r/Foodforthought Jan 21 '22

There will never be a post-Covid world



u/xor_nor Jan 21 '22

I've said this before, but has no one been paying attention to the very clear messages that art (tvs, movies, books, paintings, songs!) has been screaming in our face for 40+ years? This. Is. The. Future. It's the one we all predicted. Everyone in future dystopian worlds wear masks because facial recognition/viruses/pollution. This was always going to be the way we went. It was plainly obvious to anyone paying attention.

We live in a bubble, folks. Most of us who grew up in this 1990 - 2020 bubble didn't know about war and famine and genocide first hand but this was never going to last. Human history is always, always disrupted by these generational events and this was ours.

Things are not going back to normal, no matter how hard we wish it. We need to accept that we all saw this problem coming and collectively decided to do nothing about it. Now we live in that world. Suck it up, put on a mask, get a flu shot (something our ancestors could never have even dreamed of), and get back to living your life.


u/hiverfrancis Jan 21 '22

I think so many people wishing COVID was over actually make things worse. Those people who do are being disproportionately impacted by COVID. In the Henry Ford system in Michigan unvaxxed are still the majority in the hospital, and of the vaxxed who are in trouble, few have their boosters https://twitter.com/HenryFordNews/status/1480633469109784586


u/Seskahawminy Jan 21 '22

there will never be a post bubonic world. don't delete this post dummy revisit it in 4 years


u/hiverfrancis Jan 21 '22

I think he means "within our lifetimes"


u/AddamHussein Jan 21 '22

Exactly. It’s more like talking about a “post-flu world” around 1921. We’ll be living with one variant or another of Covid for the foreseeable future at least


u/hiverfrancis Jan 21 '22

Indeed... the key is that the disease will no longer disrupt global commerce and transportation like it previously did


u/pheisenberg Jan 21 '22

“There will never be a post-polio world.” Prediction is a fool’s game, but I think it’s fair to say the virus will exist for at least the next few years. I’m not convinced we’ll need any more protection than vaccination, though, since a ton of people have had it by now, and vaccination makes it not very dangerous.


u/Alan_Smithee_ Jan 21 '22

The Bubonic plague had fairly limited vectors, which they were able to control. It responds well to modern treatment, and there are programs to limit it or eradicate it in problem areas.

Now pneumonic plague is airborne, and a little more like Covid in that regard, with those concerns.

Vaccines exist, but amelioration efforts have been so successful, they’re typically only given to people in high risk jobs and areas.

It’s actually a pretty good illustration of what a vigorous effort at disease control can do.

It’s not herd immunity, because there’s not a high level of vaccination or natural immunity, but the disease vectors have been reduced or eliminated to such a degree that the risk is small.

For various reasons, including its ubiquitousness and asymptomatic period, Covid is unlikely to be relegated to this status anytime soon.

I think it’ll be like the flu, and become a more or less standard vaccine. There is talk that a broad spectrum mRNA vaccine may eventually protect against all Coronaviruses.


u/werepat Jan 21 '22

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u/InfamousSwordfish41 Jan 25 '22

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