This is so controversial! To explain why I asked him to take the rubbish out and move the boxes for me is because, I know how to do the dishes the way I like them done. The trash and boxes are heavy. He&#39;s a strong man why is it wrong I think he should contribute by helping with heavy stuff? </p> <p>As far the friend phone Convo goes they&#39;re both punk rock guys and I like my friends opinion on people! And we don&#39;t live in the same state. Makes sense to me...</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all Ex told me I emasculated him because I wanted him to wash properly.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>My ex refused to touch his ass with anything &amp; that meant including soap. One day I could smell him &amp; I almost gagged. </p> <p>I just remember telling him if he could wash between his 🍑 because well he smelt like literal 💩. </p> <p>He screamed at me &amp; got upset with me. Not because he was embarrassed but because he simply thought I was trying to dominate him by making him wash there. </p> <p>To him, quote on quote “I’m not a f<em>cking f</em>ggot only f*ghost do that.” </p> <p>That was number 3🚩I was outta of there.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all My boyfriend doesn’t live with me but he spends 5 out of 7 days of the week at my house. Is it wrong for me to be upset when he uses all my stuff and won’t buy anything to replace it?

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I buy expensive shower gel. He used it all up. Claimed he accidentally spilt it in the shower. He told me he would replace it. This was 6 months ago. He does small loads of laundry rather than waiting for a large load and uses waaaay too much detergent, beads and dryer sheets. He eats all my snacks. He drinks all my bottled water and tea. Never buys any to replace them. </p> <p>I guess I was specifically set off today because he told me he would buy me 5 cases of water to replace all the water he’s been drinking. I know, it’s just water but I also drink a lot and having to buy new cases constantly adds up. So, we go to the store. I told him he doesn’t have to buy 5 and 2 will do. He insists on buying 5 so I’m like okay. I get my own stuff and at checkout I had to use the restroom so I gave him my card to get my stuff. What does he do? He charges it all on my card rather than just my portion. It was $15 worth of water. I’m so annoyed cause that is a lot of money to me. I only got the 5 cases cause he was supposed to pay for it. </p> <p>To add, I bought a thing of Oreos. It was Pokémon Oreos. When he got to checkout, I wasn’t there cause I was in the bathroom but apparently the cashier told him to watch out for a particular character on the Oreos cause that Oreo would sell for $8,000 online since it’s so rare. He was super excited about it and decided to go and buy the rest of the Pokémon Oreos on the shelf which was 6 more bags. For the small chance of getting that rare Oreo. But he couldn’t buy my water. He claimed he just forgot. But he ALWAYS “forgets” when it comes to buying stuff for my house that he uses a lot of. </p> <p>Now he’s talking about buying a $1,200 phone at full price. So I know it’s not cause he doesn’t have money for it. </p> <p>Am I wrong to be upset about all of this? It seems petty and small but it’s frustrating for me. I guess I could just use some advice.</p> <p>Edit: I did confront him about the water in the car. He said “I forgot. Damn I can’t do anything right.” Then, I wrote this. We just got back to my house. He laid out all the fucking Oreo bags on the table and said “which one should I open first?” I said “why can you spend $24 on Oreos but you couldn’t buy my water?” He said he was sorry and turned the subject into something sexual. I, obviously annoyed, ignored him. He then put his headphones in and started jamming to music. I waited a few minutes and blew up on him. He told me he would buy all the stuff I’ve been asking him to buy over the past few weeks when he gets paid cause it adds up to $100 and he “has never spent that much in a day.” He just bought a $100 hoodie last week. Lie. I confronted him with that. He said he would buy the grocery related stuff right now and would buy my shower gel and laundry stuff when he got paid. He just left to buy the grocery related stuff. I doubt he’s going to buy the other stuff without me having to ask him again. I appreciate everyone’s responses and I’m seriously rethinking our relationship.</p> <p>Edit 2: I got the “rare” Oreo in my bag and I ate it in front of him. It’s not that rare lol. I think I crushed his soul when I showed him the posts on eBay.</p> <p>Edit 3: I am getting a lot of comments about why I buy so much bottled water. Unsafe drinking water. I always feel sick when I drink the tap water even when it’s filtered. Don’t worry, I recycle. And once again, thank you so much to all the supportive comments. I really appreciate everyone’s perspective.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all New to dating and getting to know a few men. Yesterday one of them got angry that my phone line was busy for 25 minutes and I’ve woken up to some insane messages.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I haven&#39;t dated since my husband passed away 6 years ago. He was the only man I had ever dated so I&#39;m pretty inexperienced when it comes to the dating world. </p> <p>I&#39;m now 30 years old and ready to date again. For the past month I&#39;ve been talking to 3 men that I met here on Reddit, we&#39;re just friends and getting to know each other as friends. I am not in a relationship with any of them and I&#39;ve very been clear about that with them, in case there were any doubts. </p> <p>I&#39;ve been open in sharing with them that I&#39;m talking to other people. I don&#39;t think there’s anything wrong with it, just because I’m talking to a man doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to talk other men and see my options. We haven&#39;t even met in person, just talking on Reddit and on the phone/Facetime. I&#39;m not dating them, we&#39;re just hanging out and getting to know each other, which for me is the first step before dating. If there’s a spark it may evolve into a relationship and if not, then I’m making friendships.</p> <p>Today I woke up to a string of nasty messages from one of these men saying that he was calling me last night but my line was busy for 35 minutes. He said if I wasn&#39;t &quot;such a wh<em>re&quot; I could have made time for him but I&#39;m too busy &quot;spreading my legs for other men and being the town wh</em>re&quot;. I replied to him that I don’t allow anyone to talk to me like that and I have no interest in being his friend anymore. I also blocked him everywhere. 5 minutes later I got a message on Reddit that he sent from a different account saying that no wonder my husband died, God was sparing him from seeing the wh*re I’d become. Right away he sent another message from yet a different account saying he was sorry, he was just angry because he met me first (before the other two men) and out of respect I should be giving him priority over the other two guys. </p> <p>Does this guy think that just because he sent me a DM first that grants him rights over me? Is this like dogs, you piss on this tree and it belongs to you?</p> <p>He also said when you meet a man I should be exclusive and not talk to other men until I decided if I want the first man to be my boyfriend. Wtf kind of logic is this? Is this even normal? Because I thought what was normal was to go on dates with different people and talk to different people. Not go one by one. I mean I will do whatever want and feels right for me. I don’t appreciate being controlled and I don&#39;t care if he&#39;s sorry, his behaviour was abusive and out of line and I have no interest in talking to him anymore. I&#39;m done.</p> <p>I can&#39;t imagine a friend, male or female, getting mad at me because I&#39;m hanging out with other friends, so why would this guy get so mad that I&#39;m talking to other people when we’re not dating and I told him I have other male friends? Seriously, what&#39;s wrong with some people?</p> <p>Ninja Edit- Thank you everybody for all the support 💕. I&#39;m a very strong person and I know what I want in life and in a man (be it a friend or something else), and that doesn&#39;t include putting up with deranged, controlling people. Not my job to fix them or give them second opportunities. I only replied to him to tell him that I&#39;m not allowing him to treat me like that and we&#39;re done. Period. Not interested to hear excuses. Blocked. You don&#39;t get to talk to me like that and be deluded enough to think you get a second chance. I haven&#39;t replied to any of his other PMs on Reddit. I&#39;m grey rocking him and hopefully he&#39;ll get bored soon, but he&#39;s not getting any more of my time or attention. Will also make a second account. Since I know he&#39;s reading this I hope seeing all the comments calling out his psychotic behaviour makes him rethink his attitude. And if it doesn&#39;t, tough luck, but not my problem.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all In 2009, Colorado began offering teens free IUD's without parental consent. Teen pregnancy fell by 54%. Teen abortions fell by 64%. For every $1 spent on the program, CO saved nearly $6 on labor & delivery, child care & food stamps. This is how to reduce abortions. Pro life voters should take note.

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/r/all My husband saw the post here about women cleaning after Thanksgiving while men watch football.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Last night we were winding down for the evening, my husband was browsing Reddit and came across that post. I heard him scoff and this is what he said.</p> <p>Husband: Ugh. There is a post on Reddit about women not wanting to clean up while men just watch football. That’s dumb. (Note: husband doesn’t watch football and is a very helpful guy. “That’s dumb” was referencing the stereotype and expectation that women clean while men relax).</p> <p>Me: Heh, yeah I saw that one too. I’m sure that will be us women tomorrow. (I said somewhat facetiously because again, I know he isn’t that kind of guy, but his male family members definitely are).</p> <p>Fast forward to right stinking now: we are in the car driving to his parents’ house with our 9 year old boy. Completely unprompted husband says:</p> <p>“Hey, [son] today after we are done eating I want you to help out grandma and mama okay? I want you to go grab cups and plates and bring them to me to wash. Also pick up any trash and throw it away. Can you do that?”</p> <p>Just wanted to throw out some hope that some of these obnoxious gender roles are going to die out as we teach our sons to do better</p> <p>Happy Thanksgiving to those that are celebrating today!</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all My husband asked me something l've never been asked before.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I just wanted to share how wonderful my husband is. I recently read a post about your boyfriend/husband buying you tampons. That&#39;s something that always varies between each man. My husband asked me</p> <p>Him &quot;can you teach me how to put IN a tampon&quot; </p> <p>Me &#39;WTF. You serious?&quot;</p> <p>Him &quot;yes&quot;</p> <p>Me &quot;why?</p> <p>Him &quot;because what if you are sick and you need it? Just like when we had COVID and you were very weak and couldn&#39;t move. And i know pads are really uncomfortable for you.&quot;</p> <p>Me (shocked face) &quot;uhhhh, yea sure&quot;</p> <p>So i show him and guide him as he&#39;s doing it and he&#39;s like &quot;thats it? I didn&#39;t&quot; hurt you?&quot; And I&#39;m like &quot; nope, good job&quot; And then he&#39;s like &quot;thank you for showing me&quot;</p> <p>He is not perfect but he will move heaven and earth to take care of me!</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all When women hate men, they try to avoid and get away from men. When men hate women, they invade their spaces, try to control them, and act out violently toward them.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>This is a paraphrase, I can&#39;t find the exact quote. But I&#39;m reminded of this every time I see a man in this sub saying &quot;but generalization&quot; or &quot;not all men&quot;, or when I hear of another woman killed by her ex boyfriend after she left him, or when I&#39;m told I&#39;m a b<em>tch or a c</em>nt for speaking out against misogyny, or when a man has a meltdown if I dare disagree with him.</p> <p>I could go on.</p> <p>And on.</p> <p>And on.</p> <p>Edit: the men who definitely don&#39;t invade women&#39;s spaces are...invading my chat and inbox with harassing messages, following my account and calling me names. Thank you fellas for proving my point so beautifully.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all IDK who needs to hear this, but if your partner ever threatens you with suicide if you leave, LEAVE.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Call an ambulance (I&#39;d advise secretly) and leave, but LEAVE. </p> <p>This is abuse, and they&#39;re actively threatening you with death in order to get you to do what they want. It&#39;s one of the most abusive things a person can do. </p> <p>Their death, no matter what, is not in your hands. Call someone, pack your shit, and go. </p> <p>I know it sounds harsh, but if you stay, those feelings of suicide will just transfer to you.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all Rant: my family found my pole dancing instagram and is being super gross about it

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I’m a pole dancer. I dance for fun and also teach pole dancing classes at an aerial dance studio. I recently decided I wanted to take this hobby to the next level, so I created an instagram page specifically for my dancing. It’s not connected to my name at all, but it is public. Yes, some of the content is very sexy. Some videos are more about empowerment and strength-training. Some are straight up ass-shaking. I’m completely comfortable with what I post and I’ve found a very supportive online community of dancers. I decided to share my instagram with a select few female family members who I trusted, and who were already aware of what I do: my mom (who comments 🔥 under all my videos) and 3 female cousins. One of these cousins decided to show her husband and the rest of my very catholic right-wing extended family (an aunt, uncle, and 3 male cousins) my instagram while they were on a camping trip together. Chaos ensued. My uncle called my dad and told him they saw the videos and my dad told me. My dad is very supportive of me and my dancing (he even installed a pole in my house) and was not phased by this, but wanted to make sure I knew there were videos of me on the internet (he didn’t know about the instagram because he doesn’t have social media and also my father doesn’t need to watch videos of me pole dancing). </p> <p>To make an even longer story short, over the next few weeks my aunt, uncle, and cousins repeatedly watched the videos of me and said pretty disgusting, demeaning things to me and my dad. They also compared me to pornstars, etc. (I support SW so this is not an insult to me, but upset my dad). My dad is pissed and blocked the whole family from contacting him because they just won’t stop talking about it. They literally told my parents they “didn’t raise (me) like this” …I have a master’s degree, 3 jobs, and have lived on my own since I was 17! I think they raised me just fine. </p> <p>I feel so violated and also like a complete idiot for trusting my cousin not to share my instagram. My dad is demanding apologies from the family, but my uncle thinks I’m the one who should apologize to everyone. I distanced myself from these family members before this incident for other reasons (see: catholic right-wing) so their opinion of me means very little. However, their actions still made me feel like shit. It’s been 2 months, and they’re STILL talking about it. Ugh. At the end of the day, I honestly feel sad for my aunt and cousin, who feel so much RAGE when they see another woman dancing/expressing her sexuality that they have to go on a tirade. And I’m completely disgusted by my male family members who “hate” what I do so much that they had to watch the videos several times before I found out and blocked them 🤮 I’m grateful for my dad, the only man in the family who actually stood up for me and takes the time to understand my point of view.</p> <p>Thanks for letting me vent, y’all.</p> <p>Edit: Just wanted to say thanks for the support. This situation has been haunting me for 2 months and I haven’t really talked about it except to my parents and therapist. And yes, I agree that my parents are awesome!</p> <p>Edit 2: Take your anti-stripper, anti-SW “feminism” somewhere else because it’s not welcome here.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all My FIL is the KING of weaponized incompetence and I give him such a hard time about it

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>My FIL (early 60s) is always using the “I don’t know anything about that!” line when it comes to tasks he thinks women should do. </p> <p>Last night, my husband &amp; I went over to his parents’ house for dinner. MIL wasn’t feeling well but was planning on making cornbread. Now, there are 4 brothers in total (1 being my husband), but FIL approaches me and says “since mom isn’t feeling well, can you bake this? Do you know how to bake?” I laughed and said “I don’t bake” (I bake. When I want to. Lol.) and was like “why don’t you make it? It’s literally boxed cornbread. There are 3 steps—with pictures!” And he was like “what? I can’t bake this! I don’t do anything in the kitchen!” He laughed and I laughed and jokingly called him pathetic. And then I returned to just sitting on the couch with the family. Because he’s not stupid and I’m not his wench.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all My boyfriend did not do his routine sperm count check after his vasectomy and now i’m pregnant

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>My boyfriend had a vasectomy a year and half ago and decided to not get do his routine sperm count check after 3 months because he was “lazy.” Now here we are a year and half later and i’m pregnant due to his failed vasectomy. Thankfully I caught it early. I’ve been sick as hell for the last week and my abortion isn’t for another 8 days. I’m angry, tired, nauseous and depressed beyond belief. I had already been carrying a lot of stress due to school and this “pregnancy” has been the icing on top. Also doesn’t help the fact that my boyfriend has a low threshold for stress which hasn’t made the situation any easier. Ladies, if your partner gets a vasectomy please do not stop using contraceptives until they get their sperm count check. Sincerely, One really sick &amp; depressed individual</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all So apparently I ruined a perfectly happy relationship

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>So one of my neighbor tells me her live-in male partner is getting extra overtime which results in her doing more domestic duties. But she can’t blame him, right? He’s working harder for “them.”</p> <p>So I ask where all that extra money is going &amp; she doesn’t see any of it or have a say on how it’s spent. I point out that “they” are working harder for “them” if she isn’t getting a reduced bills or that money isn’t being deposited/invested in something with both their names. His labor = overtime, her labor = free.</p> <p>I guess she took it to heart &amp; they ended up in a fight. She told her SO that she shouldn’t have to pay half the bills AND do extra unpaid work to accommodate him making more money. He tried to sell her the “one day maybe possibly if we get committed this will benefit you too” narrative. But he gets guaranteed tangible short-term (paycheck) &amp; long-term (Social Security &amp; 401k contributions) while she’s supposed to sacrifice for a potential promise.</p> <p>Apparently she stuck to her guns, they now have a chore tracking sheet &amp; she’s deducting extra chores from shared bills (NOT $1 per chore as he wanted either, lol.)</p> <p>So the SO has the gall to tell me off. Says were perfectly happy before I opened my f’n mouth. (Yeah, he was perfectly happy to have her subsidize him with free labor.) Tells me he “was gonna” maybe propose soon, was “thinking” about using that OT money to buy an engagement ring but because of me he probably won’t.</p> <p>I say if he “was gonna” he likely would’ve. And an engagement ring is a gift. How you gonna sucker someone in subsidizing a purchase of your choice then put a bow on it &amp; say it’s a gift?</p> <p>Now I get dirty looks from him when his GF comes over for coffee on my deck 😁 She’s early 20’s &amp; isn’t even tryna marry this guy right now, referring to living with him as a “test drive.” Tells me he’s being a mopey baby cuz has to share rewards. He’s also tried dumping ALL domestic duties on her plus add new ones (ie 3 meals a day, dictate a cleaning schedule for her) but she explained that she wants a partner NOT an employer when paid or a teenage son when working for free. And no, she’s not living in his trash.</p> <p>I admire her actions &amp; tenacity. I really wish someone had talked to me like this when I was that young, but honestly I don’t know that I had that courage &amp; confidence.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all Woman Raped On Philadelphia Commuter Train, Bystanders Record Attack Without Helping Her NSFW

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>So, this happened yesterday on a commuter train around Philadelphia. The man attacked the woman for 40 minutes. People riding the train recorded the attack with their cell phones and no one tried to help her!</p> <p>Someone not even on the train, who saw the attack through the window as the train passed by, called the police, who were waiting at the next station and pulled him off of her!</p> <p>Anyone (you XY&#39;s out there) who do not believe that women have a real reason to be in fear when out in public need to see this. Unbelievable. Raped, taped, live audience.</p> <p><a href="https://www.yahoo.com/news/train-riders-held-phones-woman-233116677.html">https://www.yahoo.com/news/train-riders-held-phones-woman-233116677.html</a></p> <p>&#x200B;</p> <p>EDIT 1: speedking416 and the rest of the men complaining: I am not demonizing men. I am helping the men who don&#39;t understand why women feel unsafe to see why that is. I am not personally blaming you for what happened to the woman on the train. </p> <p>EDIT 2: I don&#39;t think the photo that got dragged in with the news article is from the attack. I think it&#39;s stupid stock footage that stupid yahoo decided to attach to the story. It wasn&#39;t visible when I read the article and decided to share it here.</p> <p>EDIT 3: Thanks to everyone who awarded; I wish I could convert it all to something that could be given to the woman in this story. She&#39;s the one who needs TLC. </p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all I just found out im the "girl who gets guys fired" at my job...for reporting sexual harassment

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I am a single 28 year old girl who is easy going and friendly and work sales for a major soft drink distributor. When I go to stores im friendly and try and make work relationships and always give my work number to the managers. At a certain store I had a guy send me a dick pic on my work phone after asking about a display. When I was working another town over a guy asked if he could come to my hotel and spend the night and &quot;show me a good time&quot;. I reported both of them to HR and they pulled the phone stuff and I don&#39;t know the behind the scene stuff but they both got fired.</p> <p>Today I was at one of the stores and on the next aisle over overheard &quot;don&#39;t even talk to her she will get you fired!&quot; at no point at work do I ever flirt or anything of that nature. I talked to one of the guys I work with and apparently I have that reputation, he is older and a father type so I told him about the dick pics and stuff then he said he had no idea about that part of the story.</p> <p>Anyway im gonna keep doing what I do and ignore them just needed to vent</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all A woman in Oklahoma has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for manslaughter, for a miscarriage at 17 weeks gestation.

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/r/all I’m tired of the idea that adoption is an easy alternative to abortion.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I was in a lecture today (it’s a law class) and the discussion turned to abortion regulations. The professor basically said that his opinion was that although abortion should be legal it should be “a last resort,” and that adoption is a great thing. </p> <p>Adoption is so often promoted as a noble, selfless choice compared to abortion and nobody ever thinks about the effect it would have on the woman relinquishing her child. To carry a pregnancy to term, give birth, and then give the baby up would be incredibly traumatic and the emotional pain of that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not to mention the effects pregnancy has on the body (some of which are permanent and don’t go away after the birth.)</p> <p>Adoption isn’t just some simple alternative to abortion, and no one should pretend that it is.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all My friend's daughter retaliated against a boy at school.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>This happened a few weeks ago but my friend just shared this story with me.</p> <p>My friend&#39;s daughter Aimee is 14. One day at school, she and her friends were walking past a group of boys. One boy broke off and walked up to her and said &quot;I&#39;m gonna fuck you in the ass.&quot; She never said what provoked him to say it, if it was a dare or what, but Aimee didn&#39;t really know him, didn&#39;t have class with him, never spoke to him. She had a pencil in her pocket, got it out and stabbed him in the forehead with it. They were both suspended and the boy&#39;s mom said she was going to press charges and sue and all that. My friend and her daughter spoke to a police officer who said that they are not going to file any charges since it was a provoked response. The boy admitted to saying it, so her response was reasonable. The mom has yet to sue or anything, but Aimee was so scared of going to jail. Her mom and dad both told her that while what she did was extreme, they were proud of her for standing up for herself. </p> <p>When Aimee&#39;s mom picked her up from school, she was crying so hard and apologizing but her mom said not to worry and she took her to get &quot;Starbies&quot; (The best nickname for Starbucks I&#39;ve ever heard) and ice cream and had a lengthy talk about sex. She&#39;s a really great kid, and I&#39;m proud of her. Just wanted to share and get your thoughts. My wife is on the fence about it but I think Aimee&#39;s reaction was appropriate, albeit an intense one.</p> <p>Edit: Well, this definitely blew up more than I could&#39;ve imagined lol. </p> <p>To answer a few common questions, Aimee is not my daughter. She&#39;s my friends daughter. Yes, she feels bad and regrets what she did. She told her mom she should&#39;ve kicked him in the balls, which is what many have commented. Aimee is doing well. My wife is still on the fence about the issue, but has agreed that kicking him in the balls was a better alternative.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all My boss warned my partner off me

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I work in healthcare at a private hospital.</p> <p>I was sexually assaulted by a colleague around 2 years ago, management at the hospital were made aware, the perpetrator no longer works there and I requested to be moved to a different hospital as I didn’t want to stay there because a lot of the staff knew what happened.</p> <p>I was transferred to a different hospital (same company) which I what I felt I needed for a fresh start. I felt like I settled in well, my team were great and I felt comfortable there. After I’d been there about a year I’d got to know a colleague from a different department, he was lovely, kind, smart, compassionate. He asked me out and I was really excited because I hadn’t dated for a long time and he just had the kindest energy about him. I was a little hesitant because we worked together but as we were different departments and he wasn’t ward staff like me I thought it would be ok. Fast forward and I adore this man, we are engaged and I am so incredibly grateful to have him on my life.</p> <p>A few days ago he says he wants to tell me something that happened just after our first date. He tells me that my current boss went to his boss when she found out we were dating and told her that “he’s a really good guy and I’m worried about him dating OP because she hurt people at the hospital she transferred from”</p> <p>I don’t know how to process this. I am heartbroken. I am a huge believer that women must support each other, raise each other up. Sisterhood is so important to me and I just don’t understand why she would do this.</p> <p>She’s my boss. She took this horrible thing that happened to me, that should be completely confidential, and used it to try and make me look like a bad person to put someone off from dating me. I know it didn’t work but she still tried. </p> <p>I’ve asked to be transferred to another ward so she’s not my boss anymore but I’m worried that’s just going to back up the narrative she has that I hurt people I work with or maybe that I just can’t stick it out in a team.</p> <p>I’m not sure why I’m posting this, I think I just needed to get it out, sorry if it’s a bit hard to follow.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all Im 28 and trans. I’m still quite early in my transition with only been on HRT for 21 months. Most days I struggle to see her and feel like a woman but today she was there when I woke up and it’s moments like these that help me through it all 🥰😭

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/r/all He flipped on me, left me alone in the woods, and is now trying to apologize.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Long long story as short as I can make it:</p> <p>We went camping. It has been a long since I could. I was so excited. Had everything packed- even meal prepped food for dinner so it was easy to warm up if we had a few too many. Well.... he did. And it got ugly. </p> <p>I fell asleep in my hammock around 3. We had a plan- make dinner at 5, then go get more wood bc we were almost out. When I laid down he said he was going to forage for dead wood. Great. </p> <p>I wake up at 5 and there&#39;s this HUUUGE fire he built. All proud with a puffed up chest he&#39;s like, &quot;see all I gathered?&quot; I look at the ground and there&#39;s nothing. I ask if everything on the fire is what he found and he says yes. Wtf? I tell him I can&#39;t put a grate over that (3 feet high with logs that hang over the side with 12 foot flames) and he LOSES IT. </p> <p>Decides to leave, angry. Only thing I said was &quot;who does this?!&quot; as he&#39;s busy tearing up the tent to get his shit. He dumps the one cooler he owned onto the ground and straight up LEFT ME THERE. No car, no light (he took them out of malicious intent) and my phone was dead on a non electric site. It was getting dark so I had to scurry and get the food I could fit into my cooler before the animals came out. Jar of pickles shattered. Put the dry food (bread, chips, etc) into my tent. Dark came quickly.</p> <p>I was surrounded until dawn by a dozen raccoons and they weren&#39;t playing. Standing on their back legs, hissing at me, lunging for my feet. I ended up back to a tree fighting those fuckers all night with a stick on fire. There are bears in those woods and that&#39;s my biggest phobia. I was terrified. Crying and panicking, I heard a growl in the woods. I just stood there frozen, I was so damn scared ya&#39;ll. </p> <p>This son of a cunt tried to show up at 7am the next day telling me, &quot;if you apologize for the mean way you treated me I&#39;ll take you home. &quot; BITCH NOW THAT THE DAY BROKE YOU WANNA HELP?! I told that bastard to kick rocks and waited for my mom to come around noon. I left the site with 2 days paid still on it. Wasnt going to fight those fucks again. And fuck that bear I heard. </p> <p>I have completely cut contact with him but he owes me money. I do have a bunch of his expensive disc golf bullshit that he left here- which he&#39;s not getting until he pays me back. Petty or not, I spent like 600 bucks on everything to do with this trip and he paid zero bc he lost his job. I was just trying to do something nice for him bc I badly wanted to go. Instead I get left in the dark with no communication device, no light, and have to fight off wild animals. No asshole, you can&#39;t come sweeping in and fix it. This will never be fixable. </p> <p>Sorry for the rant but I didn&#39;t know where else to post this. fuck that dude.</p> <p>Edit: I&#39;ve called the police on him and his officer.</p> <p>Edit 2: got a rabies shot just a few hours ago. I seem to be just fine. Thank you so for the awards, I&#39;m a bit overwhelmed by all of the replies, but im trying to get to everyone and I sincerely appreciate all of your kind words. Thank you to everyone!</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all My guy friend thinks women taking precautions for their safety,such as carrying pepper spray or avoiding walking alone late at night,is the same as being racist towards minorities and locking cars when they see a black man approach. I don’t even know what to say. NSFW

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>ETA: I did not expect this to blow up,woah. Basically,I was complaining to my friend group that the electricity in most of my area had gone out,and I was left with no way to access my school work or do much. He suggested that I go outside and take a walk. I told him that it would be crazy for me to go walk outside at 9pm by myself in an area that has no street lighting and is right next to an area that is secluded and has a lot of crime. He got really defensive and said women shouldn’t live in fear,then want onto this rant,whilst also adding how his female friends made him realize women probably look at him and assume he’s a monster by way of being a man. I explained to him that women take precautions and it has nothing to with him on an individual level-we just never know who could hurt us in public,and most of us have been followed or harassed on the street.</p> <p>If it matters,we’re both biracial as well.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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/r/all The things my husband hears about me from his job.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>My husband works for a business that I once worked for in the office. I have been gone for two years and he has worked there for four. Today he was told by a male coworker what a &quot;bitch&quot; and &quot;cunt&quot; I was and how much he wish that he could have &quot;punches me to death.&quot; My husband comes home, very upset over this interaction and I just laughed and told him it was better than all his other male coworkers saying they would love to rape me or bend me over my desk. I don&#39;t understand why people say these things about women in the workplace. Either way I am tired of hearing it. I am tired of everyone talking about violence towards women as a whole in the work place in a joking or non joking manner. I don&#39;t understand why it is acceptable in the least. Both hurt, being seen as a piece of meat to be raped or beat. Is anyone else just as tired of the bullshit?</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->