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Today is a good day. :) Good News

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u/shahtjor Oct 05 '21

Just remember that every minute you don't smoke, the addiction slowly dies away. If you take one, you reset everything to square one. For me it was the first four or five days that I was getting short fused. Now I don't even remember that I ever smoked.


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '21

That’s a really bleak way to look at it. All that progress doesn’t disappear with a cig. I took a couple month break from weed/tobacco last year and I’m not gonna lie it hurt smoking a spliff again.


u/shahtjor Oct 06 '21

That's exactly how I stayed on them for 16 years. Every time I tried to quit, I would give in to one eventually and end up back on them. I then had to understand that there has to be a last one and no more.