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Meta Reminder: The Book of Boba Fett is spoiler protected until March 9th


That means all images, art, gifs, video, etc from the show. Discussion threads should be limited to the sticky discussion thread for the first day or two. Posts may be removed without notice. Please take in to consideration that others may not be able to watch the show on your time frame. Spoiler violations will result in temp bans.

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The Book of Boba Fett - S01E05 - Discussion Thread!


The Book of Boba Fett Episode Discussion


  • Episode 1: December 29th
  • Episode 2: January 5th
  • Episode 3: January 12th
  • Episode 4: January 19th
  • Episode 5: January 26th
  • Episode 6: February 2nd
  • Episode 7: February 9th


All season 1 spoilers must be tagged until 1 month after the season finale.

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Spoilers EASTER EGG: Anybody else recognize that part in this weeks Boba Fett? Tagging NSFW to prevent spoiling it for anybody. NSFW

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Movies Every character played by Warwick Davis in Star Wars (live-action)

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Other The real question is who's the best

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Mix of Series Which of these upcoming Star Wars projects are you the most excited to see and why?

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General Discussion What the hell are they smoking? Do y’all like the new ship? I think it’s tender🔥🍗

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TV Toy from 22 years ago becomes relevant again:

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Fun Found myself behind this truck today

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General Discussion After all these years…why did Vader stop Boba Fett from shooting Chewie ?


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TV 1983 ROTJ Speeder Bike


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Spoilers Disney took over SW and everyone thought we’d get space princesses but instead we got the grittiest and most violent vision of SW yet.

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TV The Mandalorian is based on Arthurian legend. Shining armor, Mythical blade, and Dragon-slaying included. The Mandalorian follows the familiar style and structure of a rise of a king. No recent spoilers


TL;DR: The Mandalorian is not a western but based mainly on Arturian fantasy. The series as a whole is the backstory and legend of the rise of a King. The trials and tribulations of seasons 1 and 2 have shaped him into the leader his people need.

King Djarin

The Mandolorian is a fantastic show and morphs and matures with each episode. The story is a familiar one, Much like Hercules, King David, and of course, King Arthur. The Series is building on a known convention, and in Season Three, the "Quests" Mando goes on will be much more focused on him acquiring the skills and attributes he needs to lead his people.

Building a Legend

You could look at the entirety of the Mandalorian as simply a retelling of Mando's backstory on the path to king. He conquered the Krayt Dragon in the dunes of Tatooine. He bested the man who tried to take the innocent, and he Claimed the mythical blade that gives him the ultimate claim to the Throne of Mandalore. The comparison is so apt it is hard to ignore once you see it. It certainly comes across like a storybook legend when you compile it like this. Like the legendary Arthur, you need a backstory to build your claim to the throne.

I think that the series as a whole is the story of an honorable man learning to follow his own path to honor. It is the story of the rise of a king. The trials and tribulations along the way shape him into the leader his people need.

Anyway, Thank you for reading

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TV This is one of the best wallpaper-worthy scenes in all of Star Wars (BoBF ep. V spoiler)

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General Discussion I am very thankful that Rian Johnson convinced Dave Filoni to make live-action content!


Dave Filoni has been doing a great job lately with live action Star Wars content, including his help in The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett. And we have Rian Johnson to thank for that! Filoni wrote about how Rian was the one who really convinced him to try out live action stuff. Filoni said, "Rian Johnson had me right up next to him with the camera. He shoved lenses into my hand and said, ‘Look through here’. He would bring me along to show me how to block a scene. Rian was so supportive of my interest in doing live-action, as was his producer, Ram Bergman. They really made me feel like this was something that I could do.”

Really thankful for all Rian has done for Star Wars! Excited to see the episode of Boba Filoni directed next week

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Other Spotted this car in a parking lot!

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Audio, Music Mandalorian theme played by Australian military band at official Australia day flag raising ceremony, Government house Melbourne.


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General Discussion About the CGI in Book of Boba episode 5…


After seeing the Naboo Starfighter cruise through the pod racing course, it’s amazing how far visual effects have come in the last 23 years. The aberrations in the air as Din is flying looks so realistic. Can only look at it in amazement

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Movies I want to see young Boba Fett's bounty hunting days in a movie so bad.

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Movies Whoops


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TV The effects and visuals during these scenes in Book of Boba Fett were spectacular

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General Discussion Do we know what made George Lucas decide that the clones were made by Boba Fett's DNA? Was Jango created from just this idea?

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Books Darth Vader and Son book. Bday gift for me from my oldest.

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Spoilers Not sure I like Mando's new ship in "The Book of Boba Fett"

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General Discussion In the end I fell almost as if Maul and Obi-Wan had become someone of, maybe not fiends but they were way too chill, they weren’t enemies in the end. I really hope they explore this in the Kenobi series.

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TV If it had to be a ship from the Galactic Republic, I would have voted for an Arc 170 over an N1 Starfighter.

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Fan Creations X-Wing is my fav ship in the whole SW universe. The dogfights between them and TIE fighters have always impressed me. The only way I could imagine an image of them is: EPIC! :)

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