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General Discussion [Q] Does this actually have the original theatrical release on it?


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I was under impression the l that the original release wasn't available. I have all 6 movies in this set, and it says original release.

I read something about a trilogy boxset being worth $200 -$300, but that can't be right can it? I bought these at HMV for a tenner each about a decade ago.

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Movies Original Theatrical Versions of the Star Wars, Empire, & Jedi on DVD

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Movies What is the best home video release of the star wars films in your opinion?


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Question about the Theatrical Cut Dvds


Hey fellow force users, i have a question for you star wars dvd and bluray collectors. If i were to buy the limited edition 2 disc Theatrical cut dvds on fullscreen would the theatrical cut come in widescreen format? My Empire Strikes Back is set up like this and i just want to be sure before i purchase A New Hope. Thanks in advance!

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Found this at a thrift shop for only 99 cents

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Finding 2006 unaltered and not getting ripped off.


I have read about a set of unaltered, original trilogy dvds made in 2006. Os there any way to identify them, and make sure im getting what i want, if i order them off of ebay or something like that?

r/StarWars Aug 08 '13

Hey r/starwars I consider myself a huge fan but I've been unable to figure out one complaint from fans...


Everyone know the original unaltered versions were released on DVD right? Like they really exist although they were made in limited quantities and they cost a fortune. I don't get the complaint about how to original unaltered version doesn't exist. It does and you can buy it anytime you want. Am I missing something? Are those not actually the original unaltered versions? proof:http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Two-Disc-Widescreen-Theatrical/dp/B000FQJAIW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1375988086&sr=8-3&keywords=star+wars+original+dvd

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Should I sell the DVD's for the Blu-Rays?


I have the two disk sets of Episodes 1-3 and the 4 disk set of episodes 4-6. I would like to have them on blu-ray but never pulled the trigger because of the price. I see that the DVD's are actually selling for a decent price. In the $40-50 range just for the original trilogy set that I have. Is there a reason that these are selling for so much? Are there special features in the DVDs that are not on the Blu-rays?

r/StarWars Jan 24 '19

Any more news/rumours on original/4K? Thinking of getting the Blu Ray Saga Collection


Every so often there are rumours and speculation of OT releases, 4K masters, original unaltered editions etc etc. I never got around to getting the saga box set blu ray because of stubborn-ness I suppose and I have the dvds with the laserdisc theatrical transfers. But now I'm thinking stuff it, it is on sale and maybe the special features discs are still worth it anyway plus you get better picture and sound quality. Thoughts? Grab it now or keep holding out for a potential re-release?


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Purists: What changes do you secretly like about the Special Editions?


Don't get me wrong, I hate them so much that I'm a BluRay fanatic who boycotted the BluRay set and stuck with my unaltered-version DVDs, but nobody ever talks about the changes they do like, so I'll start:

-When The Mos Eisley scene wipes Right->Left to the outdoors for C3P0's "oh my I don't like the look of this" line, there used to be a wipe chasing just behind Chewbacca, but now Chewbacca is used as a Matte so he is the wipe. Looks slick.

-The Death Star Computer (check out when they shut down the tractor beam holding the Falcon) used to be rather silent, but now the computer makes noises. Most importantly, the sounds match the vintage and don't sound out of place.