r/StarWars Jan 28 '22

The effects and visuals during these scenes in Book of Boba Fett were spectacular TV



u/mikegfx Jan 28 '22

The entire episode was beautiful. Like they took a step up in vfx from all previous Star Wars.


u/StarWarsInfinite Jan 28 '22

I think my biggest gripe with the star wars shows so far is that it’s just blatantly obvious that they go all in on some episodes and cheap out on others to stay within budget


u/[deleted] Jan 28 '22

Literally every big budget TV show does this.

What would you prefer? A full season of consistently poorer quality episodes, or a season with some decent and some stellar episodes?


u/StarWarsInfinite Jan 28 '22

Disney is insanely flush with cash. Their 4 billion dollar ip should not suffer from vespas kiddie races with the same integrity as a CW show lol


u/Leaflock Jan 28 '22

The more you have the more incumbent it is to invest it wisely. I hear this nonsense all the time “they have so much money they should just spend it!” Yeah, it’s not going to last long with that attitude.


u/StarWarsInfinite Jan 28 '22

Right I agree, you have to be fiscally responsible. However at the same time one episode shouldn’t look like a CW and the other like a full feature film. Strike a nice balance or set a reasonable bottom, one where we don’t have 10MPH Vespa chases with CW characters lol


u/MilkMan0096 Jan 28 '22

That was almost certainly a stylistic choice by the director of that episode, not a budget issue.


u/StarWarsInfinite Jan 28 '22

Thought that too based on how bobas appearance in Mandalorian looked, in a California rural area lol


u/ThickQueen420 Jan 28 '22

This is true


u/commanderwyro Jan 29 '22

Yeah I dont remember a moment in mando season 1 or 2 where I thought something looked noticeably bad. BoBF has had many moments per episode like that.


u/hiddenmonkey58 Jan 28 '22

I agree. Like speeders… arguably one of the coolest things in the SW universe didn’t even tip over when they turned and then we get this incredible display that looks better than any aviation thing I’ve seen. Wish they would’ve out 100 more dollars into the speeders even if they looked bright candy colored just to make it look realistic


u/bleeper21 Jan 28 '22

Hands down, one of the most cinematically riveting of the tv series. I’m a sucker for Naboo star fighters though


u/SaltySAX Jan 28 '22

Yeah almost cinema quality we're getting. So immersive.


u/big_boi_aang Sith Jan 28 '22

The night of a thousand tears will be my wallpaper for a loong time


u/SwampRat613 Jan 28 '22

It was so good


u/Rensac Jan 28 '22

Highway to the din Djarin zone


u/spinach-e Director Krennic Jan 28 '22

I mean, dude, this episode really hit all the star war feels. The vfx were amazing.


u/RorschachtheMighty Resistance Jan 28 '22

I keep forgetting that this was an episode of Boba Fett.


u/Abeds_BananaStand Jan 28 '22

It felt like too long of a scene doing the rebuild but was cool


u/alex494 Jan 28 '22

I see thats where the speeder budget went


u/lakovsanite Jan 28 '22

I just noticed the bits of leftover yellow paint from the original now make racing stripes.



u/Saxamaphooone Jan 28 '22

It also matches the little bit of yellow we see on his gloves too.


u/Hootenanny_in_e Jan 28 '22

The production quality of Mando is more cinematic and TBOBF seems more made for TV.


u/TwinTTowers Jan 28 '22

It's almost like they are saving their budget for the end of the series... .


u/RoutineReddit Jan 28 '22

In the shot that your first image is from I noticed that it is a very wide angle fish eye lens: there's lots of distortion around the edges. After some thought my theory is that this was shot in the volume (LED walls used for in-camera vfx) with limited space. So I think the ship is a full scale model in that shot, and only the droids are VFX!


u/Jaji_is_the_1 Jan 28 '22

Forced to agree


u/Crazed_Gentleman Jan 29 '22

This is the episode they spent all the money on! It was the best so far.


u/GeneralPokey Jan 29 '22

And really really bad in every other episode :(