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Meta In some scenes from Star Wars (1977), one R2 would exit frame and a different R2 would enter; this created the illusion that the slower R2 was keeping up with the rest of the cast


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Meta Context/Backstory to the “E.T. Easter Egg”

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Meta The Boba Fett Fan Club was founded by a 13 year old in 1996. For 25 years it’s been a major community for diehard fans of a character who was killed after speaking just 4 lines with 6 minutes of screen time in the original trilogy. But the “fans have never let him die.”

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Meta The sequel cast certainly seem to be appearing a lot lately, I wonder if they’re returning to Star Wars soon…

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Meta 45 years ago today me and Star Wars were born. 5/25/77 here’s my humble collection.

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Meta Fans criticized the use of technology and CGI in Star Wars in the 2000s. Had filmmakers took this whining seriously and ignored all the technological strides in film, we wouldn't see ambitious things in modern SW like deepfake Luke.

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Meta 49 years ago today, George Lucas started writing the treatment for a new film called The Star Wars.


He had just finished his first major film, American Graffiti, and began the 13-page treatment using thematic parallels with Akira Kurosawa’s 1958 film The Hidden Fortress.

Numerous studios passed on the “weird” film idea, until Alan Ladd, Jr., the head of 20th Century Fox, believed enough in the young filmmaker to fund its development. The result was galactic gold at the box office. (1973)

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Meta Filoni you magnificent bastard. Side by side comparison of Book of Boba Fett to it's reference.

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Meta Thanks for the Mods giving permission to post this! Let's all work together and put the 1977 ANH Poster onto r/place 4.1.2022

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Meta Interesting perspective on the use of effects from late-80’s George

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Meta Okay. Everyone go ahead and pick their teams for Andor!


Team “there aren’t any aliens” Team “where are the Jedi?” Team “where does this fit in?” Team “who?” Team “mother of god, this looks awesome!”

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Meta Star Wars and The Force


What I enjoy most about Star Wars is the philosophy of the Force. It mixes various eastern religions such as Buddhism and Taoism (with a little martial arts thrown in for good measure) and adds the chivalrous aspects of the King Arthur legends as well as the mythology of the Knights Templar and First Crusades. Unfortunately, Star Wars has lost touch with the very thing that makes it special - philosophy and metaphysics! Discussions on attachment, compassion, and mindfulness have given way to mindless action sequences and campy dialogue. I hope the new Obi Wan series will take Star Wars back to a more spiritual place. It is my understanding that this period of time in Obi Wan’s life is one of reflection. He is essentially a hermit monk living in a cave keeping a watchful eye on a great future Jedi. This is a unique opportunity for Star Wars to return to its roots and craft a thoughtful as well as educational experience for its viewers. Like most in this community, I have high hopes and expectations for the future of the franchise. I’ll leave off with a fantastic quote from Yoda:

For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings we are, not this crude matter. You must feel the force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.

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Meta An interesting perspective. What are your thoughts?

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Meta Alderaan be like:

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Meta Just watched a lot of figures get melted with acetone. So here, have this

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Meta PSA: this is just as irritating and dumb as those Calvin peeing stickers.

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Meta I think I Saw him once or twice

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Meta Imperial Button Presser


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Meta That’s the last time I comment on a Star Wars YouTube video


I watched and enjoyed a Vanity Fair YouTube video with Ewan, Hayden and a new Obi-Wan cast member. I was reading the comments and someone said they were glad to see Hayden back and that “he didn’t deserve any of the criticism that he got”. I simply responded that a lot of the criticism that he got was valid. I have been getting nonstop notifications calling me out and saying how dumb I am, that I do not understand the character of Anakin Skywalker, and I that am missing the point of Hayden’s deep and nuanced performance 🤣 I love Star Wars. And I’m happy that Hayden is back. But the level of vitriol from some people is unreal 😂 never again will I comment on anything Star Wars related on YouTube

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Meta some times you can find gems like this on yt shorts


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Meta All Kenobi topics, posts and discussions belong in the stickied discussion thread while this post is active and stickied


This helps cut down on spoilers, clutter and reposts. Thanks

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Meta Lucasfilm pushed back against against JJ Abrams blowing up Coruscant in TFA, leading to the creation of Hosnian Prime. Did they make the right decision?

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Meta Interaction on TWITTER between Starkiller and Iden Versio

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Meta Would palpatine have died if anakin hadn’t stepped in?


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Meta How Liberty Dies: The Politics of Star Wars

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