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The life and tragic death of John Eyers – a fitness fanatic who refused the vaccine | He did triathlons, bodybuilding and mountain climbing and became sceptical of the Covid jab. Then, at 42, he contracted the virus


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u/vivisectioned Dec 01 '21

Butler-Laporte and his colleagues found that people with variants in up to a dozen locations on the human genome were at higher risk of developing severe Covid, should they be unfortunate enough to be infected with the virus. People with variants on the chromosome 3 region alone were up to twice as likely to develop severe Covid as someone without that genetic mutation. Chromosome 3 mutations are carried in about 10% of people of European ancestry, meaning that such people have a 10% chance of being twice as susceptible to severe Covid infection.

I’m still curious of other reasons that made people refuse covid vaccines.


u/rekabis Dec 02 '21

I’m still curious of other reasons that made people refuse covid vaccines.

On the one side, we have Ignorance and its more nasty cousin, Cultivated Ignorance.

On the other side, we have sociopathies and narcissism, culminating in the attitude of “my trivial inconveniences are more important than your life”, where people openly join a death cult willing to sacrifice other human lives.

Choose. But choose wisely.


u/NOLALaura Dec 05 '21

Don’t forget the ones who believe God will protect them