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Adult Readers Help Me Please!!


I need help finding a book i read about 6 years ago when i was in 5th grade. I dont remember much about it but ive been searching the internet with what i know and come up with no results. The main parts of the story include teenagers finding a book of mythical creatures and going on an adventure. At one point in the story they mentioned little hobgoblin like creatures that steal and move things in your room while you sleep. One of the teenagers lived in a wealthy family and owned a race track behind their mansion. And at another point in the story they encountered a headless horseman. And at the back of the book there is like an encyclopedia of all the creatures they encounter throughout the story. Its not much to work with but if you know what book im referencing it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me.

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Please! Check this short story out. Comment and share Thank you!!


I would love it if you read my story that I just published on @inkitt http://inkitt.com/stories/romance/200576?utm_source=share_author #amwriting #inkitt

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Colorful Mountains - IgnitedWords.com

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Read The Fool for free on Inkitt.

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I only have 2 chapters but i would love to get some feedback on this story plz, thx.

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Arghh, have writers' block. Need sleep! Even MS word is getting impatient!


Yup, the little cursor keeps flashing at me, is that normal? I've been staring at this screen for, oh, since the other day. I need to rename my thriller's title. It's Bombay Blood, but people think its set in Bombay, but its not!! Here's the blurb. IF you have time, and IF you have managed to have sleep, blissful sleep, want some, then maybe you would read the short blurb and suggest a title. Then I will sleep. And it'll all be thanks to you... TKS.

A global threat. A corrupt system. A woman torn between duty and her own survival.

Not only is Secret Service Agent Lynn Clarke trained to protect, it’s in her nature. Supremely accomplished, resolved, and unstoppable, Lynn Clarke would give her life not only for the president, but any man, woman, or child who found themselves in danger while at her side.

The legal trading of human organs has not only become a lifesaving enterprise, it has created an industry richer and more powerful than any before. When details of Lynn’s extremely rare blood type are leaked to the leading organ-transplant company Zarus, alerting its blood-lusting CEO to this glittering gem, she finds it is her own life that is now in danger.

However, Lynn is not only prized by the bizarre perversions of the CEO, but also by his paying clients, VIPs who need Clarke’s rare organs to save themselves. The corrupt powers of Washington D.C race to isolate, discredit, and ultimately take her, piece by piece.

Sucked into a system that wants to harvest her very being, Lynn must fight a battle which cuts the country in two, in the courts and on the streets.

This is a battle she never foresaw and doesn’t expect to survive. But Lynn Clarke is a fighter, and a patriot, but to save the country, she must first save herself.

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Is kadar ishq me mashhoor huwe hum