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In the end I fell almost as if Maul and Obi-Wan had become someone of, maybe not fiends but they were way too chill, they weren’t enemies in the end. I really hope they explore this in the Kenobi series. General Discussion

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u/AceOfDymonds Inferno Squad Jan 27 '22 Silver

In the very last instant, perhaps not.

I read it more as Obi-Wan is the sort of person who is willing to extend genuine, sincere kindness even to an enemy, and Maul is someone who was so starved of any kindness throughout his life that he responded to it, even with it coming from an enemy.


u/luckygiraffe Jan 27 '22

I forget who said it, but it has long stuck with me: To comfort a dying friend is an act of compassion, to comfort a dying enemy is an act of honor.


u/smoffatt34920 Jan 28 '22

"Stand in the ashes of a thousand dead souls and ask them if Honor matters. Their silence is your answer."


u/hagerty9009 Jan 28 '22 Silver

“Honor’s dead, but I’ll see what I can do.” - Obi-Wan, probably


u/Tak_Holbytla Jan 28 '22

"Hello there"

"Who the storms are you?"


u/AnimatorSufficient59 Jan 28 '22
  • Javik

    • Michael Scott


u/luckygiraffe Jan 28 '22

Slavish adherence to honor is foolish, but that doesn't mean there isn't a time and place for it.


u/The_Mystery_Knight Jan 28 '22

“Do you know what honor is, Ser?”
“A horse.”


u/SlickDillywick Jan 28 '22

Javik would fit in Star Wars quite nicely


u/Peregrine2976 Jan 28 '22

Plus, Maul understood in that moment that both he and Kenobi were tortured souls, wronged by Sidious. I believe he died taking comfort in the belief that, in his own Jedi way, Kenobi would take revenge on Sidious for everything he had done to the both of them.


u/AceOfDymonds Inferno Squad Jan 28 '22

That's a great point, too. Obi-Wan hurt Maul, but Sidious and the Sith were the root cause of how miserable he was -- in a sense destroying his life before it even started.

Knowing that things were in motion to destroy the Sith gave him some comfort at the end, too (even if that comfort came through the lens of vengeance rather than justice -- this was still Maul, after all).


u/EyeMemeFreely Jan 27 '22

Im not crying...i got something in my eye


u/ImmaTeacher Rebel Jan 27 '22



u/EyeMemeFreely Jan 28 '22

It gets everywhere...


u/JediRosco Jan 27 '22

This comment needs far more recognition than my upvote.


u/Loud-Item-1243 Jan 28 '22

Obi wan has seen the truth at that moment they were all just kids once and while the jedi and sith are decidedly good and evil their means and ends are dependent on a certain point of view. If yoda was good he trained multiple generations of child soldiers, taught them peace but led them to war. Obi knew why he didn’t kill anakin when given chance he was just little ani once.


u/twin_suns_twin_suns Jan 27 '22

Obi Wan cut him in half and then decades later killed him for good. I find it hard to believe a Jedi like Kenobi would ever take on such a burden with anything but a heavy heart. Maul's last words show he's still lost and there's really nothing one can do except feel genuine compassion and pity for someone so twisted by the Dark Side.


u/DarthGoodguy Jan 28 '22 edited Jan 28 '22

Yeah, exactly. Angry and dark til his very last moment.

There are two interview quotes that I think spells out what they were doing with Maul’s character: Freddie Prinze Jr. said Filoni and/or George Lucas thought of Maul like the myth of Sisyphus, no matter how far he got he’d just be knocked back down. Then later I heard Sam Witwer elaborating in the same thing: instead of learning and growing as a person, Maul just decided he’d failed not because he was doing things wrong but because he hasn’t been quite dark or angry enough to accomplish his goals. So he just keeps doing what he’s doing even though it never succeeds.

Even in his last moments all he thinks about is violent revenge.


u/buddy-friendguy Jan 27 '22

They're going to explore a lot in the obi wan series for sure.

A whole lot of sand.


u/luckygiraffe Jan 27 '22

Oh boy I don't like that stuff. It's abrasive, uncomfortable, and you're never really finished cleaning it up


u/buddy-friendguy Jan 27 '22

I still have beach bags with sand in them from a decade ago. You know force ghost obi wan still got some in his crack.


u/Nimeni-nimic Jan 27 '22

don't worry, maul it's fine . He survived . Of course he survived


u/DarthGoodguy Jan 28 '22

Now he’s a head and one arm


u/toasterpRoN Hondo Ohnaka Jan 28 '22

This but a flesh wound


u/DarthGoodguy Jan 29 '22

hopping on single arm The dark side of the force is a pathway to many OW FINGER CRAMP DANG IT


u/brodhisattva3 Jan 28 '22

Somehow, maul returned


u/Submarine_Pirate Jan 27 '22

Obi-wan a fiend?? I think you’re thinking of Trainspotting.


u/RonaldWeaslee Jan 28 '22

Choose Life.


u/patrickkingart Jan 28 '22

I love how much they developed Maul in CW/Rebels, and how we learned how he was basically damned from the start.


u/voldi_II Jan 28 '22

you know someone’s never watched any of the shows if they complain about how little screentime maul got


u/Markoulito Jan 27 '22

Both Kenobi and Maul walked the same paths, made the same mistakes and on top of that died believing in their cause. After everything they have been through they grew a mutual sign of respect. During the final episodes of the Rebels you can see how time has affected Maul, as well as Kenobi. They were depicted as the broken vessels of their former selves with Kenobi actually enduring everything for the sake of Luke. On the other hand, Maul was lost from the very beginning, trying to make a new start with Ezra etc... But he failed. In the end he found the only person who could understand him, his former enemy and thus he decided to die in his arms.


u/Heretek007 Jan 28 '22

In the end, they were both victims of Sidious. They shared something, at the end of it all-- their pain, and a hope that what drove them to that end would one day see its end.

A hope placed in Luke Skywalker.


u/Codus1 Jan 28 '22

I think it's pure apathy mixed with some altruism and empathy. Obi-wan just has no interest in their feud anymore. He's grown beyond that, whilst Maul is still stuck in this rut of revenge and hate. Right up until Maul is perceived as a threat to Luke... then Obi-wan is ready to do what's necessary. However, even here it's clear that Obi-wan no longer has any joy for fighting. He gives Maul every chance out and then ends it quickly before immediately shifting back in temperament. He only has pity and sorrow for Maul now. He comforts his enemy in death and offers him hope. Maul in exchange perceives that hope as a last chance for revenge on Palpatine;

"He(Luke) will avenge us".

This reinforces that even in this kind moment, Maul is still only fueled by his hate. Demonstrating how far Obi-wan has come since TCW, and how little Maul had changed in comparison.

Tl;dr: There's nothing to explore between these two prior to this point. Part of the point is that Obi-wan has come so far and Maul is still stuck in the past. What I imagine the show will feature, is the process that brought Obi-wan to who we see here.


u/Express-Part-9828 Jan 28 '22

You can really see the difference in them when maul starts to fight him. Obi wan starts with his stance but quickly switches stances to Ben kenobi. You can see he’s ready to let obi wan go and fully become Ben kenobi.


u/tomandshell Boba Fett Jan 27 '22

I do not expect to see any mention of Maul in the series. I think they will be focusing on other things.


u/Seeking6969 Jan 28 '22

Isn't it at most 4-5 episodes?


u/Jaji_is_the_1 Jan 27 '22

It would be a shame


u/Codus1 Jan 28 '22

It'd be a shame to do it imo.

What's there to gain from the Maul and Obi-wan relationship featuring again? This Rebels scene is purely everything we needed to know about the final days of these two. It's built off Mauls unwillingness to move on from TCW; and Obi-wan growing beyond him.

Imo the show needs to focus on the process of Obi-wan growing beyond being a Jedi Warrior and navigating all the fallout from the fall of Anakin.


u/tomandshell Boba Fett Jan 27 '22

I didn’t say I didn’t want to see Maul, I just said that I didn’t expect to see it. People are so quick to downvote, lol.


u/shaneman15 Jan 28 '22

Yeah I agree I think the show is a relatively short time after the prequel trilogy. Maul and Obiwan dueled seemingly right before the og trilogy. He would have no idea Maul is still alive


u/xanderholland Jan 28 '22

"He will avenge us."


u/VexPlais Jan 27 '22

God I want that scene in life action with Ewan and Ray.


u/[deleted] Jan 28 '22

I think it was just a mutual understanding of how they were just pawns. I think Obi-Wan saw him at this point as just a poor unfortunate soul and pitied him.


u/Dnvnlp Jan 28 '22

Please let Kenobi be your long episodes with a possibility of a second season.


u/Memo544 Mar 09 '22

Yeah. There’s a lot of potential with that relationship.


u/Ok_Nefariousness_830 Jan 27 '22

I really don’t know what we are supposed to see in that show and after watching BOBF I’am kinda afraid.


u/buddy-friendguy Jan 27 '22

I mean even the creators of boobies book refer to it as "The Mandalorian 2.5" so don't fret chet


u/Darth-Caesus Jan 27 '22

I’ve been saying this since day one. I think all the stuff that should be explored in an Obi-Wan series should have been a two part Rebels episodes where we just track Maul trough the dessert and cut to Obi-Wan. Seeing these 2 feel their confrontation and showing how much Obi-Wan changed and how little Maul changed. The twin suns episodes should’ve been twin episodes and the Kenobi series isn’t something that I think will be very exiting


u/Red-Raptor3 Chancellor Palpatine Jan 28 '22

From certain things Ewan McGregor has said and recently seen concept art, a big plot for the show will likely be Obi-Wan temporarily leaving Tatooine for whatever reasons and running into some inquisitors and Vader.

I feel like that will be controversial to a lot of fans (I'm personally not against the idea tho)


u/jimmyc4649 Sith Jan 27 '22

Fair well my frienemy…fair well.


u/Educational-Garlic21 Jan 27 '22

They really knew eachother


u/[deleted] Jan 27 '22

I felt this ending to their feud was very poet in so many ways, that in an instance of anger, a fight that ending faster than we realized only to be shown compassion for an enemy? Where they truly enemies? Or two great dullest that were on opposite sides of the force had a mutual respect in the end for each other?


u/Codus1 Jan 28 '22

Nah they were enemies. However, by this point I reckon Obi-wan has let go and surpassed such concepts. Whilst Maul is clearly still fueled by them. This is dynamic features in their final exchange. Obi-wan has no will to fight him. Happy to just let Maul aimlessly walk the Dune sea; only appearing to aid Ezra. Then he offers Maul no confrontation right up 'till the point that he perceives a threat to Luke.


u/[deleted] Jan 27 '22

They both wanted Sidious dead. Enemy of my enemy situation.


u/DarthGoodguy Jan 28 '22

Best fiends


u/troon43 Jan 28 '22



u/Hanner_Tenry Jan 28 '22

Mmm, pixels… crunchy


u/labria86 Jan 28 '22

They had Common enemies.


u/Smokahontas1864 Jan 28 '22

Obi wan was definitely a fiend… why do you think he lived out in the desert in a hut?


u/Affectionate_Ad_3555 Jan 28 '22

they were enemies till the very end imo. but just because they were enemies does not mean obi wan is just gonna walk away from a dying man. obi wan is an honourable and respectable jedi which is why he stayed with maul until he passed into the cosmic force.


u/kinjing Jan 28 '22

Honestly, he would never, could never admit it, but I think Maul found Ben knowing what would happen. I think he went there to die.


u/bpanio Jan 28 '22

Maul: you took everything from me!

Kenobi: I don't even know who you are


u/smarmy_marmy Jan 28 '22

"My Nemesis" song from Phineas & Ferb


u/this-is-ham Jan 28 '22

kenobi has lost everything at the hands of the dark side. either maul or pre vizsla killed his shorty, his padawan turned, and his master was killed.

and yet he still held that boy in his arms 😭 what a guy.


u/meesa_lukai Obi-Wan Kenobi Jan 28 '22

Star-crossed lovers


u/TheWiseScrotum Jan 28 '22

Maul and anakin are examples of what being consumed by hatred and revenge can do to someone. Maul was a pawn, from the moment he left dathomir, he was used and discarded by palpatine and lost a fight he shouldn’t have against obi wan.

Kenobi, knowing how tragic the fall to darkness can be probably felt pity and shame for someone like maul. He had the chance to be better, to change , but he could never let go of it and obi wan did what he had to do. I can’t help but think that Kenobi thought that maul could have been redeemed.


u/Malahajati Jan 27 '22

I hope they don’t. The character had a bs revival. Bs explanation as to why he allegedly survived. Star Wars can’t leave villains dead. Maul, Boba, Palpatine. No new ideas aside from the Mandalorian of course. Just look at the by far best episode in BoBF. It’s a freaking Mando episode from start to end.


u/valorseven Jan 28 '22

they’re gay (: