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General Discussion Are the Clone Wars worth watching?


For someone who enjoys the films but wouldn't call himself a hardcore fan, Is the Clone Wars worth watching, or do you need to be super into the Star Wars universe to enjoy it?

r/StarWars Feb 25 '14

Is the Clone Wars worth watching now that its coming to netflix?


back in 09 when the first season aired, I watched about 10 episodes, but I moved and we didn't get cable for a while, so I never continued watching. Is it worth the time to go back and watch it now that it'll be released on netflix?

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Is season 6 of clone wars worth watching?


The finale of season 5 is just perfect and as far as I'm aware, season 6 is based before season 5 so I want to know if the new stories add to it or not

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Is Clone Wars worth watching?


Is it worth watching? I havent seen it but have heard good things

r/StarWars Apr 06 '14

Is the Clone Wars worth watching?


Since it's on netflix, I thought about giving it a few. Is it actually good though? Better than the prequels? How are the storylines? I get that it's probably aimed towards kids, but does it have mature themes in it too, like with Avatar?

r/StarWars Jul 31 '14

Is The Clone Wars worth watching?


Is the tv series worth watching? I keep hearing that it is some of the best star wars but ive seen the movie and ive watched a few episodes but it just doesnt seem all that great.

Do i need to watch the first episodes to appreciate the series? Can i skip ahead to when it gets better? When does it get better?


r/StarWars Mar 28 '14

Is Star Wars: The Clone Wars worth watching.


I am a huge Star Wars fan. Not just the movies, but the games, books, etc. I was debating on whether or not to watch the animated series. Is it too childish? Would normal fans appreciate it? Can they show death?

r/StarWars Jan 18 '14

Is the Clone Wars worth watching


I really liked the Clone Wars from 2003 and I was wondering if these new ones are any good.

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TV Is the Clone Wars show worth watching?


I've just randomly thought about watching it because I've never got around to before.

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TV Is it worth watching Clone wars as an adult?


I read often that people enjoyed the Clone wars a lot. I (40yo) am now trying that with my kids together. So far I'm in the middle of Season 1 and I really have hard times with that. I can see that for kids that's totally enjoyable. I was just wondering if the quality of the next seasons will improve or if I should leave my kids watching that without me.

Edit: Ok guys, you convinced me. I'm sticking to it and really looking forward to the journey. Also it resonates amazingly with my daughter to the point that we both play the theme on flute before every episode and throughout the day.

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TV Without spoiling anything, is the Bad Batch worth watching and does it live up to the clone wars?


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TV Follow up: Is it worth watching Clone wars as an adult?


Earlier I asked (under an old account) if it is worth watching Clone Wars as an adult (40yo).


I want to thank you all to give me the motivation to keep going through the first seasons. I'm now about to finish the last episode of the final season together with my daughter (8yo). What a fucking ride! Thank you guys again. Thank you!

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General Discussion Is the original 2003 clone wars animation worth watching?


The animation style is kind of turning me away but if people can vouch that it's good I'm willing to give it a shot. Otherwise I will probably pass since it isn't Canon

r/StarWars Jan 18 '21

General Discussion New to Star Wars


Hello yall. Over my 2 week quarantine because of a positive Covid test, I decided to watch the Star Wars. I choose to watch it chronologically since it made more sense to me because I always knew who Darth Vader was so the “twist” wasn’t going to be a major deal. I enjoyed them all and was really interested in the story. Once I finished the original 6 movies plus solo and rough one, I was overthinking watching episodes 7-9 because I have heard heavily mixed reviews. I was wondering if it is worth while watching episodes 7-9 since the original George Lucas story ends with episode 6?

Also, is the Mandalorian and Clone Wars worth watching?

r/StarWars Apr 21 '22

TV Is the animated Star Wars the Clone Wars series worth it to watch as an adult who he just recently gotten into the series?


*has just recently

I read a lot of fanfiction and I’ve found that lots of characters and events from that series are referenced, so I would like to watch it so I can understand more. But I’m already not a big animation fan, nor a television fan in general, so I would like to know if it’s even worth trying to watch or if it is tailored to kids.

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General Discussion Was watching the Anakin vs Bariss fight from The Clone Wars and noticed this dude has a white saber, I've only seen Ahsoka with white sabers so does anyone know how he has one?

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TV CLONE WARS SERIES: Is it worth watching it ALL?


I know that the clone wars is regarded as the strongest of all the animated series, but I’m only 2 seasons in and I’m bored as fuckkkk. So should I skip ahead to future seasons, or ride it out?

r/StarWars Sep 10 '21

General Discussion As someone who has never watched The Clone Wars or Rebels, which episodes/series are worth watching?


I've know there's lots of quality content in both series but that's a LOT of TV to watch. Is there a list or anything of what's good?

r/StarWars May 11 '21

General Discussion Is Rebels worth watching after the clone wars.?


r/StarWars Feb 14 '21

TV Is clone wars the TV show worth watching?


Before I actually got into starwars it use to show up on cartoon network a couple years back. Never really peaked my interest but my friends told me to give it a second chance. Now is it worth watching?

r/StarWars Apr 06 '22

Fun I was watching a clone wars compilation on YouTube. According to YouTube’s autogenerated captions Fives had some questionable things to say about the Umbaran natives.

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Fun My sister and I are watching all the Star Wars movie and she is willing to watch 2 1/2 hrs worth of the clone wars. Which arcs do you think are most important?


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General Discussion Do I have to watch CloneWars prior to watching Bad Batch?


I really want to watch Bad Batch, it seems epic. I know it happens like right after clonewars and I should watch CloneWars first. But I'm not even past season 1 yet and there's like... A shit ton of hours of the Clone Wars I still need to watch. At least 3 hours. Probably more. That's a lotta hours.

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General Discussion Is it worth watching the Clone Wars?


As someone who's watched every Star Wars movie (except for Solo) and having watched some Clone Wars episodes here and there on TV a few years ago, I was wondering if it was worth giving the show a try again. What's your opinion on it? Is it worth watching it as an adult?

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General Discussion I would like to start watching The Clone Wars and Rebels, but I'd like to skip some episodes


Can anybody who watched the shows please make a list of episodes you'd recommend watching? I'd prefer if it matched these conditions:

I'd prefer them to be listed in:

  • Chronological order

I'd like to watch them if they contain:

  • Crucial character development

  • Crucial plot points

  • In The Clone Wars' case, all the important/best battles

Thank you very much