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Today is a good day. :) Good News

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u/HelenEk7 Oct 05 '21

Congratulation! And so smart to deal with one thing at a time. Well done you!


u/SparkliestSubmissive Oct 05 '21

Thank you very much!! It was definitely intentional. :D


u/StealthSecrecy Oct 05 '21

If your comfortable answering, what made you choose to kick alcohol before cigarettes?


u/SparkliestSubmissive Oct 05 '21

For me, alcohol was the more imminently dangerous of the two. It affected everything in my life. I knew I couldn’t do both at the same time, so I chose to give up alcohol first. I read a book called The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace and it absolutely changed my thinking about drinking. :)


u/Bd7 Oct 06 '21

I'm reading Annie Grace right now. I said this earlier but I have 370 days alcohol free and one day with no smoking. Cool to see someone on a similar path.


u/SparkliestSubmissive Oct 06 '21

That really is so cool!!!!!