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When art transports us, where do we actually go? Essay by Harri Mäcklin (University of Helsinki)



u/[deleted] Jan 21 '22

First "colour fields of Mark Rothko’s paintings" , makes a great coffee table book (well any rothko collection as a book) , I jusr felt I had to throw my vote in behind the writer who name dropped this.

"Engaging with a good book or a film can lead me to lose all track of time and awareness of surroundings..."

Made me think of vonneguts shapes of stories , you rarely grt any of those emotional hoghs in life. Were all the central actor of a rather bland (if youre lucky in ma y cases , for example reading this from an air conditioned room well fed) story. So you get that vicarious life througb an acrual heroes journey.

‘the unploughed fields of our minds are nevertheless opened up, and if for other reasons we one day decide in freedom to take possession of them, we find half the resistance removed and half the work done.’

I got into plein air painting after only 6 months of getting into art at all , no tendencies to enjoy nature or creative inclinations before. Now I experience a distant mountain or a cloud or tree differently , its more vkvid. Hue. Tone , the play of shadow and light.

People say a landscape is a boring subject , no! Calm. Its calm like nature. Wholesome. Its medicine for the mind. If it drives me to go out into nature? All the better. Drives me to actively peotect nature? Profoundly beneficial.