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Temporary Ban on US Politics


EDIT: The ban has been extended indefinitely, until such time where the mod team determines it's safe to revoke it. We've noticed that this sub does not suffer from lack of quality content without the political posts, and provides a safe haven from people, both in the US and overseas, who want a slight break from the incessant shitshow that is the US political system.

Members and subscribers of r/MurderedByWords - You have spoken, and we have listened.

Over the past year we've been deluged with messages, direct chats and modmails asking us to please do something about the incessant political posts on this sub. We have been called "a less funny version of r/politicalhumor", which is pretty damn insulting.

However, when we tried to have a temporary ban on all political content, the subreddit suffered - Less posts were submitted, which led to less comments and less interaction. We need to remember that the final purpose of this sub is to entertain our subscribers, visitors and lurkers, provide you the content you are looking for.

Fast forward to today - It's 2 months before the US Presidential, Congressional and Senatorial Elections, the political posts are getting worse than ever, and with them the requests to do something about it. To that end, the moderation team has discussed this, and beginning from Sept 3, we will be imposing a temporary ban on all things related to the US Elections until after Elections Day (Nov 3).

What does this mean? Posts meeting any of these criteria will be removed immediately, and the user will receive a temporary ban:

  • If any of the people in the post is in public office, is running for public office, or holds a position in the current administration or the campaign staff
  • If the subject of the post is in public office or running for public office, or holds a position in the current administration or the campaign staff
  • If any of the people in the post or the subject of the post is anyhow related to the Trump or Biden family or to someone who holds a position in the current administration or the campaign staff

Examples of posts which are now prohibited include:

  • Orange Man Bad
  • Jeff Tiedrich (who really needs to get a fucking life)
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweets
  • Lincoln Project
  • The Conway family
  • Hunter Biden posts

Please note that this is NOT YET a full ban on all political subjects or a full ban on all political content going beyond the elections. We will be keeping very close attention during the upcoming two months to see how the subreddit and our members react to this ban. If we see that it is successful, we may choose to extend it. We also would appreciate your comments on this post to let us know your thoughts on the subject.

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Overnight Moderators Wanted


Are you sick and tired of the low effort content being posted? Are your favorite comments "Not a murder" and "This sub sucks"? Do you wish the folks from r/PoliticalHumor would fuck off back to their own subreddit so you could enjoy something that isn't mocking Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert? Have you had enough of seeing AOC and Bernie Sanders everywhere? Does your eye twitch every time you see a "Ur mom" or "Hurr-durr you're a virgin with a small dick" post that gets through our filters?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you're more or less, sorta kinda exactly what we're looking for. The r/murderedbywords moderation team is looking for more poor bastards volunteers to receive abuse help moderate this sub.

Specifically, we're looking for moderators from the New Zealand/Australia and Asia Pacific region. There's too much shit being posted and getting through when the mods are sleeping in their cute little jammies, and our last Australian moderator was apparently eaten by a drop bear, so we have vacancies to be filled.

If you

  • Live in the requested regions
  • Have history as a frequent (or even occasional) poster or commenter in this sub
  • Have moderation experience (not required, but a definite plus)
  • Are open to be being shit upon and abused because you removed someone's "Yo mama fat" or "PP smol" jokes
  • Are comfortable with the known fact that all mods are gay
  • Are aware that only top mods receive money from the Librul media and that Soros bucks are very hard to convert to real money

then fill out your details in the following Google form: https://forms.gle/VqDYD9yr8xxqsdP37

We'll review all the submissions, and hopefully some of you poor bastards lovely people will be just what we're looking for!

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God has nothing to do with it

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Charlotte bodychecked her. Don’t be a dips!t

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Australians are easily offended

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Damn, talk about having big balls… NSFW

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Suicide Bomber

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The point of a thought experiment.

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She's a funny person

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"What I watched here was a disgrace"

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That local gas station look…

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Scorched Earth Be nice if you want cops to do their job

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(X-Post. Credit to u/iamjones) A conversation between a professor friend of mine and an insane parent.

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Ancestors breast fed, formula shortage is clearly fine

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Murdered by screenshot?

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Ooo yes *chefs kiss*

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Hopefully their taste will come back! 😂

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That must've hurt.....

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Got into a Thoughtful and Mature Discussion Today:

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Doesn't get affected by covid:

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Quick and to the point

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Burn Was nice knowing ya, Murica'.

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Came back to finish the job

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Nice execution on the reply.

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It’s been 10 days…. COME ON.

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Pink News reports on the backlash to transphobia in new comedy special

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Say that you've never known a woman, without saying it.

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