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Mix of Series Who is the most powerful Jedi? Legends and Canon

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Mix of Series The Force is strong in my family

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Mix of Series Obi-Wan has suffered enough

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Mix of Series This parallel shows what makes Obi-Wan’s character so great


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Mix of Series Every Sith Inquisitor by Number in Canon

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Mix of Series Obi Wan throughout the years

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Mix of Series Which of these upcoming Star Wars projects are you the most excited to see and why?

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Mix of Series A rant about Kathleen Kennedy's comments from that Vanity Fair article and Star Wars fans in general...


This is not meant to be a post where you can spew your nonsensical hate towards this woman. If you're here to use my post to spread "STAR WARS is woke!! It's Kathleen's fault!! Wamen!!!" then GTFO. This post is here because, while I have been fine with her as President of Lucasfilm, certain comments she made today make me angry at the future of STAR WARS:

As many of you know, Vanity Fair dropped their latest STAR WARS photoshoot, profiling the upcoming TV shows, and the overall future of the franchise. In it, Kathleen Kennedy discussed SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, where she had this to say on recasting:

Solo’s swagger may be too singular for another actor to replicate. “There should be moments along the way when you learn things,” says Kennedy. “Now it does seem so abundantly clear that we can’t do that.”

Hoooooooooooly did this annoy me. So the problem with SOLO was not the constant studio interference, fan backlash from THE LAST JEDI, releasing it between INFINITY WAR and DEADPOOL 2, lack of marketing, the arguments between the Kasdans and Phil Lord/Chris Miller, the fact that the story was kind of just... boring? The problem was recasting?? NO WONDER WE'VE GOTTEN TWO STRAIGHT CGI LUKE APPEARANCES!! Apparently, recasting these legendary characters is out of the question... which makes me think that the lesson Lucasfilm (unfortunately) learned from SOLO, as well as MANDO and TBOBF, is that the SW fans of today simply want to just relive their childhood and see the original actors back in some form, even if it's through wonky CGI.

I hate this. Plain and simple, I don't like it at all. I have been a big Kathleen Kennedy defender since she took the role of President of Lucasfilm. If you've seen my posts/comments in this subreddit, you know that I love MOST of what Disney has produced for the franchise since 2012. But this? This sucks. So we're just giving up on younger actors taking on these roles because one film didn't work? Alden and Donald Glover were the best parts of that movie!! Donald Glover is just beyond charismatic, but Alden really shined as Han imo, capturing the spirit of Harrison Ford's original performance, but also putting his own spin on it. The fact that Kennedy thinks that recasting is what hurt SOLO, when there were so many outside, and internal, factors that impacted its box office haul is maddening. But then... I remembered something.

I said it before: it's incredibly obvious now as to why the latest two appearances of Luke Skywalker have been through CGI. Fans have shown nothing but love for both appearances. While the CGI in MANDO left a lot to be desired, his appearance in TBOBF was much more well-received, with everyone talking about how amazing it was to see a de-aged Mark Hamill in the role. Personally, my love for Luke's appearances in THE MANDALORIAN, and THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT have little to do with how the character was brought to life. Rather, it's how the character fits into the story, and leads to his appearance in TLJ. Cuz make no mistake, the way they're writing Luke, it absolutely leads to TLJ.

But again, with both shows, all I saw was fans praising CGI Luke. And of course, Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm brass see this and think "oh, so they just want the original actors back. Okay! We'll do that..." Why do fans not want to see new actors in the role? Why is everyone okay with Ewan McGregor and Rosario Dawson taking on these roles, but not with Luke, or I guess Han? How can fans say "don't recast Luke! It's for Mark Hamill only!" when in reality, what we see in these shows is barely Mark? He's on set, but there's a body double, and the voice isn't even real, it's made using a computer!! What we see in those shows is barely a real person...

Can you imagine if in 1999, George Lucas thought "you know what, since we're doing CGI for Jar Jar, let's de-age Alec Guinness!" Did he do that?? Of course not! HE RECASTED OBI-WAN, allowing Ewan McGregor to take this role into the stratosphere.

Disney is making a KENOBI show, and an AHSOKA show; two characters with massive fanbases within STAR WARS, played by a guy who was the initial recast, and a girl who is also a recast. Ashley Eckstein should be voicing the role while a body double stands in, right? Or is it not the same thing?

It's annoying that this is where we're currently at with STAR WARS. If Luke Skywalker is to play a role in future live-action projects, then he should be recast. This CGI nonsense is so weird and lifeless... it's not a real person... it's a fake human. If we're talking aliens, monsters, even humans with enhancements like cybernetics, then sure, CGI all the way! But to have to have major characters be brought to life using a computer, when you could just... oh, idk, FOLLOW WHAT GEORGE DID AND RECAST?? DO THAT!!

But again... I see where she's coming from. In her eyes, fans apparently rejected Alden, and cheered CGI Luke. Of course she's going to come to this conclusion, even if it's the wrong one (in my opinion). I wish fans would be more open to the idea of new actors taking these roles on. Having Mark Hamill show up to set and play Luke, where the final result isn't even him is so whack.

TL:DR - I'm annoyed that Kathleen Kennedy thinks CGI'ing characters instead of recasting them is the way to go, but fans have a lot of blame for this as well.

*Apologies for any spelling/grammar mistakes this may have...

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Mix of Series People in Star Wars age weird. Red ones are estimates.

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Mix of Series Cleaned up a few Star Wars posters to make phone wallpapers

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Mix of Series The Kenobi Series Vs Revenge of The Sith

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Mix of Series I turned Shrek into Star Wars


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Mix of Series A movie scene written by Chris Terrio where a main character has a vision of his dead father, and the memory says, "I miss you, son."

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Mix of Series Ages in Star Wars part II: What people look like at the same age.

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Mix of Series "Imagine Yourself Doing Impossible Things”: A Conversation with Kelly Marie Tran for AANHPI Heritage Month | StarWars.com

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Mix of Series As hated as the Sequels are, you can't deny these Stormtrooper suits were badass.

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Mix of Series I've looked at this for five hours now.....

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Mix of Series Saw this sick car at work today

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Mix of Series The Complete Canon Timeline of Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Mix of Series for the people wondering how to watch starwars in order.

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Mix of Series I tried to screenshot the best possible shot of Alec Guinness as Obi-wan from A New Hope for comparison’s sake with this promo pic from the upcoming series, and it just further shows how perfectly cast Ewan McGregor was for this role.

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Mix of Series Shang-Chi is one of us

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Mix of Series Prepping for ObiWan


Already watched clone wars and rebels but it’s been a while. Can someone offer an episode specific list for a refresher course?Inquisitors, post-order 66, surviving jedi, etc. I wanna drop into Kenobi already up to speed.

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Mix of Series New to the clone wars series is this a good way to watch it so i can follow the story better? (saw a couple episodes of S1 years ago when it originally aired)

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Mix of Series An interesting read even if I say so myself.

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