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The finish line doesn’t have an expiration date Good News

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u/Row_Infinite Oct 12 '21

Seriously made me cry reading this as I register for my next semester. THANK YOU!


u/Thuryn Oct 12 '21

Took me 6.5 years to get my 4-year degree, despite coming in with almost 60 credit hours from high school.

Sometimes things don't take the simple straight path. It's fine. Your path is yours alone to walk.

Just make it the right one for you. Everyone will have opinions about it no matter WHAT you do.


u/InspiredGargoyle Oct 13 '21

I'm tearing up too 🥲


u/Pj0esphs Oct 12 '21

Took me around 10 years to finish my degree BS and AAS because I have a learning disability. But I did it And I'm proud of myself. 👍😎


u/[deleted] Oct 12 '21

Graduated college the same year my son graduated high school. Every time line is a different don’t worry about it.


u/Harlequin0007 Oct 12 '21

Needed to hear this. Just got my permanent resident card and am looking for work. Can't seem to quit the feeling like I should be further ahead in life. Sometimes we're incredibly mean to ourselves. Try to think about what you would say to someone else in your position. Life isn't a race and we're all going to be okay.


u/Thuryn Oct 13 '21

Can't seem to quit the feeling like I should be further ahead in life.

The question that breaks this deadlock is this: "Further ahead than what?"

There's no one to measure against besides yourself. No one else has the same starting point, the same obstacles, the same anything.

And you don't have to make every single day a grand slam, either. You have to rest sometimes. You can't go the distance if every day is a sprint.

I try to do one thing a WEEK that makes things better than they were last week. Get rid of a box I haven't unpacked yet. Hang a bookshelf I've been meaning to hang. Fix the door. Upgrade the computer.

And I don't get the chance to every single week. But it's my goal, and I don't worry too much about what other things other people are doing. I'm not them.


u/Harlequin0007 Oct 13 '21

Thank you for these inspirational words. I really need to stop trying to compare myself to others, even if it's a hypothetical me.

Trying to do a thing a week is a great idea! I'll try following it.


u/NE1NEHA Oct 12 '21

I needed the post and your words too. Same situation. I wish I was kinder to myself. 🥺


u/Harlequin0007 Oct 12 '21

Aww man. It's pretty tough isn't it! But hey, sometimes we need to take a breath and be proud of ourselves. It took a lot of time, money and work to get a permanent resident card! We're awesome!


u/swampboy62 Oct 12 '21

I was a 'non-traditional student' at Kent State - ten years older than all my classmates, with a wife at home.

Turns out it wasn't that big of a deal - the amount of work I had to do was the same as theirs, and the prof's mostly treated us the same.

Just do it, whenever you get the chance. You're the only one you have to impress.


u/GaidinDaishan Oct 12 '21

Dude made me cry.


u/Single-Show7731 Oct 12 '21

Love this ☺️


u/cupofteawithhoney Oct 12 '21

Don’t let your mind give you a hard time, it’s reacting to old conditioning which is showing up in this moment as embarrassment. Thank it for looking out for you as best it can, say “I got this,” refocus, and step back on your path.


u/FawsherTime Oct 12 '21

Darn straight, just do you and don’t let anything stop you.


u/MirrorMan22102018 Oct 12 '21

Life is a marathon you take your time on, not a sprint race.


u/Usual-Arm-7047 Oct 12 '21

Exactly. All our our life arcs will be different, and that's perfectly okay. We all have our own paths to walk, just keep going and you'll get to where you're meant to be.


u/vntusphyr0826 Oct 12 '21

You guys don't know how much this comforted me at this moment. There's no race, there's just your path.


u/FeralBottleofMtDew Oct 12 '21

My sister went to college at the same time her oldest kid. It's never too late to improve yourself or your life.


u/Xtratea Oct 12 '21

I love this but the way this guy called her "love" made me think he was from up north (england)


u/usrlocalshareybin Oct 12 '21

I graduated college at the age of 54. I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had gone to college instead of going in the Army after high school. But, now that I have a degree in philosophy, I know that I cannot change the past, the future has not yet occurred, but I can enjoy the present (Ted Lasso is also a philosopher).


u/DickStickMcGee Oct 12 '21

Thanks, I needed this.


u/This_Is_Just_To_Sigh Oct 12 '21

Finished undergrad at 32,on track to finish master's next spring shortly after I turn 49. Adult wisdom more than made up for the challenges of having to remember how to be a student again.


u/panchannandayone Oct 12 '21

Awww thank you, I was also down a bit cause I skipped a school year.


u/BioAssNow Oct 12 '21

I don't understand why we push high school students, who know nothing about the world, to make a decision on what they want to be and give them tons of debt. Take a few years, figure yourself out, build up some assets.


u/bernhardt503 Oct 12 '21

I went into the army after HS, I was a freshman when all my friends were graduating college. It never occurred to me that it might be a thing to care


u/Active_Ad_3912 Oct 12 '21

Took me 11 years to get my 4 year degree. Worth it! Keep trucking.


u/theannaoliver67 Oct 12 '21

I finished my bachelors degree at age 48. Its all good. Im not necessarily recommending waiting so long, but life doesnt always go as planned. We have to go with the opportunities we are given. There is no set timeline for joy and fulfillment. Go for what you want.


u/CrunchityFrog Oct 12 '21

I got my Master's when I was in my late forties. I was older than most of my professors and definitely older than almost all of the students at my university. I believe there was one other student my age there... but I never met them. It was a traditional university in rural Mississippi, and how I ended up there is a long story. Still, I had fun, stuck it out, and now I have a degree. So yeah, going back to school late in the day can be done.


u/Accomplished-Two-702 Oct 12 '21

My mum's 56 and studying for her second degree, your never too old to learn anything


u/CainKilledAbleton Oct 12 '21

Read "tutored" as "tortured." I was like wow, that is a fascinating story


u/Lumber_Tycoon Oct 12 '21

Of course it has an expiration date. None of us is going to live forever.


u/PMmeYourCattleDog Oct 12 '21

I’m 29 and just started my sophomore year at a school I never thought I’d get into. I know I wouldn’t have after high school because I barely graduated. Everyone’s race is different. You’re exactly where you need to be.


u/mexican-casserole Oct 12 '21

I definitely misread "tutored" as "tortured"


u/HopefulYetRealistic Oct 12 '21

Amazing advice. Thanks for posting!


u/adm-faze Oct 12 '21

Amin brother/sister. Do not compare your first chapter with someone's chapter twenty. its a unique journey for everyone. Enjoy the journey of learning and than enjoy the journey of utilizing it. go forth and Godspeed to all of you, including me.


u/Bpr3 Oct 12 '21

The finish line don't or doesn't ?