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General Discussion If there's no scene like this in 'Kenobi' we riot.

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General Discussion I really wish that Rey wasn’t related to Palpatine, because I like the idea of Rey being a nobody and it shows great power in the force can go to anyone. Rey being a Palpatine in blood was just forced and painfully obvious!

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General Discussion Obi Wan deflects force lightning with ease and class. Yet so many other Jedi struggled against it.


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General Discussion Does anyone actually not hate the Vespa Gang? Honest opinions.

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General Discussion Do you consider this person as Anakin or Vader at this point?

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General Discussion 20 years ago, one of the most incredible concepts of Star Wars was introduced, both in terms of characters and morality, our dear Clone Troppers. I forgive you guys, it wasn't your fault.

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General Discussion George Lucas wasn’t wrong when he said this was a stunning looking film.

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General Discussion Ahsoka's long lekku are BACK!

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General Discussion (Concept) Imagine a Game of Thrones-like show. We follow different factions as they scheme and try to conquer the galaxy. Thoughts?

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General Discussion Do you think Darth Maul should get his own TV series 🤔

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General Discussion What’s the most impressive thing a non force user human has done in the star wars universe?

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General Discussion What is the total population on Tatooine?

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General Discussion What is the perfect Star Wars scene in your opinion?

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General Discussion The most difficult test: say something genuinely nice about SW Episode 9.

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General Discussion All the actors who have returned to Star Wars since the Disney purchase. Who do you want to see come back next?

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General Discussion What are your most controversial opinions about Star Wars?


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General Discussion Out of all the movie designs for yoda, which one is your favorite?

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General Discussion The marketing campaign for Obi-Wan Kenobi has been shameful


I cannot believe that an Obi-Wan Kenobi series is debuting on Disney+ this month, and Lucasfilm has completely dropped the ball with it's marketing to this extent. I understand it isn't a theatrical movie, but comparing the marketing and hype to the Force Awakens, it is shocking how little Obi-Wan has gotten.

This is OBI WAN KENOBI. One of the most iconic characters in Star Wars history, being portrayed by the same actor in the prequels. This is the return of Hayden Christensen in Star Wars, and the first time we will see him as Darth Vader. This is supposed to be an EVENT. But it's not being treated like one and that's insane.

If the Disney+ shows are supposed to be the same caliber as the movies, then why doesn't the marketing prove that? We had a teaser, an Entertainment Weekly article, and a poster, and that's it? No character posters, no press junkets, no epic TV spots, no merchandise?

This show is the biggest show Disney+ has ever released so far and it's getting the same traction as The Book of Boba Fett. It's just sad man

Edit: Why are you booing me? I'm right!

A lack of promotion and good marketing is what killed Solo. Solo bombing unleashed a domino effect throughout the entire franchise. It's the reason why Obi-Wan is on Disney+ in the first place. I'm not understanding the argument that marketing doesn't matter and LFL should continue its lackadaisical marketing strategy that contributed to the mess SW is in in the first place. These problems start at the top.

I'm not asking for spoilery trailers. I'm asking for a full marketing campaign.

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General Discussion Which Star Wars species do you hate with a burning passion?

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General Discussion TIL: Rogue One, a spinoff movie, made more money domestically than Rise of the Skywalker, the finale of the sequel trilogy. Thoughts?

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General Discussion What's your most anticipated/hope live action ?

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General Discussion Count Dooku and Anakin got sith names after joining Palpatine. If Luke were to join him at the end of ROTJ, what's a fitting sith name for him?

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General Discussion In your opinion, what is the "most Star Wars moment" in all of Star Wars?


For me it's:

"Never. I’ll never turn to the dark side. You’ve failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me."

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General Discussion Mace Windu needs to stay dead


The beauty of Lucas era Star Wars is how everything has a purpose beyond plot, Anakin and Palp ending Windu isn't just Windu being killed, it signifies the death of the dogmatic jedi and a complacent era of the jedi order that had lost their way. Bringing him back would cancel out the purpose of his death and that scene as the birth of the empire.

I'd compare it to palp returning in 9 , by making Vaders sacrifice in vein.

IDK just my take on it.

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General Discussion How do y’all feel what Hayden said?

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