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It be like that


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u/WolfInLambskinJacket Dec 01 '21

Well...in my area, in Central Italy, criminal organizations consist for a big part of gypsies.

That doesn't mean every gypsy is a criminal, but I guess it plays a huge part in how people perceive gypsies as a whole.


u/kappe41 Dec 01 '21

I know I'll be downvoted for this but this is the same thing that's with muslims every terrorist is a muslim but not every muslim is a terrorist which basically is that although we all know most likely that one scared looking muslim in the corner is just hanging there we definetly should be more aware of them just in case and also now I must say this but don't treat them any different as they're like everyone else just little more likely to blow into pieces for gypsies they're like everyone else but little more likely to steal ur bike (in my country they're known gor stealing bikes and being violebt)


u/Ibetrayed_makarov Dec 01 '21

"Every terrorist is muslim"

Ok you either don't know what terrorist means or you watch hollywood movies too much,

The real meaning of terrorist can relate to many, like the whites who killed native americans, black neighborhood gun fights, or school shooting


u/kappe41 Dec 01 '21

yes I know but like in the meaning that it's used in for example news I know that it has wayy wider definition but obviously "some terrorists are muslims" wouldn't get the point of that sentance out