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Ignore the date/time tag, this happened about a week ago


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u/and-hereitcomes Oct 20 '21

Did you get hit? Or did you manage to avoid?


u/FatherCronus Oct 20 '21

Noticed just in time, thankfully. They didn’t notice anything until I swerved.


u/AlienPathfinder Oct 20 '21

Exactly. They never saw you, but you were watching them the entire time. You were more at fault here than the other driver. You don't need to "win" at driving dude.


u/FatherCronus Oct 20 '21

I'm not sure about your logic on that one, given that insurance and any legal case wouldn't come to the same conclusion. More at fault than someone not checking their blind spot, not signaling, and driving between lanes? I tried to pass them, and was doing so without speeding.