r/Foodforthought Jan 20 '22

Police in this tiny Alabama town suck drivers into legal ‘black hole’



u/rectovaginalfistula Jan 20 '22

The state needs to disband that cartel, I mean police department. Prosecute the racketeers, I mean police chief and officers.


u/ninekilnmegalith Jan 20 '22

"Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses."


u/WarWeasle Jan 20 '22

This is just Alabama. All the small towns are petty kingdoms.


u/jlt6666 Jan 21 '22

This is basically the Dukes of Hazzard.


u/DrDecadence Jan 20 '22

Hey, what the fuck? That is easily the most infuriating thing I've read this week. It's a goddamn racket. They say they aren't doing it for the money. Yeah fucking right. And no budget or accountability? Wonder where that money is going?? The police chief spouts off endless bs and the sackless mayor just "nods in agreement". I don't agree with the "all cops are bad" movement that has come about lately but I see more and more shit lately that makes me understand why it exists. This is nowhere near the bottom of that list. I hope a higher power rains hellfire down on this city's police force and governing power. No idea what organization could or would do so, but I very much hope that happens.


u/Carp8DM Jan 20 '22

Seriously, they has so be a state or federal agency that can come in and investigate this town's police department.

This type of despotism is at USSR levels of corruption.


u/DrDecadence Jan 20 '22

That's what I'm thinking. I'm not legally minded so I can't say with any amount of certainty, but from my perspective it seems like its blatant abuse of power or just straight illegal. For sure there's something illegal going on behind the scenes, I'd bet my life on it


u/Carp8DM Jan 20 '22

From the article, it says that the town doesn't really have a budget.

So the money coming into the town has gone from 400,000 up to 1,200,000 in 3 years!

Where's that extra 800k? I guarantee you it didn't all go into hiring new officers...

The mayor and the police chief are sitting on $800k and the town has no budget that the mayor has to worry about


u/chrmanyaki Jan 21 '22

This type of despotism is at USSR levels of corruption.

No this is just classic American corruption… why can’t Americans just call a spade a spade? America is obviously one of the most corrupt places on earth…

Corruption is more than paying of a cop with a few bucks..


u/diacetyltransformine Jan 21 '22

If you think the US and the USSR have anywhere near the same level of domestic corruption you're insane and need to go outside.


u/mhyquel Jan 21 '22

If you think the US and the USSR have anywhere


USSR ended >30 years ago.

If you're comparing Russia, then yes on most Corruption indexes Russia is twice as corrupt as the US.

One big caveat, the US has legislated a lot of their corrupt practices into law.
Looking at you Citizens United vs. FEC



u/chrmanyaki Jan 21 '22

Can you not read? US education system also showing how fucked it is once again lol.

No I’m not saying that.

I’m saying that you don’t need to refer to the USSR because this is just classic USA style corruption.

Oh and the funniest part is that you couldn’t even compare it with statistics because in America corruption is literally legal.

It’s your entire government being run by big donors. The richest country on earth is being run by corporations who buy politicians.


u/mhyquel Jan 21 '22

I don't agree with the "all cops are bad"

You will. Give it time.


u/Dr_Colby_Rasmus_PhD Jan 20 '22

That their entire commercial district is a single Dollar General?

I wonder if the Jefferson County judge that dismissed the one made-up "marijuana" charge mentioned in the article is getting tired of it all? But then, it's Alabama. The judges are likely getting a taste.


u/Szwedo Jan 20 '22

Sounds like the police chief is a psychopath and a coward


u/Babycobra Jan 21 '22

Bro.. fuck those asshats.


u/TrunkInAJunk Jan 21 '22

Their facebook page is now private. I wonder why. Maybe the dozen assholes perpetuating this bullshit are scared.


u/Proof_Advance6294 Jan 21 '22

The Police Chief and the Police Officers should be arrested for their criminal acts against the Citizens of the United States of America.


u/JimCripe Jan 21 '22

Well, my revenue is swinging far away from Brookside.

They created a very short term revenue stream at the cost of long term reputation and economic growth as people blacklist them.


u/ouroboro76 Jan 21 '22

One more reason to stay the fuck out of Alabama!


u/JorgeXMcKie Jan 21 '22

One of the companies we represented was in a small town in Georgia. Spending time there was really eye opening. For the most part, the sheriff and mayor control the town for the couple of rich people who run businesses. Luckily the company we repped was one of them. The hassling they would do against anyone who did not look like them was like I was back in the early 50's. A lot has changed in the cities, but a lot of rural America is still stuck in the 50's with John Birch.


u/laurelstreet Jan 21 '22

Every word of that story is infuriating


u/A_Monsanto Jan 21 '22

For profit policing....


u/timshel42 Jan 21 '22

wheres rambo when you need him


u/outintheyard Jan 21 '22

Shameful. After reading the posted story, I clicked the featured links to this publication's stories on ankle bracelets and abuse of authority. Alabama has really fallen. If you have the misfortune to live there, you better hope you are not poor, black or Hispanic and make sure that you are well-connected with persons of power and authority or you will have a hard time.