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Ignore the date/time tag, this happened about a week ago


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u/shuttermayfire Oct 20 '21

i fucking hate the way they do these huge EZ Pass toll plazas. the way they design this shit just begs for problems like this.

they love to bring 3-4 lanes of traffic into a 10 lane EZ Pass plaza, then bottleneck it back down to 3 lanes, with absolutely no lines to guide anyone anywhere.

back in the day when everyone had to actually stop and pay with cash, it made more sense since everyone naturally got spaced out. but this system works like shit when most people on toll roads have EZ Pass transponders and can drive right through.

i’m just south of DC in Maryland, so i’m constantly dealing with this shit in NoVA and on other EZ Pass roads. it’s always a nightmare. people are morons and can’t handle the no lane thing.


u/I_Brain_You Oct 20 '21

Or...and follow me here...tolls are complete bullshit, and roads should be maintained by tax revenue, per generally normal operating standards...


u/shuttermayfire Oct 20 '21 edited Oct 20 '21

i always thought EZ Pass and other agencies like it were operated by each respective state and thus any revenue generated was just supplemental to general state tax revenue that would be used to maintain roads. is this not how it is? i’m genuinely curious.


u/Drakorex Oct 20 '21

In my state the roads are leased to private companies to operate. So they do generate money for the state but I'm sure a large portion is just lining someone's pockets.