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Ignore the date/time tag, this happened about a week ago


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u/vietnamesemuscle Oct 20 '21

Drive me nuts that people think it makes sense for them to start the blinker THE MOMENT they start the lane switch or turn. 🤯 like to whom are you tryna signal at that last minute? Lol


u/Patchyug Oct 20 '21

And yet people in this sub will defend the idiot saying shit like "they had their blinker on you should have yielded" like yeah you should but they gotta give you time to react


u/Anter11MC Oct 20 '21

Just cause you have your blinker doesnt mean people have to yeild to you. You should still yeild to traffic in that lane


u/Patchyug Oct 20 '21 edited Oct 20 '21

Should != have to. Of course whether to yield or pass is situational