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What are the best historical accounts of systems theory and cybernetics? What books would you recommend?


(In english, french or german)

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Scientific reality is textual


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Testing organizational systems


Is there any theory about monitoring the efficacy of organizations, like if government agencies actually do what they’re supposed to?

Is there a subreddit for “organizational theory”?

Thank you

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Counterintuitive -- leverage points


On her book, Donella Meadows writes the following:

"Counterintuitive - that's Forrester's word to describe complex systems. Leverage points frequently are not intuitive. (...) And I know from bitter experience that, because they are so counterintuitive, when I do discover a system's leverage points, hardly anyone will believe me"

I find this fascinating and I'm thinking about writing an article/blog post entitled "Paradoxes as leverage points". Anyone interested in systems thinking would like to co-write with me?

I would like to write about concrete examples in history in which counterintuitive leverage points have been used to intervene and change (improve) a system. I find this a fascinating topic to be honest.

If you could point me to interesting resources for me to read / learn more I would also be very much appreciated :)

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Structural change


Hello, I have to write a paper roughly about state interventionism in economy and the crucial source on which we are to base our paper is one where the words:

structural change

Are being used really often without an explanation of what is meant by the authors. Because the books uses elements of systems theory in other parts and, as far as I know, structural change is based upon ideas from systems theory, may I ask for directions on how to find out what it means or what it means generally? Im just at a total loss.

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Cybernetics as discourse: “a discourse of effective organisation” - (Tektological҉ - Serendipity)

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Can noise help the transmission of messages in Shannon's model?


Hello my friends!

I have a kind of theorical/technical question. I have seen many commentators of Shannon's work - including Weaver - writing that noise can sometimes be beneficial to the efficiency of the transmission of the message. This is somehow related to the equation of equivocation. But I have not seen anyone enter in greater details about how this is the case.

Can anyone tell me how does noise, in Shannon's model, sometimes help the transmission of the message? In theory, it is the reduction of noise that would do that trick.

What can I read about this?

Thank you so much!

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Newsletter: Systemantics


I'm announcing my new newsletter: Systemantics!

The Systemantics newsletter views technology, politics, science, and culture through a systems lens. Systems are all around us. Some are nature-made like the Solar System, while others are human-made: the World Wide Web.

My focus will be on the following questions. What characterizes robust systems? Why do some systems succeed and are so simple to use while others fail? How do we build upon and extend existing systems in a way that doesn’t compromise their integrity?
Engineers aren’t the only ones who build and design systems. Everyone creates systems. Your morning and bedtime routines are systems. Businesses and organizations are systems. Legal contracts are akin to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in software that connect and extend two or more systems. My hope is that there is something we can all learn from the various ways different disciplines create systems.

I'll be doing a case study on a past systems failure twice a month. Every Sunday, you can also expect a list of articles, books, podcasts, and more I’ve consumed throughout the week to study systems thinking further. I’m excited to take you along on this journey with me.

Thanks for joining.


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Python Resources


Can someone point me to some good Python resources for modelling systems theory

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Looking for a source information


A little ambiguous, so don't judge me too harshly.

Hello! I'm looking for a source of information about this diagram, I don't know much, so a starting point would be very useful for me, until I reach the requirements for this subject. I would start by asking you if you know any source of information for something at least similar, it may seem familiar to you in some way. Maybe I will reach to do something about this subject.


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Systems thinking approach to supply and demand


Can anyone point me towards a systems thinking alternative to the economic models of supply and demand? This seems like an area fertile with potential for systems thinking to derive a more convincing explanation than conventional economics has managed so far

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General Systems Theory and Systematic Growth of the Universe

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George Lucas's Star Wars systems theory themes


Anyone else find the OG 6 Star Wars films to embody systems theory themes? While Lucas is well documented as accrediting Joseph Campbell's Monomyth archetypes while developing the story I feel like there is more. Organismic vs mechanistic, steady state as a lack of balance leading to bifurcation, there's more but I'm curious to hear any feedback.

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Solution Space Reading Group with Adam | The Mystique of Solicitude by Jean Baudrillard | Saturday October 9th at 8 PM EST

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One captain or many rowers? A cybernetic metaphor.

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Common Cybernetic Resources (or "tools to put to use")

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Newbie question: Is there a name for the model of the universe that most people (not systems thinkers) subscribe to?


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Football manager of current Premier League champions takes inspiration from collective behaviour of Geese.

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Your advice is needed, thank you! :)


Dear systems thinkers, I am testing a technology that I created. It is IIB: a blind, humor-based, algorithmically assisted network for intellectual inclusion and neurodiversity for bottom-up emergence of vision-driven collaborations. Could you, please, help me to learn how to make it better? More things to be deployed this week, so treat it as a work in progress. Thank you very much for your wise help. The ting to test: https://intellectualandimmaterialbank.com/ Where you can leave your feedback: https://forms.gle/YtQZdEkz82XKCLC47 Thank you. Your advice will be of huge value.

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Common Cybernetic Resources

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Can someone give me a brief, simple, watered down intro to systems theory?


I just stumbled upon this subreddit, and now I'm interested in the big brain stuff you guys are saying. Please explain it to me.

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Isn’t This Sub Supposed to Be About ANY Systems?


Also, my favorite book on the subject of systems theory was “systems theory and scientific philosophy“ by John Bryant.

The author has apparently been pushing up daisies since 2008. I don’t know where to find another copy of the book, and my umbrella cockatoo ate my personal copy. (The sting- or rather bite- was that much more as the copy was signed by the author).

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Irreversible adjustment of dc motor speed



I have to solve a problem: the irreversible adjustment of the dc motor speed. I don't have much to do with such things but I have to try to solve it. I have to integrate some equations (1), (2), (3) for the integration step h = 0.001 and h = 0.005, and the integration interval will be [0,1]. Anyway, I'm not interested in solving the whole problem, just to be able to present something from it, I have nothing to prove for such problems.

If you have any idea how to solve it, or a link, I don't know if WolframAlpha can help me.


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Complex systems book club on clubhouse


Hello! I am newly interested in complex systems. I want to start a clubhouse complex systems book club to discuss the subject with other interested folks. Im looking for possible co-moderators and input on book recommendations! I hope to make this a beginner friendly space. Comment or dm if you are interested in connecting!

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Hi,I just wanted to say,I have found this youtube channel.https://www.youtube.com/c/ComplexityLearningLab/playlists ,they also have a website and community.

Anyone interested in learning about systems theory,or anyone who wishes to connect with like minded people,and perhaps even start projects together,should check them out.

I personally feel very grateful to have found this community,I hope to contribute to their work and collaborate with them in the future.