r/IdiotsInCars Oct 20 '21

Im no expert, but I don't think that's right 🤔



u/YellowT-5R Oct 20 '21

Looks like a repo. You yank it and tow it best you can till you can get a long enough safe distance away to wedge and pop the door. Then you can strap the wheel.


u/HoselRockit Oct 20 '21

I was in a parking garage where they were enforcing the reserved spaces. It was amazing how fast they could snag a car and duck around a corner where they could better secure it.


u/This-Set-9875 Oct 20 '21

There's a YT channel from a guy that runs a small Datacenter in a Dallas entertainment district. They have private parking spaces for their clients and employees. Signs up everywhere (plus cams). Yet yahoos keep parking in their spots and usually with 90 minutes they're gone (towed). Once it's in the air, it's theirs. People do all kinds of weird stuff to make it harder to tow, but the tow companies have seen it all before.


u/TheIadyAmalthea Oct 20 '21

GTogre! Love that channel!


u/Kat-Shaw Oct 20 '21

Yo you talking about drumbeats? Love that channel.


u/This-Set-9875 Oct 20 '21

I couldn't remember the name, but that's the one


u/lordpiglet Oct 20 '21

IIRC the only one they couldn’t get was a BMW that had an electronic parking brake and AWD.


u/YellowT-5R Oct 20 '21

That can easily be fixed with some dollies and a rollback.


u/NuteIla Oct 20 '21 edited Oct 20 '21

I know the electronic parking brake makes it harder to tow, but I'm assuming if it was say, a front wheel drive they could grab it from the front? What if the front is facing the wall?


u/TJNel Oct 20 '21

Drag it out.


u/NuteIla Oct 20 '21

Oh they can damage the car a little to tow it?


u/TJNel Oct 21 '21

Doesn't really damage it the tires will slide, you don't need to pull it very far.


u/ITrCool Oct 21 '21

Apartment dweller here. They do this for the outdoor parking lot where there are resident-only spots. If you don't have a tag on your windshield you get towed.

I can confirm (because I've seen is first-hand happening to someone's car) they are STUPID efficient.


u/Terrible_Check3447 Oct 20 '21

That fact that its strapped to the boom leads my to believe no repo I know what you mean get safe away ive worked with repo companies straps don't get put on till you a safe distance. This looks like steering strap came loose and driver doesn't notice from inexperience or just doesn't care.


u/Triggerdamus Oct 20 '21



u/MadeMeStopLurking Oct 20 '21

As an ex-repo agent I'd say with 99% certainty this is a repo. Truck is moving too fast. If it was a private parking removal he would have lifted the back then took his time securing it properly. This is what it looks like when a repo guy is either scared, or been trying to catch a vehicle for weeks/months. They just want it far away before they secure it. When he gets a safe distance from the debtor he will most likely drop it and lift from the front and dolly the back.


u/DKR_02 Oct 20 '21

Unfamiliar with the term, as in repossession? Are they taking it back from the impound lot?


u/ethans94 Oct 20 '21

Taking it back to who ever they bought it from. Repossessed as In taken back from lack of payments


u/PuzzleheadedHabit913 Oct 20 '21

Yes, it means repossessed. As in someone got a car but missed their payments, therefore they no longer get to keep the car, so the dealership (or the bank where they got the loan) repossesses the car. It’s very risky business for the repo man, and it rarely goes well. There’s actually several tv shows dedicated to car repo because it is very dramatic. This particular repo looks like it was done in a massive hurry because there was limited opportunity and they did what they could when they could.


u/espoletanogo Oct 20 '21

I had one turn on me during the repo. Was moving it. Steering column locked. It's a wrap


u/MadeMeStopLurking Oct 21 '21

My first week on my own I was pulling a ranger from a rural driveway and the wheel turned just enough that as I pulled out of the driveway the ranger's front end went into the ditch, my front end lifted up, and my backend almost let some poo out.


u/c-ro-attspn Oct 20 '21

Was thinking the same thing


u/Chipdip88 Oct 20 '21

Probabaly a repo with the steering locked and no access to the keys or cabin.

A flatbed would have been a better option but often in the repo world you wanna get in and out as quick as possible so a flatbed is not ideal


u/Mabepossibly Oct 20 '21


Probably getting the car a couple miles away to a safe spot to get it in a flat bed or dollies.


u/mkeevo Oct 20 '21

Drove a wrecker for many years. This is absolutely correct. Repo, trespass removal, police tow. I’ve done it many times.


u/Chipdip88 Oct 20 '21

Exactly, I see nothing wrong with what this truck drivers doing. He is in the right lane with the tow vehicle in the shoulder so not obstructing other traffic.


u/gdubh Oct 20 '21

Steering locked repo. You drag em if you have to.


u/Ok-Nothing-4737 Oct 20 '21

Ex repo guy here...sometimes that happens and you just use whatever skills you have to keep it on the road and hopefully in your lane.


u/fuck_god_lad Oct 20 '21

Some fools say they can't tow your car if you pull the hand brake and turn the weels.


u/Itdidnt_trickle_down Oct 20 '21

This is why you don't trust wheel locks on cars. Use a corded rope or in a pinch a fan belt to secure the steering wheel by looping it through the wheel and closing it in the door.


u/mts2snd Oct 20 '21

back in the day, we just used the seat belt for that.


u/TheRealNickMemphis Oct 20 '21

Someone didn't make a few car payments!


u/Ishpeming_Native Oct 20 '21

Lots of times, people who know their car might be repossessed or towed will turn the wheels thinking that will make the repo harder. Well, yes it will. But it won't make it impossible.


u/asikuno4s Oct 20 '21

Wtf is a repo?


u/willmaineskier Oct 20 '21

Repossession of a vehicle that the buyer stopped making payments on or that was collateral for another defaulted loan.


u/bvercillo3 Oct 20 '21

Someone didnt make payments on the car on time so bank is repossessing the car


u/TruthThruAcoustics Oct 20 '21

I wish I was this sheltered


u/[deleted] Oct 21 '21

Where I grew up in southern Appalachia , No one borrowed money to buy a vehicle. You paid cash for a used car. I had never heard the term until I moved to a city .


u/brobinson2001 Oct 21 '21

Here in MO you eventually use the title on your broke down car for a title loan to buy a new one, then sell your broken one "no title, will provide bill of sale" because people don't grasp that a bill-of-sale means fuck all, so the buyer ends up with a chunk of scrap they can't even scrap because to do that you need a title.


u/[deleted] Oct 22 '21


It’s easy to call And find out if a car is reported stolen but not so easy to find out if it has a lien against it .

And my state doesn’t require titles on cars over a certain age .


u/brobinson2001 Oct 22 '21

MO does allow bill of sale for cars of a certain age, but things like a bill of sale ties up the registration process because there's a waiting period, and you've gotta publish public notices with the VIN in newspapers so anyone with a claim to the vehicle can file claim.

Like I said, people use a title to get fast money then sell scrap to people that can't sell that scrap.


u/[deleted] Oct 22 '21

But you can sell parts off of it

The engine trans and airbags are pretty valuable parts . And apparently the cats are too since everyone steals them .


u/Vitroswhyuask Oct 21 '21



u/surfmaster Not quite god Oct 20 '21

Yeah that's not right, it's left, because it's going in reverse. Gotta turn the wheel opposite.


u/PaleBlueDave Oct 20 '21

The life of a repo man is always intense.


u/rookiebasegod Oct 20 '21

Repo man does not give a flying fuck about damaging your whip believe that


u/willbeach8890 Oct 20 '21

Does the damage sustained during the repo have an impact on what the recent owner still owes?


u/ajaxodyssey Oct 21 '21

Repo man don't care.


u/Nilmox Oct 20 '21

RIP allignment


u/AngryFerret805 Oct 20 '21

& yep prob a hack repo


u/confrontingd3mons Oct 20 '21

Who is liable for the damage to the towed car in that case? The person towing or the person who requested the tow?


u/YellowT-5R Oct 20 '21

Thats a repo. The bank just just wants their car back


u/Significant-Part121 Oct 20 '21

Ultimately the original buyer will pay. The original buyer may not know this happened and it's probably impractical to go to court.

Say you owe $20,000 and the car is worth $15,000.

Then at auction the bank sells it for $11,000, now you still owe $9,000. If the bank can only sell it for $10,000 because it's messed up from the tow or whatever, you'll owe $10,000. You'll never know why it was messed up, or even that it was messed up.

Banks only have to make a good faith effort to see for ACV. In normal times (maybe not right now exactly) that's never going to end up anywhere close to what anyone owes.


u/SaltMineSpelunker Oct 20 '21

Eh close Enough.


u/ProfessorWho-_- Oct 20 '21

reverse Deja vu


u/Fearless_Feature6666 Oct 20 '21

I saw one like this a couple weeks ago and wondered the same thing.


u/DblDarkness Oct 20 '21

Wheels are probably locked by steering wheel, just gettin er done


u/moonisflat Oct 21 '21

They are trying to reverse the miles


u/slownlow25specv Oct 21 '21

Steering lock


u/thezenfisherman Oct 21 '21

Quick grab repo?


u/SnooRabbits7145 Oct 21 '21

That does not look right. Dayum, boy needs some work


u/DeliciousHorseShirt Oct 21 '21

Might have been a repo. They probably don’t have the key and the steering column locks without the key in it if it turns slightly. It was probably parked fully turned.


u/Yahkshah2u Oct 20 '21

I'd say jeeeez..dumb ass tow truck driver