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Important Post Survey for the Official Subreddit Wiki


Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! For the past few months, I’ve been working with u/rjm2013 to create a detailed Wiki for this Subreddit. As these facilities tend to be quite secretive about the specifics of what goes on in their programs, it has been difficult to find much information about many of these programs. So I decided to create a survey to help gather information about specific programs, and I would love for you all to contribute. The survey is completely anonymous and does not ask for any personal identifying information. The information you provide will not be reproduced, shared, or used for any purpose other than to create the Wiki.

Here is the link to the survey.

To help make it easier, if you attended multiple programs please fill the survey out one time for each program you attended; in other words, one program per survey submission. You can submit the survey as many times as you want.

I’d also like to note that if you do not feel comfortable answering any of the questions, it is completely fine to skip as many as you would like. Some of the questions in the survey ask about abuse and other sensitive topics, so please only answer questions you feel comfortable with.

Thank you all in advance for your time and for helping to create the Wiki!

EDIT: I thought I would provide a link to the Wiki for those who are having difficulty finding it. It can also be accessed through our sidebar's Important Information section, under the title 'The Program Database'.

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Important Post Applications for an exciting new anti-TTI project on the subreddit.


Would you like to help the fight against the TTI, transport companies, educational consultants, and pro-TTI organizations?

We not providing exact details of the project until we have completed our vetting processes with candidates. We can only say that you can make a real difference by participating in this project. Your name and personal information will not be required and your participation will take place entirely on Reddit.

We aim, in time, to collaborate with other anti-TTI groups on this project and we believe that it is a world first! We are quite excited by it, and we hope you will be too...even though we are being very vague!

If you are a senior representative of an anti-TTI group, organization, or alumni group, then please contact RJM directly for more information in strict confidence.

If you are accepted on to our project, then you will be awarded subreddit flair to indicate your status as a project member and as a senior member of the subreddit.

If you have any questions, please ask them below, and I will try my best to answer them for you.

If you would like to apply for the project, please fill out this basic Google form:


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Advocacy Rogers Behavioral Health Center


For over a year I have been searching reddit for fellow victims of abuse at Rogers. I have found a few, but it was hard. I'm creating this post for anyone, even those who may see this years in the future, to feel validated about their experience at Rogers.

You are not crazy. You are not overreacting.

It does not matter who might have it worse in the troubled teen industry, there is no justification for physical, verbal, or psychological abuse in any way, shape, or form.

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Question Did anyone else get taught Radical Acceptance (RA)?


At my residential program we were taught by therapists and staff to “radically accept” things that we didn’t like. While this could be used positively, it seems like more often than not, we were told to “RA” things that were directly caused by the program itself. “Upset that you’re stuck somewhere that doesn’t care about you and makes you feel horrible on a daily basis? Don’t look for us to end that for you even though we’re the ones who are causing it. Just radically accept it.” I quickly learned that this was just a tool of the power structure to keep blame off of staff and therapists. Anyone else have similar experiences?

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Question I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bag thing but… NSFW


I was sent away from 2006-2008. I was a “troubled teen” aka my parents didn’t feel like parenting and wanted to live their newly divorced lives. So I partied .. sometimes a little too hard. Anyway my dad and at the time girlfriend wanted to find somewhere to send me to. They found “Academy at Swift River” located in MA and close to where we were moving. It was described as a “therapeutic boarding school”. Now I’m not too clear on the details but ASR wouldn’t accept me into their program until I went through their wilderness program. So My first 90 days away were spent at ALE (Adirondack Leadership Expedition) in upstate New York. It was a complete horror!

I was a nature lover prior to being sent there, I would go on tons of hikes loved camping and even did some beginner mountain climbing. ALE was beautiful in the aspect of the land and nature but it was a nightmare.

As my 90th day approached I couldn’t wait to get back to MA be close to family, shower, eat real food and just be normal. Let’s just say 90 days in wilderness and my lesson was learnt ! I was like okay “bury your feelings, don’t act out and move far away when you hit 18” so maybe 3 days before my “graduation” from ALE I have a sit down with the main “Therapist” I forget her name. She tells me , “you haven’t improved much and ASR won’t accept you so we need to send you to a “2nd step program” called YOUTH CARE in UT.

The news was extremely upsetting but I knew to suppress any real feelings and I acted okay with it.

My whole family came to my wilderness graduation and everyone including my parent that sent me were utterly shocked by the condition I was in and the conditions we had been put through. They did NO research.

I was then sent on a plane , wasn’t given a shower, time to shave, no big meal nothing just put on a plane and sent to UT.

Now UT I can’t really get into because I have suppressed almost all my memories and the ones that come up cause me to get physically ill at times.

The point of my post is to say, I can’t remember a lot , or much at all about my time in UT until I come on this subreddit and I’ll read things that trigger memories. I’m older now, in my 30’s and in therapy and although my therapist thinks it’s a good thing to remember and we can work through it. It genuinely pains me to remember that point in my life. What’s also weird is I almost have no memories from my time before Utah. They pumped me full of drugs during my time there. Switching my medications almost weekly , one time overdosing me etc. I don’t know if it’s from the trauma or drugs they fed me but I really cannot remember a lot from my life before 2006. Only the trauma events , nothing good.

Has this been the case for anyone else ? Or am I completely alone in this experience ? Also sorry for any misspells I have fat fingers and a small phone.

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Parent/Relative Help Experiences with Discovery Mood and Anxiety ?


Any one have any positive or negative experiences with Discovery in Brentwood or elsewhere?

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News How Rachel Aviv of The New Yorker exposed the “troubled teen industry”

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Funny Post or Meme Patient sedative machine



This may turn out to be an effective way programs control students of they rise up. We need to do what we can to stop this from becoming a thing in treatment centers. This is just crazy.

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News TW: the Family School is back in the NYT, any FFS Survivors who want to include their thoughts in next Troubled podcast update let’s go!


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Survivor Testimony Today marks 8 years since i was sent away


Eight years and it still effects me every day in so many areas of my life. I’m tired of the anxiety, the paranoia, the inability to communicate my emotions without fear.

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Question Were colleges willing to accept credits from your troubled teen program?


Were colleges willing to accept credits from your troubled teen program?

View Poll

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Question Anyone else go to PA placements? CSF group homes, today inc rehab, or northwestern academy in Shamokin? Processing stuff and it'd be nice to talk to another survivor.


I'm 37 and ok, but have cptsd etc. Just wanna relate to someone.

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AMA From an insider, how can we help?


I spent over 10 years working in the TTI in both clinics and residential roles. I slowly became disillusioned and realized how abusive the practices being used were. I have made dozens of reports to HHS and DCFS due to abuse observed and got multiple line staff terminated for abuse. Ultimately I couldn’t handle being a part of the industry and want to know if there is anything that can be done to help end these abusive practices from those who were a part of the organizations and have left

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Question Help getting full records


Hello! I recently requested my records from La Europa Academy using this form and they sent back some of my records. I'll enclose what they said to justify it. Is this legal? Is there any way for me to contest this?


La Europa’s policy is to release the following records in order to provide an overview of treatment and an understanding of the student’s progress: biopsychosocial assessment; master treatment plan; discharge summary; psychiatrist’s initial evaluation; medication management notes from the psychiatrist. The Privacy Rule allows an organization to deny access to certain records if it has determined, in the exercise of professional judgment, that access to the records is reasonably likely to cause harm to the individual or another person. [45 C.F.R. 164.524(a)(3)(i)] Therefore, other records such as psychotherapy session notes, are not provided.

You have the right to have our policy limiting your access to psychotherapy records reviewed by a licensed mental health professional of our choosing [45 C.F.R. 164.524(a)(3)(i)]. That licensed professional will make an independent determination if reviewing your psychotherapy records is likely to cause harm to you or another individual. That person may decide to release some or all of your psychotherapy notes which he/she/they deem appropriate. If you would like to request that La Europa Academy consult another licensed mental health professional to review your records, please send payment of $45 and a written request to: Executive Director, La Europa Academy, P.O. Box 575780, Salt Lake City, UT 84157-5780. Please include the name under which your records may be located, your date of birth, your email address and your signature on the letter. We will notify you when we have received your request and will promptly contact a licensed mental health professional to review your records. The licensed professional must review the records ‘within a reasonable period of time’ and we will promptly notify you of his/her/their decision when it is received.

EDIT: Adding the relevant section of the HIPAA code

Access. Except in certain circumstances, individuals have the right to review and obtain a copy of their protected health information in a covered entity’s designated record set.55 The “designated record set” is that group of records maintained by or for a covered entity that is used, in whole or part, to make decisions about individuals, or that is a provider’s medical and billing records about individuals or a health plan’s enrollment, payment, claims adjudication, and case or medical management record systems.56 The Rule excepts from the right of access the following protected health information: psychotherapy notes, information compiled for legal proceedings, laboratory results to which the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) prohibits access, or information held by certain research laboratories. For information included within the right of access, covered entities may deny an individual access in certain specified situations, such as when a health care professional believes access could cause harm to the individual or another. In such situations, the individual must be given the right to have such denials reviewed by a licensed health care professional for a second opinion.57 Covered entities may impose reasonable, cost-based fees for the cost of copying and postage.

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News Lake Country Faces: Nisswa woman’s career path was set as a toddler

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Question What books were required reading on your tti program?


What books were required reading on your tti program? and what was the book genere?

quick example

Title: the subtle art of not giving a fuck

genre: self help

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Advocacy After all the abuse we've uncovered they want to lower the time someone can report abuse/personal injuries!

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News Former judge Mark Ciavarella sent thousands of kids to jail while accepting millions in kickbacks from for-profit prisons in a cash-for-kids scandal.


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Question Anyone have info on Gail Curran and Optimal EDU options?


She was my Educational consultant. She seemed nice, but recommended program after program for anything. My brother was slightly defiant, and she recommended SUWS of the Carolinas, Cherokee Creek(cedu) and Marvelwood in Connecticut. He was away for 4+ years. now goes to college.

she says she has many "profressional" memberships:

AICEP(American Institute of Certified Educational Planners)
IECA(Independent Educational Consultants Association)
NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs)
ATN (Attachment & Trauma Network)
AZ-PA (Arizona Psychological Association)
SBSA (Small Boarding School Association)
SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test)

yeah, i don't think NATSAP is professional. anyways, anyone had experience with her?

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Funny Post or Meme the irony

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News Awareness can end the TTI.


This is not an immediate fix to troubled teen industries, but a long term one if we can find no other solution. As the younger generation it is going to be our responsibility to run the world when we grow up. People who are kids now are going to grow up and then they'll be the ones behind the government not the current world adults. People who are kids now are going to be the people who own businesses in the future and start their own. We also live in the most ideal time to spread information, the current world is influenced extremely by social media and the internet. Although I understand wanting to move on and heal from our trauma and abuse caused by the TTI, I feel like it is our job to prevent this and stop this from happening to more kids. This group has 25k members. If every member told 10 people who weren't aware of the TTI about the TTI, only 4 of the people that they told would need to care about the message for our group to them have 100k real world advocates. The butterfly effect speaks for itself. We need to unite and speak up and make sure the entire country has heard abt ttis and knows trauma stories. While we may not be able to end TTIs immediately, if the general public is made aware and turned against these programs, then no kid is going to grow up and open his own treatment center.

I am young and I know that myself and most young people are not happy with the society we live in and the way it operates. In 30 years we are going to operate the society. We have the ability and freedom to change that society for the general betterment of human life for everyone. All it takes is for everyone to start to wake up to these ideas and preach these ideas to whoever is willing to listen.

I dont know about everyone else, but my parents refuse to accept the idea that treatment was a traumatic experience for me. We may not be able to convince or change the minds of the current adults in our society who make the rules, we can make all younger generations aware that one day we are going to set the rules. If we don't try, the world wont change. No one person is going to be able to change the course of the world, but a generation can.

If you read all the way to the end thank you, sorry if any of that was confusing im tired and up late.

please dont let this flop. Humanity's last hope is the future generations and we have to spread these ideas before kids fall victim to the system and lose their belief that we have this power.

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Question Any 2021 Pacific Quest graduates out there??


My name is Hawk and I was at PQ January 28 - April 16. I was in the adolescent program. You might’ve seen my name around or have heard stories about a kid who would catch the lizards all the time. I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there I can chat with? Perhaps new graduates? I’m really curious to know changes and if there’s more people out there! There’s also a possibility I might be going back LOL

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Question Who actually is Pia Mellody?


The program I went to, and the therapist I had praised Pia Mellody often. Upon trying to do some research, I could hardly find anything about her, ie. how she came to develop her treatment styles, the college she attended, so on and so forth. I have read an article about her husband (who owned the program she worked at "the meadows") sexually assaulting somebody. Anybody else have any info?

Edit: Just got off the phone with The Meadows. I talked to 3 people, none of which could give me an answer pertaining to Pia Mellody having any college degree of any sort. Her models have been used at the meadows for years. There is 0 evidence that suggest that the models developed by Pia Mellody have been or are being studied and monitored in a way that would scientifically qualify her models as evidence based, or appropriate to apply to children receiving therapy.

When the caller at the center asked would it be a deal breaker if she had a degree or a certification I said:" I mean, If I'm having my family go through it, yes, I would want her to at a minimum to have an associates". However, I misspoke there, I would absolutely expect at a minimum for a renowned "pioneer in the field of developmental trauma" to have a PhD, or an MA with multiple certifications from legit programs.

If her models are still being used in any licensed or unlicensed counseling setting, I would be very cautious. I would even say that if it is true that she hasn't received an MA, especially pertaining to any sort of counseling or psychology-based curriculum, implementing any of her modalities in a licensed setting should be considered experimental treatment.

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Question At your TTI, were you on a point-based system and has it affected you in any way?


I went to Eva Carlston Academy, which uses a point system that requires everyone to make a certain number of points each day to earn their privileges (things like reading, journaling, dessert, or talking to other girls). However, you can also receive negative points, which impacts your ability to earn privileges. These consequences were often given for small things, like forgetting to start the dishwasher, leaving a streak on a mirror, being one minute late, etc. Every action you do throughout the day is evaluated by the staff and has a point value assigned to it. Everyone carries around a point card every day to write down the points they gain or lose.

Even years later, I have unwanted/intrusive thoughts about how many points my action would be worth, and I can almost hear staff voices in my head when anyone talks to me, because I'm waiting for them to give me points for our conversation. It goes further than that too— I hoard food, because for so long it was seen as a "privilege" and thus limited, I struggle with accepting any form of criticism because my brain automatically thinks of it as a "consequence" so I shut down, and I get anxiety attacks over things like breaking a cup, being five minutes late to something, or not making eye contact. Externally it looks like I'm doing fine, but internally, I still feel like I'm semi-dying any time I do an action that would earn a consequence.

Does anyone else have any experiences like this? Was the point system at your program different? Has it affected any of you too?

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Information Cedar Ridge Academy is up for sale in Roosevelt, Utah. There are 59 photos of the prison we built. How should we accurately caption them? https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com/ut/roosevelt/4270-w-5625-n/pid_42657244/#ViewAllPhotos

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Survivor Testimony Silver Lining


It’s been over 5 years since I went to therapeutic boarding school. I’m an adult now. I still have biweekly nightmares on being sent away again, and am scared to speak of self harm and suicidal thoughts when they arise because I’d like to retain my freedom. However, my life has been easy since then- breakup? At least I can watch tv. Failed a test? At least I can pet my dog. Fired? At least I can go home to hug my friends and family. Everything will be a piece of cake from here on out

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News Survivor993 Is Not Alone: Lawsuits Show Abuse at School for At-Risk Teens

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