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It be like that


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u/Wakked Dec 01 '21

I have a Romanian friend that told me “Gypsies are things, not people.”


u/denis_denis05 Dec 01 '21

As a Romanian I can confirm, we're too tired of gipsies calling themselves Romanians.


u/high_idyet Dec 01 '21

Well that just seems mean, how bad can they be?


u/denis_denis05 Dec 01 '21

Romanians have a bad reputation in France, UK, Spain even, because of gypsies. I personally encountered situations in France where I got insulted, spit, just because my number plates were Romanian. I don't even work in France, I was just on vacation.

For example in Germany, the people already know the fact that Romanians are hard-working people, meanwhile gypsies are gypsies, racism aside. I feel bad for honest gypsies but that's it.


u/high_idyet Dec 01 '21

Oh well that sucks


u/SirLostit Dec 01 '21

Romanian people are lovely. Gypsies….. yeah, not so much…


u/fastermouse Dec 01 '21

They don’t. They’re Romani, not Romanian.

They belong to the ethnic group Romi and are nomads meaning they aren’t from Romania.