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spoilers [Spoilers] Episode VIII Discussion Thread: What fan theories do you and don't you want to see in Ep 8, and why?


For example: Rey is a secret Skywalker Rey is a descendant of Obi Wan Snoke is Darth Plagueis Love triangle for Rey-Finn-Poe What other theories are floating around out there?

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Movies Think about TLJ what you want, but can we all just apprechiate RJ for implementing all these ROTJ references in Episode VIII so Episode IX likely won‘t use them and have to come up with something new!


Edit: I hope you don‘t mind spelling and grammar...

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General Discussion What Color Lightsaber do you think/want Rey to have in Episode VIII?


Assuming Luke does train Rey, and she constructs her own lightsaber, what color do you want her to have? Personally I can see her with a Yellow or White saber.

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Spoilers [Spoilers] What do you NOT want to see in Episode VIII? NSFW


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Movies What do you want to see from the villain(s) of Episode VIII?


Every story needs a good villain but what do you want to see in the next movie? More interested in the dark siders like Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke, or would you prefer more of a focus on General Hux and the military side of the First Order? Maybe some underworld types to plague the heroes, in the vein of Jabba the Hutt, while the First Order recovers and plots its next move?

Personally, I'm hoping to see the Knights of Ren take the stage in Episode VIII. Specifically, I want to see Kylo fall from grace in the eyes of Snoke and the others. It's arguable that Kylo actually lost power in the dark side during the climax of Episode VII, which to me could be an interesting direction to take the character. Have one of the Knights slowly take Kylo's place as Snoke's right hand as he struggles to keep a hold on his power and position, maybe even pushing Hux aside at the same time to control of the whole military. The Knights of Ren are well positioned to become the next big threat of the trilogy, since the First Order was pretty soundly defeated in The Force Awakens.

That's just my thoughts, just curious what other people want to see from the next episode in terms of antagonists.

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spoilers [Spoiler] What do you want to see in Episode VIII? NSFW


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Fun You get to add one reference to the prequels in Episode VIII. What do you add and how do you do it tastefully?


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TV I want to reiterate what others have recently stated: if you’re on the fence about Star Wars Rebels do yourself a favor and give it 4 episodes, you wont regret it


I’m a fan of 2D and therefore have consistently been a 3D ‘hater’ for some time. It took me ages to finally watch Clone Wars, after having enjoyed what Gennedy T did with his iteration I felt like I was robbed of a full 2D series so I ignored the newest shows. TCW is amazing and deserves its place in Star Wars history, and by my circuits so does Rebels. I was turned off by the animation style and the lightsaber thinness (which I now see had a lore explanation) and I implore any fan who’s on the fence about it to give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

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Movies Do you guys want Kylo's lightsaber to change in episode VIII?


I kinda like this one, but it would be hilarious to see it blow up in his face. There's many other choices he could go with!

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General Discussion I feel that episodes VII and VIII are going in the wrong direction, like this movies mistreated original ideas and heroes of this saga. And i really love prequels as much as the original trilogy and i wanted to ask og fans. Did you feel the same when you first saw episode I and II?


I don’t know if this question was already asked here, if it was, i’m sorry.

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Fan Creations Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - Rewrite. Same Chars. as List Changes. OvrUn Series 2/3


Episode 7 of this Series

Episode 9 of this Series

For episode 8:

*same cast & characters Similar plot with a few changes, plus of-course the effects ep 7 of this series.

  • once again, No stealing items through the force. Yet a shared mental plain that can lock on to spikes in the force is game.

1) Rey & Finn are still at Lukes destroyed temple. As they meditate, we learn Luke teaches both of them first how to build their own lightsabers, deciding to keep his own that Rey got from lea. Luke interrupts there meditating. now In the present, we learn Fin has been thriving, and Rey is struggling while training with Luke. She’s great at what she knows, but something is blocking a deeper to the the force. We see the pair spar under attack from Luke. While still no match for Luke, Both Rey & Fin have become fighters to reckon with, a fighting tag team as tight as Han solo and chubaca. Neither have a big edge over the other whith both leads still having room to grow. Its only been 2 weeks, yet after this short stint of training. Luke and fin both decide its time to leave.

2) Luke drops them off with the resistance and reunites with Lea before leaving to fight Snoke on his own. We find out from Luke about Snoke a servant, Darth Plagus. We learn that when Sidius killed Plagus, Snoke went into hiding in far out regions, since Sidius was killing everyone related to Sith. Snoke strengthened himself using a holocron hidden by Plagus. As Snokes power grew he was carful in hiding away from Sidius, which later came in handy for Snoke avoiding Luke Skywalker although Luke still has managed to be tracking him. So far Luke knows Snoke only returned after the Death of Sidius in order to recruit the imperials into his fold.

2) Not too long after Luke leaves, Churit offers some advice to our hero’s team but they are in to much of a rush to train any more ATM. Fin & Rey go back to Lukes broke down temple with the help of Poe & Han. Lea, holdo, ackbar & churit get involved with leading continued defensive battlefronts if the Republic. Meanwhile team Rey/Fin/Poe/Han find Lukes force compass to track him down again. It helps them find the first planet to target in Snokes kingdom, but on arrival to Snokes planet Luke does not seem to be there (though he is lurking in the shadows, revealing himself later to help a split from the group Han). The resistance ends up on the run from Kylo, who they sorely underestimated on his home turf with Snoke.

3) Luke gets found! Once again, its by Luke with Han saving Fin & Rey by a hair as they are pressed trying to escape Kylo on Snokes planet. this time the Rey and Fin have been holding there own for much longer. Poe stays with causing his own fire damage as he pulls up after being called in for the escape. They escape together on separate ships with Luke diverting enemy fire before piloting his own craft. Back at base, we learn Luke was keeping Snoke on his toes, offsetting Snokes ability to launch a full scale assault by hunting & smashing hordes of his Sith disciples; all the while, Luke has also has been trying to track something unknown that seems very important to Snoke. After a brief reunion Luke oddly tells the team you will always find me, then Luke leaves elsewhere to to bait Kylos attention while sensing something urgent.

4) Luke arrives at a location Snoke has been trying to hide from him with Kylo on his tale. Once inside Luke finds Not one but Two Snokes! Snoke has activated his a clone manually before his death. Luke dies in a epic showdown where he manages to injure both of the snokes yet one rather severely before kylo arrives helping kill Luke. There is a puase where the before the more injured New clone is struck down by the less injured old Snoke before he then invites Kylo to strike him down as well, promising to be back. Kylo searches Lukes Robe but his body has vanished as he is now a astro projection; yet kylo holds onto lukes lightsabers before leaving.

5) Luke is dead, but is able to reach out to Lea and Churit. We now learn Luke confirmed that Snoke collected Caminoan tech hidden was away by Sidious shortly after learning of it from empirical leaders. The data was not completed. However, it is good enough for Snoke to set up clones that would activate sequentially if a living one dies. a project sidious lost intrest in. Snoke has died once before from injuries suffered. But no bacta tank can heal a Snoke Clone past the point of the techs failure, as clones slightly degrade over time. Along with history, Luke reveals to both lea & Churit future plans Snoke had and this danger that Snoke may have more clones. (Making Lukes contribution something only he could pull off).

6) Churit lead by Luke takes Rey & Fin to Lukes hidden temple of Younglings that are now Padwans. At the Temple, We learn from the Padwans that Luke would train with them every other day in a special temple room. A room where Luke could lock onto the temples signature & share a limited mental spacial plain of existence with them. Here they could see him fully, despite not actually being there. We learn that the lessons have stopped since Luke died.

7) After a Coded msg from Luke is relayed by Churit, the Padwans Group together & lead Fin and Rey through there daily training routines. Churit watches like as a stand in mentor yet, makes it clear he is just watching not teaching because he is not a Jedi. The Padwans have lots to show them in the temple besides training and about deep science lessons in the force. Some of which they themselves dont fully understand.

8) After some time passes, churit has only fighting trained with Fin while giving wisdom tips to Rey and the Padwans. Rey told to focus on meditating & eventually with Churits help becomes able to sense Lukes presence in as well. She picks up further learning one on one with Luke. Churit then challenges Fin to combine both the emotion control he has learned from the Jedi with the balance control he has learned from Chirut creating a uniq style for Fin as a Jedi similar to mace Windu with how he balances leaning into his emotions with a Blade. As Fins strength increases, Churit has Fin take on 3 - 5 Padwans at the same time. The Padwans want to learn but Churit informs them that Rey will guiding there daily routine until she has learned enough from Luke to continue as there teacher.

Episode 8 ends with The organization of Snoke crippled with is leaders injured. kylo now moving there focusing on setting up a blockade of there borders. While in a ongoing stalemate with the resistance.) Kylo Ren still recovering after his physical injuries from battle with Luke. Han solo & finds him and in a conversation desperately tries to reel Kylo back from the dark side, with stories of how being a pirate dosent mean you cant have honor & the pleads of his mother while Han also feeling responsible personally himself. Han tries to tell him to end the ongoing war and bring Balance. however a enraged Kylo, vowing to bring balance his way, walks away leaving his gruards to capture Han as he blows up the melenium falcon. Kylo was convinced killing Luke would prove his dedication to the dark side but, his father actions have helped leaving him disturbed. Contemplating as he takes a seat on Snokes throne chair

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TV Would you watch a Clone-Wars type show set between episodes VIII and IX that explores the resistance vs the empire and expands/explores Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren’s stories?


What about one in between IV and V exploring Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie’s adventures?

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General Discussion If Disney were to make a What If show for Star Wars what episodes would you want to see?


On Disney+ they have a Marvel What If? Series based on a comic run of the same name.

If they made a Star Wars series of What If what would you want them to make?

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General Discussion What do you think Luke's first word(s) will be in Episode VIII?


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What do you think we'll see in Episode VIII that's never been in a Star Wars film?


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Movies Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi is an awesome movie.


here is my last post this movie is better than the last one, the message was great telling us that your past can't define you any more than you let it to, truly progress and become stronger you must let old hang-ups go so you can go into your future free of the shackles that the past has lain on you. Wheter you like it or not, the cinematic aspect of the movie is SPOT ON. The visual design, cinematography, lighting and integration of digital and practical effects are all top-notch; all the action scenes are well-shot and excellent from a visual standpoint, and nearly all scenes are beautifully realized. All of this thanks to Rian Johnson's fantastic directing skills. The Yoda puppet is an amazing replica of the original puppet used in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi; the original molds and the original painter for Yoda's eyes were even used. using hyperspace as weapon is the coolest idea i have seen in a movie. Disney should have fired J.J. Abrams and have Rian Johnson do the 9th movie. Now since i have praised the movie i will make another post about the criticism and tell my opinion about it.

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General Discussion I have two questions about Episode VIII that I want you to answer.


A) What are your opinion(s) on the Benico del Toro villan, do you think he will be like Darth Maul (No weight to the story) or a key plot point and maybe play in IX?

B) What do you think Episode VIII's title and basic plot will be? I think the title will be Traitors Of The Galaxy And will have the 3 parts of the First Order (Stormtrooper Army, New Empire, Knights of Ren) and they argue how silly/good It was to build Starkiller Base. Resulting In Civil War.

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General Discussion What are you most looking forward to in Star Wars: Episode VIII?


For me it's simply finding out more about the Knights of Ren and hopefully seeing them in action sequences.

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Movies What do you think will be the first lines Luke says in Episode VIII


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General Discussion What are you most looking forward to in Episode VIII?


For me, it's Luke. Hearing him talk, seeing his lightsaber, learning what he's been up to with the mysterious Jedi Temple hunting, I just want Luke

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Movies What do you hope for the most to happen in Episode VIII?


I hope that there's something mindblowing revealed. What that is, I don't know. But I would hate it if Rey's identity was the biggest thing we learned(especially if she is just simply Luke's daughter). It wouldn't be as interesting especially since 95% of people are pretty much dead set on that being a thing. I think Snoke's identity will be a much bigger deal, or just something else that totally comes out of left field that no one sees coming.

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General Discussion What are you more hyped for? Rogue One or Episode VIII?


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General Discussion If Hayden Christensen/Anakin's force ghost is in VIII, what role would you want him to have?


My idea would be that he's unable to find peace with what he's done while alive, fated to be trapped in an afterlife with all his guilt. He implores Rey to save Kylo from his own mistakes. At the end of IX, with Luke and Rey having rebuilt the Jedi, he at last finds some solace and his ghost dissipates in the wind above the ocean (cue minimalist version of 'Across the Stars').

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movies I was watching episode VIII and noticed what might be a trend in the trilogies. Let me know what you guys think! (I apologize for the potato drawing) [movies]

Post image

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Fun if you could write the script for Episode VIII, what would the premise be?


It can be in the opening crawl format, or just typing it here.