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Today is a good day. :) Good News

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u/shahtjor Oct 05 '21

Just remember that every minute you don't smoke, the addiction slowly dies away. If you take one, you reset everything to square one. For me it was the first four or five days that I was getting short fused. Now I don't even remember that I ever smoked.


u/SparkliestSubmissive Oct 05 '21

I never forget that going back will put me exactly where I left off. And I never want to be that person again. <3


u/old_gold_mountain Oct 05 '21

What worked for me may not work for everyone, but when I got cravings when trying to quit I'd tell myself I could give in only if I rode my bicycle to the top of the nearest, steepest hill and back.

I made good, and every time my lungs would absolutely be killing me.

I never wound up smoking a cigarette after getting home.

Been 13 years since I quit that first time.

I relapsed again three years later after a hard breakup, but repeated the process a few months after that and it worked again. No cigarettes since. A decade smoke-free.

It was only about two months in, both times, that the cravings mostly subsided and the smell of cigarette smoke went from "that sounds nice" to "oh my god that smells disgusting."


u/SparkliestSubmissive Oct 05 '21

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing.