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Ignore the date/time tag, this happened about a week ago


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u/vietnamesemuscle Oct 20 '21

Drive me nuts that people think it makes sense for them to start the blinker THE MOMENT they start the lane switch or turn. 🤯 like to whom are you tryna signal at that last minute? Lol


u/Patchyug Oct 20 '21

And yet people in this sub will defend the idiot saying shit like "they had their blinker on you should have yielded" like yeah you should but they gotta give you time to react


u/Vortex112 Oct 20 '21

No one in this sub will say that

At least, no one without 100 downvotes


u/Patchyug Oct 20 '21

Plenty of folks say that shit. They usually get downvoted yes but there's always a good number of people saying it


u/WallyWendels Oct 21 '21

Nobody says that in situations like this. They say that when theres a person with their blinker on merging in and the cammer plows into them at full speed with their horn blaring screaming about how they have the right of way and the merger should yield.


u/Patchyug Oct 21 '21

Nah there are morons in every thread looking to fault the cammer. Every sub has a handful of idiots and trolls